5 RVs You Likely Can’t Afford

In the world of luxury travel, private jets and super-yachts are the most popular options. But for those who want to stay on the road, the best choice is a mobile home. These opulent and massive homes on wheels often take their interior cues from luxury yachts, with leather upholstery, fine wood cabinetry, and other high-end amenities.

Millennium Luxury Coach
Millennium Luxury Coach

Millennium Luxury Coach

You’ll be blown away by the efficiency and innovation of a Millennium Luxury Coach.

The opulent features in the 2015 Millennium line—including a sink top glass bowl in the bathroom, quartz countertops, and Swarovski crystal accent fixtures—put this traveling home in a category of its own. The 45-foot, quad-slide 2015 Millennium H3-45 Prevost conversion is powered by a Volvo D-13 diesel engine.

Millennium is a family owned company with over 20 years history in the marine, aviation, and luxury coach building industry. Superior performance, luxurious style, state of the art technology, and excellent customer service sets them apart.

eleMMent Palazzo

eleMMent Palazzo
eleMMent Palazzo

Nowadays, you can’t help but pay a lot for a feature-laden motorhome. However, the expensive madness goes over the top with an eleMMent Palazzo that sold  for a staggering $3.1 million in sunny Dubai. This opulent slightly bizarre luxury RV is made by Marchi Mobile, an Austrian company.

The Palazzo features two floors of entertainment and extravagance, with a giant master suite, and multiple bars. The party piece of the eleMMent Palazzo is the Sky Lounge, a rooftop terrace that can be deployed or retracted at the simple press of a button.

A step up from the Palazzo is the eleMMent Viva–V.I.P. shuttle. The Viva starts where the Palazzo leaves off but features a chauffeur booth and six high-end lounge and massage chairs that recline for sleeping.



The KiraVan, a giant custom built off road recreational vehicle, includes an office, kitchen, and bedrooms as well as its own motorbike and drone.

Capable of traveling most anywhere, the KiraVan was designed by Californian inventor Bran Ferren for his four-year-old daughter Kira, who has her own pop tent on top of the truck.

Capable of traversing nearly any terrain, from mud-swamped roads to rock-covered trails to small bodies of water, the six-wheeled “terrestrial spaceship” will be able to travel up to 2,000 miles without resupply and navigate slopes as steep as 45 degrees thanks to a special suspension system—an incline that is difficult to climb.

The cockpit also has a special vibration reducing chair, as well as control for drones that can fly ahead to check traffic.

Volkner Mobil Performance Bus

Volkner Mobil Performance Bus
Volkner Mobil Performance Bus

Fully customizable and 40 feet long, Volkner Mobil Performance Bus features a wall that slides outward to create extra space, along with a state of the art entertainment system and a fully equipped kitchen. An incredibly luxurious “palace on wheels,” its sumptuous interior features leather seats, stone tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, wide-screen TV, and Bose home entertainment system.

Most impressive of all is the built-in garage under the vehicle. For the owner who wants to travel in comfort without leaving behind the Ferrari, this is the way to go. Volkner has also created a motorized garage into its high end Performance models capable of swallowing whole Porsche 911s, Jaguar XK8 Cabriolets, BMW 6 Series Cabriolets, Maserati Quattroportes, and a Mercedes Sports.

Based on how it is equipped, a Volkner Mobil Bus can cost between $1.2 and $2 million.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's RV
Vin Diesel’s customized and insanely over the top fifth wheel trailer

It could be assumed that action star Vin Diesel of The Fast and the Furious fame has a love affair with wheels. It then only makes sense that he has a home on wheels as well. While it isn’t fast or furious, Vin Diesel’s customized and insanely over the top fifth wheel trailer is a mobile luxury getaway.

Designed by Anderson Mobile Estates, one of Hollywood’s top mobile trailer companies, the two-story, 1100 square foot mansion-on-wheels requires a the power of a semi to keep it mobile. Once on location, the roof pops up and walls slide out to make way for additional floor space.  Top of the line media equipment, granite kitchen counter tops, a private office, and a kids play area are just some of the luxurious comforts of home that Vin Diesel can take on the road with him.

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Volkner Mobil Introduces Palace on Wheels

A brand-new state-of-the-art motorhome—the 40-foot Volkner Mobil Performance Bus—offers total luxury for the more discerning traveler.

Volkner Mobil Performance Bus features on-board garage

As lavish a motorhome as you are likely to see, this “palace on wheels” is priced at £1.2 million ($1.9 million) and might well be worth every penny.

The newly-built Volkner Mobil Performance Bus offers an incredible level of luxury for its owners with each model carefully designed over a period of 12 months, according to Caravan Times.

No expense has been spared on this 40-foot long vehicle, with luxury leather sofas and a full-size real wood kitchen fitted as standard. Amenities also include a dishwasher, microwave, and impressively large refrigerator.

The luxuries don’t end there either, with a Bose-Dolby home Entertainment Surround Sound System alongside a widescreen TV which can be concealed in the cabinet when not in use.

Bathroom facilities are similarly impressive, with a power shower and standard toilet provided. The crowning feature of this luxury bus, however, is a secret compartment which has been designed to store a supercar for use on day trips.

The ‘hidden garage’ tucked between the front and rear tires, is designed to accommodate a low-slung sports car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

At the touch of a button a panel on the side of the vehicle opens and the cargo floor drops to the ground, allowing a car to be loaded.

There is also an 800-litre (212-gallon) freshwater tank, 600-litre (158-gallon) wastewater, and 300-litre (80-gallon) black water tank.

The innovative and exclusive Volkner Mobil Performance is available in four model variations to choose from. Each and every mobile home is made individually for you.

Customers can choose the state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings they want to customize their own motorhome bus from high-quality leather seats to real wood units and stone tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

As lavish a motorhome as you are likely to see, this “palace on wheels” is priced at £1.2 million ($1.9 million) and might well be worth every penny.

The prices for the world’s ultimate camper van start at £750,000 ($1.2 million) and rise to £1.2 million ($1.9 million) for the fully-loaded edition, which does not include the £170,000 ($275,000) Ferrari 458 pictured above.

“Our philosophy is to build the ultimate in luxury and we see it as a house on wheels which can be driven all around the world,” says Stephanie Volkner, of Volkner Mobil.

Orders have been received from wealthy customers around the world.

The made-to-order machine takes around 12 months to build.

The Performance Bus has been wowing crowds at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Volkner Mobil

The engine of Volkner Mobil is Gerhard Volkner, a carriage and vehicle master constructor, who started with the construction of car- and horse trailers in the seventies.

After that innovative solutions for plank bed and trunk bodies, central-axle trailers and semi-trailers for various branches followed.

No expense has been spared on this 40-foot long vehicle, with luxury leather sofas and a full-size real wood kitchen fitted as standard. Amenities also include a dishwasher, microwave, and impressively large refrigerator.

In those days the construction of special vehicles for the building industry was the main feature of the product range.

Beyond that the entrepreneur Volkner worked on orders for construction and drafts for considerable companies in the construction of vehicles and machines.

Also in the disposal and recycling industry he made himself a name. Thus he developed mobile shredder and hydraulically removable garbage sorting equipments, which were trailblazing in the construction industry of vehicles and machines.

The passion of the firm founder is to be found exactly here: technical skill paired with great creativity provides solutions for special problems, according to demand and individual cases.

The focus of Volkner Mobil was, is and remains the adjustment of all firm ranges on maximum quality and unrestricted customer orientation. With a team of specialists Volkner mobile today produces luxury travel mobiles in various designs, which draw the attention on itself again and again with innovative details.

Recent example is the Volkner Mobile Performance with its patented passenger car central draft.


Volkner Mobil GmbH

Address: Simonshöfchen 41, D-42327 Wuppertal

Phone: (+49) 202 27 33 50

Website: volkner-mobil.com

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