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RVers Pays for Deceiving Border Officials

Once again RVers and other travelers entering Canada, attempting to dodge a few extra dollars in taxes, ended up paying significantly more for their misdemeanor after their schemes were uncovered by Canada Border Services Agents (CSBA) at border crossings in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Parks Canada!

The world may scratch its collective head when it comes to listing facts about Canada, but—at the very least—most know it’s a lot bigger than the spot they call home. The Netherlands can easily fit into Lake Huron—with ample room … Continue reading

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The World’s First National Parks Turn 100

What was the first country in the world to establish a national parks system? If you guessed the United States or a European country such as Austria, Switzerland, Norway, or Sweden you would be wrong. This year, Parks Canada, the … Continue reading

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Tornadoes: The What, When & Where

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms. People, recreational vehicles, cars, and even buildings may be hurled aloft by tornado-force winds—or simply blown away. Most injuries and deaths are caused by flying debris. A tornado is a vertical funnel of violently … Continue reading

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