RVs Move America: Where Do RV Parks Have The Most Impact?

Spartanburg/Gaffney KOA © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

In an earlier post, we detailed the results of RVs Move America, the first-ever economic impact study of the recreation vehicle industry. This economic impact study broke down the overall impact of the industry as a whole on the U.S. — $49.7 billion annually — and it also released information state by state listing details […]

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Exploring Wetlands Scenic Beauty

The Great Swamp Sanctuary_3172

Owning an recreational vehicle is the greatest way to explore all of the natural beauty and unique ecosystems that exists throughout this magnificent world of ours. It’s a freedom unlike anything other, providing you and your family with countless opportunities for learning and growth. In today’s post we’ll focus on wetland areas, an ecosystem often overlooked by […]

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Top 4 Snowbird Destinations

Snowbirds flock to Ol’ Airy Zonie, Southern Texas, Florida, and other Sunbelt states and Mexico to avoid winter’s bite, snow and blowing snow, and treacherous icy sidewalks and streets. Northern Europeans are also known to migrate to the U.S. Sunbelt, adding to these communities of seasonal residents. The available options are unlimited enabling snowbirds to design their winter lifestyle to suit […]

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Lazydays RV Resort Introduces Snowbird Deal

Lazydays, the world’s largest RV dealership, introduces a special extended-stay package for RVers to settle in and camp the entire winter at its recently expanded 300-site RV resort. A four-month minimum stay and your choice of a full hookup campsite are now available at the Central Florida RV resort. The on-site RV-themed restaurant and pub, Exit 10, […]

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Why Visitor Centers Are A Must Stop

Make your road trip and travel adventure better by stopping at state welcome centers and regional and city visitor information centers. Most states offer RV friendly Welcome Centers along Interstates and other major highways. Friendly, informative staff and dedicated volunteers provide area-specific brochures, detailed maps, and face-to-face travel consultation and advice, free of charge. The Visitor […]

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