Globebus by Dethleffs Wins Design Award

The Globebus by Dethleffs has been awarded the prestigious Caravan Salon Düsseldorf design award: innovations for new mobility.

Dethleffs Globebus A-Class Motorhome

Arguably one of Dethleffs’ most exciting ranges for 2013, the Globebus is a compact A Class motorhome which is just 2.15m (8.2 feet) wide, and offers luxurious touring in a vehicle that few drivers will find daunting to pilot, reports Out And About Live.

The Globebus’ striking design is taken from Dethleffs’ 2012 EVAN concept vehicle; three lens headlight clusters combined with LEDs front and rear certainly giving the range a modern and distinctive look.

The design brief was to create a van that was “dynamic, racy (and) low”, and with these touches and a modest height of 2.62m (8.5 feet), the transition from drawing board to production line is clearly one appreciated by the judges.

Dethleffs Globebus A-Class Motorhome Interior

A full report on the Globebus and the rest of the Dethleffs 2013 range can be found in the September issue of Which Motorhome magazine—alongside all the major 2013 launches from all the main manufacturers.

The Globebus is available in several classes with a series of models in each.

Standard specifications of the Low Profile and A Class Globebus include:

  • Maximum authorized weight: 3499kg (7,713 pounds)
  • Fiat Ducato X/250 with Common-Rail-Turbo diesel technology and Multijet direct injection
  • Current Fiat technology with EURO 5 engine
  • Front wheel drive
  • Insulation with expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • 3-burner hob, sink with glass cover
  • Fridge with freezer compartment and convex door
  • Oven with grill


Dethleffs Germany

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Westfalia Launchs Anniversary Camping Box

The camper van is turning 60 and German-based Westfalia, constructor of the original camping bus, recently announced the upcoming launch of an innovative anniversary model on a “tried-and-tested vehicle base.”

1969 Westfalia Camping Bus (Credit:

According to a news release, a strictly limited special edition version, the “Edition 60” will be presented to the world at the 2011 Caravan Salon Düsseldorf (August 27-September 4). The name of the series model will be announced at the presentation.

Around 1950, the then-small Westphalian company constructed a totally new kind of vehicle. According to the builder, it was a revolutionary design that would become a vehicle category in its own right and would play a role. The Westfalia Camping Bus, called the “Camping Box,” went on sale for the first time in 1951 and now, 60 years later, the concept is as up-to-date as it ever was.

To mark this anniversary, Westfalia is launching the Edition 60, a vehicle that perfectly merges the spirit of the original bus with the technical and functional capabilities available in 2011. To mark the start of the anniversary, there will be an exclusive and limited special edition that will be followed in a few weeks by a series production model.

With this newly developed vehicle, Westfalia said the legendary brand will set new standards in terms of innovation, comfort, and convenience in its anniversary year as well.

The Edition 60 is the first camper in the van segment to be equipped with two built-in single beds.

2009 Westfalia Michelangelo (Credit:

Customers also have the option of choosing a floorplan with one built-in bed plus a two-person bench seat that can easily be converted into the second bed in next to no time at all. If more storage space is needed, the head ends of the beds can be folded up separately to create space for sports gear or bulky luggage.

Despite the space required for the built-in single beds, the vehicle is equipped with a convenient toilet. It can simply be pulled out on guide rails from under one of the beds and then stored. This ensures it can be easily accessed by both travelers without one person disturbing the other during the night.

The vehicle’s other furnishings and fittings also feature a high level of functionality, comfort, and convenience. In the cozy seating group, a table can be revolved on its swivel joint to provide a dining table, desk, or surface for playing games without the table having to be set up by any complicated means. If the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat are rotated around and another seat is folded out of the right-hand single bed, a comfortable seating area can be created for up to three people. The integrated compact kitchen unit has everything required for a trip: a compressor cooler, sink, hotplate, and a space-saving roller-shutter cabinet.

Thanks to this layout, all the interior fittings can be used without any need to convert or set up anything. And despite the low height, which makes the Edition 60 suitable for everyday use, it provides a great deal of space in which to move around and stand up comfortably thanks to the generously sized roof cutout and the pop-up top.

Mercedes Westfalia James Cook (Credit:

The new model will be available in two versions. The Mercedes Viano—the base vehicle for the special edition model that is limited to only 60 units worldwide—provides the ideal foundation on which to create a conversion offering an outstanding level of comfort. The series model will subsequently be manufactured based on the more compact Vito.

About Westfalia

Westfalia is one of the leading motorhome manufacturers in Europe. Besides manufacturing motorhomes and recreational vehicles for international automobile marques such as Mercedes, Opel, and Ford, the manufacturer has for three years now been focusing increasingly on developing its own models under the Westfalia name. Particularly through its implementation of the legendary Westfalia quality standards and by ensuring the high intrinsic value of their products, the company has made a name for itself throughout various branches of industry. A hallmark of all Westfalia models—from the “James Cook” to the “Sven Hedin”, from the “Michelangelo” to the “Big Nugget”—is furthermore their car-like properties as are reflected by their compliance with the highest safety standards and the absolute suitability of the vehicles for everyday use.

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