Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

If only having your nails manicured was as easy as ordering a chicken wrap from a food truck. That’s precisely the thought that 33-year-old Susan Aflak entertained while working as an investment banker in Los Angeles.

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Aflak was working long, grueling hours leaving little time to address her personal beauty needs when a trip down to a lunch truck gave her the idea. If lunch could be delivered quickly and easily to her downtown office, why not a manicure?

This light bulb moment inspired La Lacquerie, the world’s first on-demand mobile manicure truck catering to time-short professionals in need of a quick fix.

Aflak quit her investment banker job, created a business plan, and bought a pre-owned 26 foot Airstream trailer off Craigslist.

She also went back to beauty school, received her manicurist license, and in January 2014, La Lacquerie was born.

Working out of an adorable pink Airstream, Aflak and her staff of nail technicians deliver quick, high-quality manicures and pedicures to professionals trying to squeeze in a conveniently-timed pamper session.

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Based in Silicon Valley, a company can book the manicure truck to park outside its office. La Lacquerie then pulls up curbside, and opens to employees or passers-by.

The mobile nail shop has been a huge hit, especially among the tech companies including Google, Gap, Facebook, EA, and YouTube.

As people started posting on social media the word traveled quickly and the requests started coming in.

Aflak also started sending her nail techs to conference rooms to perform manicure meetings.

While Aflak is certain her convenient services brings in the customers, she figures her vintage Airstream is what sets them apart. Aflak spent a year renovating the 1960s trailer, painting it pink, installing plush white seating, pink curtains, and a crystal chandelier.

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Manicures in La Lacquerie’s pink plush interior range from $16 (polish removal, file, lotion, polish) to $38 (Signature manicure with gel nail polish) with pedicures costing between $19 (polish removal, file, lotion, polish) and $45 (Signature manicure with gel nail polish). The manicures are full salon quality from top coat to base polish, and the pedicures are given ‘dry’ with a hot towel wrap to soften the skin.

Parties are also available for booking. Bachelorettes, sweet sixteens, bridal showers, or birthday parties are just a few occasions where La Lacquerie could spice up your party.

Host your party in the mobile salon and you can watch the mess drive away without breaking a nail!

Currently Aflak has one truck based in San Francisco, but she hopes to expand to other cities.


La Lacquerie

La Lacquerie was created around a simple concept: let the salon come to you.

They believe that every woman likes to have their nails freshly painted by a professional but their lives are so busy, they often neglect their hands and feet.

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Pink Airstream Brings Manicure Salon to You

Nice nails are a must, so why not handle one of your beauty errands with a full-service salon that is right at your fingertips.

Let La Lacquerie indulge you with a quick treat during your busy week.

La Lacquerie indulges ladies with a full-service mani and pedi experience at their office, school, or home.

Cleanliness is a top priority at La Lacquerie. Proper sanitation and disinfection are of utmost concern and they utilize the strictest sanitary procedures. Foot bath liners, files, and buffers are new for each client. Their nail implements are washed and disinfected in hospital-grade barbicide and packaged in medical-quality implement pouches.

La Lacquerie currently serve the San Francisco Bay Area so check out their schedule or book an appointment online. Let them come to you to give you the La Lacquerie treatment, your nails will thank you.

Phone: (650) 204-0185


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