EarthRoamer Off-Road Xpedition RVs for the Backcountry

If a few rogue RV manufacturers have their way, the recreational vehicle industry could be in for a radical change.

EarthRoamer Off-Road Xpedition RVs for the Backcountry

EarthRoamer Off-Road Xpedition RVs for the Backcountry

An increasing number of off-road RVs are rolling off production lines, up mountains, across deserts, and right past traditional RV parks and campgrounds.

“Think of them as a fully-stocked base-camp on wheels,” Bill Swails, EarthRoamer founder and current President and CEO, told Men’s Journal.

“We’re building expedition vehicles.

The innovation isn’t just driven by the what but by the who.

Swails’ target audience isn’t suburban middle management, snowbirds, or full timers. He wants to tap into the growing group of Patagonia-wearing adventurers who bag fourteeners and want to get outdoors, 44 million of whom went tent camping last year.

“My last buyer was this guy who was going to drive around the country chasing big storms so he could ski the freshest, best powder in the backcountry all across the states and Canada,” says Swails.

“The EarthRoamer appealed to him because it’s essentially a condo on wheels that can go most places, regardless of the weather.”

XV-LT Xpedition Vehicle by EarthRoamer

XV-LT Xpedition Vehicle by EarthRoamer

The difference between these RVs and grandma-and-grandpa rigs starts from the ground up. Your typical recreational vehicle is a luxury liner, but it’s also a cumbersome beast that requires wide, pristine roads, and spacious parking spaces.

The average off-road RV chassis is far more compact and agile. It might include 4-wheel drive, oversized tires, and even lift kits. For example, the EarthRoamer, perhaps the most off-road capable RVs on the planet, is built on the chassis of a Ford 550 or 650 4X4 pickup truck.

But these off-road condos aren’t solely focused on taking you into the backcountry; they also help you thrive once you’re there.

“Material choice is the make or break factor,” says Swails.

“We have to choose parts that allow you to camp for extended periods of time without hookups.” That’s why EarthRoamers have enlarged fuel and water tanks, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, LED lights, and double-pane windows for insulation.

But EarthRoamers represent the pinnacle of the market rather than its swelling middle.

EarthRoamer is Freedom

Owners of EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles have the freedom to travel, camp, and explore on their terms.

With 253 million of acres of public BLM land, 193 million acres of National Forrest land, 6,624 state parks, and 58 national parks in the United States containing thousands of beautiful remote campsites, you could easily spend a lifetime of adventure without ever leaving America

For more adventurous travelers, the world becomes your backyard with an EarthRoamer



2013 EarthRoamer Owners Rally Group Panorama

2013 EarthRoamer Owners Rally Group Panorama

Dacono, Colorado-based EarthRoamer is the global leader in Xpedition Vehicle (XV) engineering, design, and manufacturing.

EarthRoamer was the first to build Xpedition vehicles in North America and their Ford F-550 based EarthRoamer XV-LT model line is currently the best-selling Xpedition Vehicle model in the world.

They have over 130 EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles on the road and almost two dozen repeat EarthRoamer buyers. EarthRoamer vehicles are 100 percent American made.

Address: 5073 Silver Peak Ave, Dacono, CO 80514

Phone: (303) 833-7330


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