Roadtrek Top Selling Class B Manufacturer in 2013

Kitchener, Ontario-based Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. again ranked as the No. 1 Class B manufacturer in North America for 2013, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc.

Roadtrek-Homeimage 16Roadtrek has held the top spot among Class B manufacturers since 1990.

In 2013, the builder captured close to 40 percent retail market share in the U.S. and over 47 percent retail market share in Canada, according to a company news release.

Roadtrek offers a comprehensive lineup of products on various platforms and is the only manufacturer with two top selling vehicles in the list of top five models sold in North America.

“Roadtrek had a great season last year, we had tremendous success with the introduction of three new models to our product lineup: the CS Adventurous, 40th Anniversary edition, and TS Adventurous,” said Paul Cassidy, vice president of sales and service.

Like the RS-Adventurous, the CS-Adventurous is based on the 170-inch wheelbase regular Sprinter van so it’s 16 inches shorter than the extended version some other manufacturers use. That may not sound like much, but it can be the difference between squeezing into a regular parking spot or having to find two in a row.

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The 40th Anniversary Edition is built on the Chevy Express 3500 van chassis and is a higher end model of one of the company’s best-selling lines, the 190 Popular.

Roadrek-Homeimage 15An earlier story on the 40th Anniversary edition can be seen by clicking here.

Roadtrek’s Touring Series (TS) Adventurous is a class leading vehicle that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles to make any travelers adventure as comfortable, easy and luxurious as possible, according to a company news release.

Roadtrek’s TS Adventurous is the first vehicle in Roadtrek’s line up to offer dark laminate cabinets. The charcoal-like color is accented with chrome pieces and true granite countertops that give the vehicle a rich interior tone.

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“We are proud to be at the top of the leaderboard in sales for Canada and the U.S. We will continue to lead the way with the best in engineering, customer service and warranty (five years) and we look forward to an exciting 2014.”

Last year not only brought about success for class B manufacturers, but the overall class B market continued to see growth as well with a 15 percent increase year-over-year.

“Dealers are recognizing the advantage of selling class B’s and are making more room on the sales floor for more models,” noted Cassidy.

“We have the best dealers in the business and they are a large reason why we continue to be so successful and for our continued high level of customer service”


Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc.

With sales to the U.S. starting in 1983, Kitchener, Ontario-based Roadtrek expanded rapidly for the rest of the 1980s.

Roadtrek-Homeimage 10AIn 1990, Roadtrek became the best selling North American Class B motorhome according to statistics from U.S. Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA).

In 2006, Roadtrek built its 20,000th Class B motorhome, an achievement unequalled in the RV industry.

The first 10,000 took 24 years to build, the second 10,000 only eight years.

To go along with their 40th Anniversary, Roadtrek introduced a five year, no mileage, RV limited warranty (September 2013).

Address: 100 Shirley Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2B 2E1

Phone: (519) 745-1169 OR (888) ROADTREK (762-3873)


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