Dicor Adds 4th Color to New TPO Roofing Material

Elkhart, Indiana-based Dicor Products has added the color “Cream” as a fourth color option to its new TPO roofing material called DiFlex II, continuing to extend the range of roofing choices available for RVs.

epdm-tpoDiFlex II already featured the hues of Dove (bright white), Tan, and Grey.

“Four color choices is unheard of in RV roofing. DiFlex II really gives manufacturers some striking new options to help differentiate their RVs and enhance the overall attractiveness of their product,” said Jeff Gaff, general manager of Dicor Products, in a news release.

“At Dicor Products, we are all about continuous improvement and bringing new products to the fore to help spur innovation in appearance and function.”

“The new DiFlex II TPO material is a very flexible, non-fleece-backed membrane that is easy to install for snug, watertight fit on virtually any roofing surface,” said Gaff.

“It is also compatible with all Dicor aftermarket cleaners, protectants, sealant, and bonding adhesives, and can be installed with Dicor’s matching lap sealants for a fully coordinated, beautiful appearance.”

The material is embossed with a light pebble pattern to dull harsh reflections and provide a classic look.

dicor-products-roofLike EPDM, DiFlex II remains flexible and UV resistant throughout its lifetime. It is even flexible in cold weather and less prone to cracking than other TPO material, Gaff explained.

It is easily repairable throughout its lifetime, and not affected by ponding water or environmental contaminants, plus it comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

DiFlex II is currently available in pre-cut widths and will soon be provided in rolls.

Widths are 8 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet 6 inches, with available lengths of 21 , 25, 30, 36, and 40 foot lengths.


Dicor Products

Dicor Products has been a leading supplier of component products to RV manufacturers since 1984, most notably as a supplier of premium roofing products.

We are also well established in the RV aftermarket, where they’re well known for roofing repair and care products and wheel covers. Thier Versa-Liner wheel cover brand, in fact, has more than one million sets in service.

In a brand restructuring, Dicor Products has recently been recast as one of four affiliated company brands of Dicor Corporation, which also include Seal Design, United Shade, and Vixen Composites.

Dicor Corporation is the overall corporate umbrella for the different companies, including Dicor Products, each of which operates independently with its own customers, while sharing a common ethic of service and innovative product development.

Address: 2965 LaVanture Place, Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: (800) 837-2059 (toll free)

Website: dicorproducts.com

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