Rhino Linings Introduces Rhino Eco-Coat, an RV Roof Repair Product

San Diego, California-based Rhino Linings Corporation (“Rhino Linings”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of spray-on protective linings and coatings, is helping to revolutionize the recreational vehicle repair industry.

Rhino Linings is more than just for truck beds.

RV owners and service providers now have an alternative RV roof repair system that costs significantly less than replacing the previous rubber or fiberglass vehicle roof, requires minimal resources, and needs little to no maintenance, according to a company news release.

The new aluminized hybrid polyurea roofing product, Rhino Eco-Coat, can be used to repair leaking rubber and fiberglass RV and trailer roofs.

Rhino Eco-Coat monolithic coating contains UV stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment that forms a long-term barrier against water intrusion.

The RV roof coating’s desirable silver aluminum-like finish improves energy efficiency, prevents degradation due to UV sunlight and keeps the coach approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler.

In addition to the reflective properties of the Rhino Eco-Coat system, the RV roof restoration system also offers a lifetime of superior impact and crack resistance.

Rhino Eco-Coat system is a spray-applied, 100 percent solid, hybrid polyurea RV roof restoration system by Rhino Linings.

“Rhino Eco-Coat has proven to be an excellent RV roof repair and restoration solution,” states Pierre Gagnon, President and CEO of Rhino Linings Corporation.

Rhino Eco-Coat

Rhino Eco-Coat

“Our product demonstrations have generated great interest in the RV and insurance industry and are quickly becoming an effective way to educate and introduce RV service businesses, insurance companies, and consumers to a cost-effective and long-lasting RV roof repair and restoration solution.”

Benefits to customer include:

  • 100% seamless
  • Will last 3 times longer than plastic sheet roofs
  • Fire retardant system meets UL 790
  • High physical properties including tensile, tear, and elongation
  • Unlike sheet roofing materials, Rhino Eco-Coat protective coating is not easily damaged
  • Economical solution

Rhino Eco-Coat protective coating quickly and easily solves the problems of rejuvenating aged recreational vehicle roofs. It costs significantly less than replacing the previous rubber or vehicle roof every few years.

Best of all, from start to finish, the roof can be repaired and have the owners be ready for the road within three days.

Rhino Eco-Coat Demonstration

Rhino Linings is holding a Rhino Eco-Coat application demonstration event at San Diego RV Center (9898 Bond Avenue, El Cajon) this Thursday, June 7, 2012.

Learn how this revolutionary product can help you expand your product offerings and services while boosting your bottom line.

Reserve your spot for the free Rhino Eco-Coat Demo with Damon Stewart online or by phone, 1-858-450-0441, ext. 6087.


Rhino Linings Corporation

Rhino Linings Corporation, established in 1988 and headquartered in San Diego, California, is a privately-held corporation and world leader in sprayed and/or rolled urethane, polyaspartic and epoxy coatings and linings for industrial, municipal and residential applications.

Rhino Eco-Coat

Business units include Rhino Vehicle Protection, Rhino Industrial, Rhino Epoxy, Rhino Flooring, and Rhino Military.

Rhino Linings Corporation has a global retail and industrial applicator network consisting of more than 2000 independently owned businesses and contractors in almost 80 countries and is the first ever spray-on bed liner company to achieve the ISO 9001 certification.

Address: 9151 Rehco Road San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (858) 450-0441 or (800) 422-2603 (toll free)

Website: rhinolinings.com

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