Never Forget Anything Again: Camping Checklist Online

Camping is a great way to get away from it all at a moment’s notice.

You can have the recreational vehicle or car packed up in no time and head for that favorite camping spot that you love. By the end of the day you can be sitting in front of the fire cooking up a smore or some other camping food favorite.

That is unless you have forgotten some essential camping item. We have all been there. “Hey, where are the matches? How can I make smores, without a fire? How can I make a fire without matches?”

If it’s not the matches it’s the portable air mattress compressor, or can opener.

That’s why you need a camping checklist—create it once and reuse it often.

The humble camping list will save you untold inconvenience while out on your camping getaway.

A free website, CampWiz allows visitors to manage upcoming camping trips by creating a camping checklist and presenting reviews of campgrounds around the country. The Web-based platform reveals hundreds of camping items organized by category, and is customizable to group items unique to each camper.

Upon log-in, visitors’ lists are saved for future camping trips. Items can be added to or removed from the last saved camping list.

Reviews of hundreds of campgrounds in the U.S. offer insight into potential camping sites before would-be campers ever pitch a tent on-site.

Campground amenities assessed include electrical hookup for RVs, camp stores, or if fire pits are offered, for example.

Campgrounds are evaluated based on available recreation including fishing and hiking, as well as other common popular activities campers look for.

CampWiz identifies tourist attractions near the campgrounds such as caves, amusement parks, museums, or other local interests.

CampWiz has experienced interest from campgrounds and other related businesses including RV campgrounds.

Camping businesses can make the interactive camping checklist tool available to their customers and get reviewed on the CampWiz website,” said Allen Dalton, president.

“A growing number of campers use the Internet to find tools and services to help make their camping experience more enjoyable. Our site is helping thousands of campers—that’s very satisfying for us.”

Details was founded in 2009 by computer industry veterans, with the idea that computers can make our everyday lives easier, and people shouldn’t need to be computer wizards to take advantage of the incredible potential and power of technology to make our lives simpler.

The company is committed to providing tools to improve the camping experience for all to share.

At CampWiz you’ll learn about campgrounds around the country and all things related to tent camping, RV camping, and hiking.

Free of charge, features include customizable online camping list that can be saved and edited, shared with others, and campground reviews from around the country.


Worth Pondering…
Basically, each day is fresh to me. I mean that I look at the tasks set before me at the beginning of each day, and the checklist is brand new without the stresses of the overall workload.

—Steven Arnold

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