Mobile Recording Studio Created Out of Fifth Wheel

Griffin Kelp, founder of Beatentrack Studios, has created a mobile music recording studio out of a fifth wheel trailer.

Beatentrack Studios, Austin’s First Mobile Recording Studio

Cincinnati, Ohio-native Griffin Kelp spent the better part of 2011 and 2012 laying the groundwork for Beatentrack Studios.

He has self-produced two full-length albums, Dana (2009) and The Very First (2011).

He was also featured as a producer and studio musician on The David Crowder Band’s 2012 GMA Dove Award-Winning Album, Church Music.

Beatentrack Studios was birthed out of the idea that music is good. It’s a gift to be well received and given openly, part of the ‘glue’ that holds communities together.

Beatentrack Studios was recently given a recreational vehicle and asked to use it to bless the community by preserving live music and enabling local artists to launch their careers at a low cost.

“Why not use an RV to start a new kind of business?” we wondered. And so it began…

“Austin is home to hundreds of artists whose creativity remains undiscovered. Our vision is to foster a spirit of creativity and community by holding tightly to Austin’s eccentric ideals through our unconventional workspace—a trailer,” said Kelp.

Source: Austin Trax Studio

In daily conversation with local hip-hop groups, singer-songwriter friends, and a few well-established iconic Austin bands, they decided the best way to do that would be by making recording more accessible to those who can’t afford it.

Thus, the idea of a mobile recording studio came about!

Austin is home to hundreds of food trailers, which have broken down the stigma of a trailer-based business.

The group is seeking a truck to help pull it to local venues, as well as computer equipment and recording equipment.

“We hope to record tons of live bands out of the trailer,” said Kelp, who noted the project could help fund thousands of new albums from up-and-coming Austin artists through the “music capital of the world’s” first mobile recording studio.


Beatentrack Studios

Beatentrack Studios is the quintessential social enterprise. As Austin’s first mobile recording studio, Beatentrack will make recording possible for many artists in Austin who can’t currently afford it.

According to their mission statement, Beatentrack Studios, Austin’s First Mobile Recording Studio, exists to provide on-site audio recording and mastering services to Austin’s diverse spectrum of musical artists.

Their vision is to foster a spirit of community and creativity by holding tightly to Austin’s eccentric ideals through an unconventional workspace—a fifth wheel trailer.

Their services will be divided into the following two categories:

  1. How we’ll bridge a gap in our community: We will provide in-studio recording to the many talented artists in Austin who could not otherwise afford to record in a professional local studio. We will charge artists half the average market cost for hourly recording. This will create a positive, healthy, accessible space for up-and-coming artists to deliver a tangible product to fans. In short, this will allow those who could not otherwise afford to record an album access to professional recording.
  2. How we’ll sustain the business: We will provide mobile recording services to musical artists throughout Central Texas. We will park the studio next to clubs, venues, and festivals to record, mix, and master live sets.

Source: Sonic Ranch

Beatentrack Studios is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed for the entire project. Unlike many Kickstarter projects that seek to fund just one album, the funding will help hundreds of local artists to record albums at half of the local market price.

It will also help launch an unparalleled effort to preserve the Live Music Capital of the World’s live sets.

Total Kickstarter Goal: $25,000

Used 5th wheel truck ($7,000)

RV A/C, generator, power supply ($3,000)

Musical gear ($15,000)


Worth Pondering…

Keep your eyes on the horizon and blaze a trail.

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