Five Things You Need to Know Today: February 17

Since I like things to come in fives (and tens), here are five things YOU need to know TODAY!

1. Tire Inflation

Proper tire inflation is more important to your safety when traveling than many RVers realize.

Under-inflated tires create excessive heat, break down tire walls, create greater instability while driving, and decrease fuel economy. A vehicle with under-inflated tires is slower to respond to steering corrections.

Over-inflated tires, on the other hand, can cause an RV to ride rough. Tire over-inflation can also increase your risk of hydroplaning on wet roads.

Check your tires’ air pressure at least once a month, before each trip, and ideally each morning you drive during a road trip. Inflation pressures should be checked when tires are cold, which means before they are driven.

2. Save money with Georgia ParkPass

Those who love hiking, fishing and other outdoor pursuits can save money during 2012 with an Annual Georgia ParkPass. The $50 pass covers the usual $5 parking fee at all of Georgia’s State Parks.

Georgia’s State Parks offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including swimming, hiking and biking, miniature golf and disc golf, birding, geocaching, and paddling. Park rangers lead an impressive variety of events, ranging from moonlit hikes to bike races. The Annual ParkPass is good for one year from purchase date, and senior and military discounts are available.

The ParkPass program generates around $3.7 million annually for outdoor recreation improvements.

To purchase an Annual ParkPass, stop by any Georgia State Park office or visit the Georgia State Parks website.

3. 2012 Indiana Recreation Guide available

Your guide to Indiana’s best values in outdoor recreation this year is available now.
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) 2012 Indiana Recreation Guide is an extensive source for information on state parks, reservoirs, state park inns, fish and wildlife areas, state forests, state historic sites, and other DNR properties.

Local retail outlets, state parks, reservoirs and other DNR properties have free printed copies available. The guide is available free online.

4. Texas State Park Fundraising Update

More than $1.14 million in generous donations to Texas State Parks has been received since the appeal for help two months ago. Hundreds of donations have been received from individual donors, as well as a significant donation of $500,000 from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and a $250,000 gift from the T.L.L. Temple Foundation.

“We’re off to a very promising start,” said Carter Smith, TPWD executive director. “People of Texas truly care about their state parks and want to see them stay open for all to enjoy.”

Now as the weather warms to spring, one of the best ways to help state parks is to visit them with your family and friends. Almost 50 percent of the parks’ operating budget comes from visitor fees, including the sale of state parks passes. For only $70, a State Parks Pass waives daily entrance fees for everyone in your vehicle for a whole year.

The $4.6 million fundraising campaign was triggered by a budget shortfall created by heat, drought, wildfires, and a drop in park visitation.

5. Michigan Announces Newest State Park

Recreation officials say 4,200 acres of land along the shores of Lake Huron have become Michigan’s newest state park.

North of Alpena, Rockport State Park includes a deep-water protected harbor, 300-acre old limestone quarry, series of sinkholes, dedicated Natural Area (Besser Natural Area), and a variety of vegetative cover. The park also features a boat launch facility and several opportunities for recreation, reports CBS Local.

The property had been managed as part of the state forest system before being transferred to the Parks and Recreation Division. Administration of the park will be handled by nearby Harrisville State Park.

A recreation passport is required to enter any state park, recreation area, or boat launch in Michigan.

Have a great weekend.

Until next time, safe RV travels, and we’ll see you on the road!

Worth Pondering…

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.

—Dale Carnegie

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