Aliner Offers Dual Storage Box for Pop-Up Campers

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania-based Columbia Northwest announced that the company is now offering a newly designed, optional storage compartments for its Aliner line of A-frame pop-up campers.

By offering the only dual box-tray compartment, Aliner is “looking to fill an integral gap in the camper market and set the standard for future development in the industry,” according to a news release.

The new, removable storage box offers increased storage and versatility with 30 cubic feet of additional storage. This 100 percent waterproof compartment can be removed from its frame, revealing a storage tray for bulky or dirty items.

The company said this feature is unique to Aliner, as other competitors offer either a box or tray, but not both on the same camper.

Aliner's new storage compartments. (Source:

“As a company dedicated to constantly improving and upgrading our products, we are proud to offer the first dual box-tray storage compartment,” said Ned Collins, CEO of Columbia Northwest.

“As we became aware of the strong consumer demand for such a product, we decided that we could best utilize our technology to provide a cutting-edge option that is unique to the camper industry.”

The Aliner storage box also features lockable full-length, top access and side access doors with an interior light. Removal and re-installation of the storage compartment takes less than 10 minutes, according to the company.

Every Aliner, no matter which model you choose, comes with the kind of innovative design and quality construction that makes it easy to own, easy to tow, and easy to camp.

Aliner line of A-frame pop-up campers include:

  • Expedition – largest Aliner model
  • Classic – the original Aliner design
  • Sport – 2.5 feet shorter than Classic
  • Ranger – an economical Aliner
  • Scout – for tent campers who need more than a tent
  • Alite – smallest, lightest Aliner model

Aliner recently introduced their Titanium Edition models, available for Expedition, Classic, and Sport models. Titanium Edition adds high gloss graphite exterior, bold black trim, premium two-tone wheels, and distinct graphics that sets them apart from others.

The Titanium Package includes:

  • Three premium two-tone wheels
  • LED interior lighting that extends battery life
  • Additional floor night light allows you to enter, exit, and move around the camper safely in the dark without turning main interior lights on and waking your partner
  • Removable and washable baggage door liners allow you to keep wet and dirty items separate from the interior of your storage compartment


Columbia Northwest

For more than 25 years, Columbia Northwest has manufactured the Aliner from its plant in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

As the original A-frame pop up camper, the Aliner sets up in 30 seconds, is lightweight enough to be towed by almost any vehicle, and can be easily stored and maintained.

Aliner factory tours at Monday through Thursday at 2:00 p.m. except major holidays and the occasional plant shut-down. No appointment is necessary, but call ahead to confirm the plant will be open.

Aliner is located at the intersection of Kecksburg Road and Route 982.

Address: 1297 Kecksburg Road, Mt Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666

Phone: (724) 423-7440


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