2012 Mobile RV City Ready for Mardi Gras

8 Days, 14 Hours Left ’til Mardi Gras Day

Mobile Mardi Gras RV City (Credit: fox10tv.com)

Mardi Gras season is about to kick into full swing, and you can tell if you pass by downtown Mobile (Alabama) on I-10.

Just under the Water Street overpass off I-10, you will find a miniature city full of recreational vehicles and Mardi Gras decorations.

It’s Mobile’s city within the city, and this time every year RV City’s population goes from zero to more than 200 campers who revel in the excitement of the Mardi Gras season.

RV City gives Mardi Gras attendees the convenience of being parked for the entire Mardi Gras season, rather than searching for parking spots during each parade.

RV City started about 11 years ago with less than 70 motorhomes and trailers. Last year, that number had more than tripled. Opening up a few additional spots gives even more people the opportunity to experience Mobile Mardi Gras the RV way.

“Put on a smile, get away from all the panic, and enjoy yourself,” said RV camper Rob Dunne.

Dunne has been camping out for nearly two weeks and said he would not celebrate Mardis Gras anywhere else, reports fox10tv.

“I’ve been to New Orleans, but Mobile is where Mardi Gras is the best,” Dunne said.

For those that plan on staying and camping for one, two, or even three weeks, there is a lot of preparation.

Mardi Gras Mask and Beads (Credit: percysposts.blogspot.com)

“You’re bringing everything from home. You need tables, chairs, and getting thing down here is the biggest problem,” said camper Freddie Sanders.

But once it’s set up, campers said you can leave everything out in the open.

“The police patrol is really good and I’ve never heard of anything bad happening. It’s really safe around here,” Dunne told fox10tv.

Sanders said it was his first time in the camp and he plans on coming back.

“You get the full effect of Mardi Gras here,” Sanders said.

“I’m trying to live to be one hundred, maybe 105 then I’ll stop coming down,” Dunne said.

Those who camp out say they stay for the fun atmosphere, convenient location, and the friends they make during their month long celebration.

On Friday (February 10) night, 17 floats were paraded in Downtown Mobile. This year’s theme is “three-the magic number”.

Among the themed floats were “the three musketeers” and “three sheets to the wind.”

The Inca’s wore blue arm bands in honor of fallen Mobile police officer Steven Green.

Two parades are scheduled for today:

  • Neptune’s Daughters Parade (6:30 p.m.)
  • Order of Isis Parade (7:00 p.m.)

A complete 2012 Mobile Mardi Gras Parade Schedule is available at mmgpa.com.

Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 (always the day before Ash Wednesday)


Mobile Civic Center

Mobile’s first Mardi Gras celebration dates back to 1703, only one year after the city’s founding. (Credit: myinterestingfacts.com)

Located in the heart of Mobile’s downtown historical district, the Civic Center is easily accessible by interstate highway.

Address: 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile, AL 36602-0204

Phone: (251) 208-7261

Website: mobilecivicctr.com

Mobile Mardi Gras RV City

RV City opened for move-in on January 21.

Cost for a spot in RV City is $399 for the entire month (dry camping only).

For reservations and additional information, contact Peggy Jimenez at 251-443-8818 or pjimenez@jimenezinc.net.

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Worth Pondering…

Mardi Gras is a thing that could hardly exist in the practical North….For the soul of it is the romantic, not the funny and the grotesque. Take away the romantic mysteries, the kings and knights and big-sounding titles, and Mardi Gras would die, down there in the South.

—Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi (Harper & Brothers, 1896)

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