Tucson RV Resorts Receive $1Million in Upgrades

Rincon Country RV Resorts owner George O’Leary prides himself on his financial management skills and expects his latest investment to pay off in continued high occupancy.

Using $1 million of the company’s assets, O’Leary revamped the resort’s main boulevard by installing curbs and repaving the street and is upgrading the electric conduit infrastructure at Rincon Country West RV Resort, 4555 S. Mission Road, according to an Arizona Star report.

O’Leary said the upgrade brings the west location in line with the infrastructure he has at Rincon Country East RV Resort, 8989 E. Escalante Road.

The east park opened in 1979, followed by the west in 1984.

Combined, the two parks accommodate about 1,000 units.

“The place is actually full to the gills, or just about,” O’Leary said.

The work included putting in 18,000 feet of electric conduit material. O’Leary said the installation, when completed in the summer, will “bring us to the 21st century” and make it easier to complete repairs to the electrical system, slashing downtimes.

O’Leary said he made the upgrades in order to continue to draw snowbirds.

Although the electrical infrastructure improvement isn’t visible, the quarter-mile boulevard upgrade makes the park look better. Crews installed new curbs and repaved the streets on top of a new base.

“You would not believe the number of people who have complimented us,” said O’Leary.

Rincon Country West (Source: rinconcountry.com)

While the improvements have yet to translate into increased business for his two parks, O’Leary says it is imperative for RV Park and resort operators in Tucson and across the Sunbelt to continually make improvements to their parks if they want to continue to attract today’s snowbirds, the Arizona Star reports.

“I remember when we opened our first Rincon Country Park in 1970,” O’Leary said. “Our first renters were World War One retirees and Depression Era campers—a very frugal and easy to please group of people.”

Today’s snowbirds, however, are increasingly looking for high quality amenities and facilities, which means park operators have to continually upgrade their facilities if they want to retain or expand their market share.

“We are continuously improving the appearance and modernization of our resorts,” O’Leary said. “Quite often when folks drive into our parks, they say to us, ‘This looks like a new park.’ They are surprised to learn that Rincon County East opened for business in 1979 and Rincon West in 1984.”

In addition to making cosmetic improvements, O’Leary has also hired a new activities director for each resort and expanded his parks’ offering of activities, including classes and professional entertainment, including comedy shows, celebrity impersonators, and musical entertainment. Classes include arts and crafts, woodcarving, pottery, and ceramics as well as lapidary and silversmithing.

The resorts also offer periodic seminars on health related topics as well as potlucks, wine tastings, dances, and other social events.

“It will be nice to sit back and know the next generation is going to have it easier than I had it,” O’Leary said, noting that he has no plans to retire, despite being “as old as the hills.”

“They’re going to have to carry me out feet-first,” he said.


Rincon Country RV Resorts

Rincon Country RV Resorts are rated in the top 2% of all RV parks nationwide for our top-notch spaces and amenities! Both resorts provide the facilities and amenities today’s RVers expect.

Website: rinconcountry.com

Rincon Country West RV Resort

Rincon Country East (Source: rinconcountry.com)

Address: 4555 S. Mission Road, Tucson, AZ 85746-2301

Phone: (520) 294-5608 or (800) 782-7275 (toll free)

Rincon Country East RV Resort

Address: 8989 E. Escalante, Tucson, AZ 85730

Phone: (520) 886-8431 or (888) 401-8989 (toll free)

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