2012 Super Bowl Parking: More People Are Buying

Newly released data from ParkWhiz.com shows that the initial concern about hosting the Super Bowl in a cold weather climate was unfounded.

As the ONLY true online marketplace that fans can secure a guaranteed parking, tailgate, or RV space at or near Lucas Oil Stadium, ParkWhiz sales for the big game have grown 20 percent over last year’s Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas.

The average cost of a parking space has increased by 31 percent. However, securing a guaranteed tailgate spot is a relative bargain, with prices lower from last year by almost 35 percent. The top selling space thus far was a $900 RV space.

Football fans from 27 states have already reserved their parking space for Super Bowl XLVI. Some are traveling as far as 1,855 miles away, while locals as close as a few miles away aren’t taking any chances and have also locked in their parking.

In fact, one thing that hasn’t changed from last year is that about a quarter of all purchases have been made by locals who are looking to soak up this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ticket and parking sales are expected to surge as soon as the two teams are determined and more data will be released at that time.

Super Bowl XLVI Parking Buyer Demographics (by state)

Indiana                       28%

Illinois                         13%

Wisconsin                    7%

Pennsylvania               6%

46 other states             46%

Farthest buyer – Camarillo, California – 1,855 miles

Closest buyer – Indianapolis, Indiana – 4 miles

* Data based on sales through ParkWhiz.com as of 1/17

Additional Super Bowl XLVI Sales Data

The average paid parking price (includes RV, tailgating) is $184; for Super Bowl XLV (2/6/11 Steelers-Packers): $140

The price range for parking (includes RV, tailgating) is $39 – $900; for Super Bowl XLV $33 – $1099

ParkWhiz is the ONLY place for fans to lock in their Super Bowl tailgatespace, as the NFL expressly forbids tailgating on their properties.

The average tailgate spot cost $96; for Super Bowl XLV $147

The NFL only has two parking garages totaling 4,000 spaces (non-tailgate/standard parking) for fans, located 0.5 and 0.8 miles away, costing $76 after taxes and fees.

ParkWhiz has over 12,000 spaces across 25+ parking facilities, ranging from 0.1 – 1.0 mile away, with the average non-tailgate/standard parking space costing $88. Parking 0.8 miles away costs $39.

The average RV parking space costs $513; for Super Bowl XLV $806



ParkWhiz represents a breakthrough in the way people park. With over 500 parking facilities in its network, ParkWhiz helps people park their cars quickly and efficiently.

Founded by Aashish Dalal and Jon Thornton in 2006, ParkWhiz was formed out of the founders’ frustration over finding a decent parking spot at a ballgame.

Between the parking lots, garages, and driveway owners renting out space, there were plenty of places to park, but no way to know which had open spaces or how much they cost.

Drivers can go find parking information and purchase guaranteed parking at locations across the country.

Parking owners use ParkWhiz to attract more customers and increase revenues. ParkWhiz is a privately held company based in Chicago.

Address: 2243 W Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Phone: (888)-PARKWHIZ (472-7594)

Website: parkwhiz.com

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