3,800-acre Rancho Corral de Tierra Transferred to Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area announced the transfer late Friday, December 9, 2011, of 3,800-acre Rancho Corral de Tierra from the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) to the National Park Service.

View of Rancho Corral de Tierra (Credit: nps.gov)

Rancho Corral de Tierra is located off Highway 1, south of Devil’s Slide between El Granada and Montara, under the shadow of Montara Mountain, in San Mateo County. The property features rolling hills, hidden vales, and coastal vistas.

“We are pleased that Congress has provided funding to complete the purchase of Rancho Corral de Tierra,” said Frank Dean, Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. “This magnificent parcel adds to the region’s protected open space, and helps extend existing national parklands on Milagra Ridge and Sweeney Ridge southward in the Coastside of San Mateo County.”

Dean added, “Thanks to the vision of POST, this remarkable parcel-with its breathtaking coastal views, ecologically vital watersheds, and miles of public trails-was protected and preserved for all.

We look forward to continuing our work with the Coastside community in planning for Rancho Corral de Tierra as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.”

One of the largest swaths of undeveloped land on the San Mateo peninsula, Rancho Corral de Tierra once had been envisioned to become a patchwork of private subdivisions, “ranchettes,” and golf links.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area Overview (Credit: gorp.com)

POST has a history of working with the National Park Service to extend the Golden Gate National Recreation Area down the San Francisco Peninsula.

Walter T. Moore, president of POST said about the transaction, “I’m thrilled to see Rancho Corral de Tierra officially become part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We are honored to be able to add almost 4,000 more acres of parkland for the public to enjoy. It is a testament to the beauty and ecological significance of this land that it is now a national park.”

Highlights of Rancho Corral de Tierra include:

  • Dramatic ascent of 2000-foot Montara Mountain
  • Scenic view-shed for California State Highway 1
  • Multi-use trail segments for hikers, bikers, and equestrians
  • Headwaters of four important watersheds (Martini, Montara, San Vicente, and Denniston Creeks)
  • Riparian, coastal scrub, and coastal chaparral habitats supporting diverse array of animals and plants

The process of transforming the property into a park is only just beginning. In the coming months, the National Park Service will work with the local communities and public land agencies in the Coastside to develop maps and signage on the existing network of trails, and develop a long-term plan for the new national park site.

Visitors to Rancho Corral de Tierra should be aware that the stables and farms in the area (Oceanview Farms, Cabrillo Farms, Renegade Ranch, Ember Ridge, and Moss Beach Ranch) are working operations. Visitors should not enter these properties or approach the animals without permission.

Did You Know?
Golden Gate National Recreation Area administers over 730 historic structures, including over 35 historic batteries. These historic buildings date from as early as pre-Civil War all the way through to the Cold War era.


Golden Gate National Recreation Area

One of the world’s largest urban national parks, Golden Gate National Recreation Area hugs the California coastline for nearly 60 miles in and around San Francisco.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is more than twice the size of the city of San Francisco. (Credit: city-data.com)

Location: Golden Gate NRA can be reached by Highways 1, 101, and 280 from the north and south San Francisco Bay Area, and by Highway 880 from the East Bay.

Address: Golden Gate National Parks, Building 201, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 94123-0022

Phone: (415) 561-4700 (Park Headquarters and Information Center, Fort Mason)

Website: nps.gov/goga

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—written by George Cory and Douglass Cross (1954), recorded by Tony Bennett (1962)

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