Pleasure-Way to Equip all 2012 Models with RV|ID

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based Pleasure-Way Industries, a leading manufacturer of Class B motorhomes announced Thursday (November 10) that it is equipping all of its 2012 chassis year models with RV|ID, the innovative location-based system that provides real-time mapping, reports, and alerts for high-value mobile assets.

Using GPS and wireless communications technology, together with a sophisticated software analytics engine and an online portal, RV|ID gives Pleasure-Way and its dealers’ new tools to efficiently and effectively manage inventory and improve customer support, according to a news release.

In addition, RV|ID-equipped RVs are “Smart RVs” that include the exciting new consumer service called myRV|ID. myRV|ID connects RV owners with their RVs and enables them to share their RV adventures with family and friends. It monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and generates automatic trip journals, which can be enhanced with trip information, reviews, photos, and then shared with friends and family or posted to Facebook.

“We’re excited to be using RV|ID and offering myRV|ID to our customers.” stated Dean Rumpel, CEO of Pleasure-Way Industries. “RV|ID is yet another example of the ‘”Pleasure-Way Difference.’ In this case, we’re leveraging the latest technology to improve our business, help our dealers giving our customers a fun tool to track their adventures and remotely monitor their Pleasure-Way RV.”

“We’re proud to welcome Pleasure-Way on board,” stated Jon Corn, president of sales and business development for Red Lantern Labs, which offers RV|ID and myRV|ID. “RV|ID was designed to provide RV manufacturers and dealers with useful tools, real-time data, and critical alerts while myRV|ID was designed to enhance the RV ownership experience and make RVing even more fun. For manufacturers like Pleasure-Way and its dealers, myRV|ID is a value-add selling feature that will help these RVs sell faster and provide purchasers of Pleasure-Way RVs the latest in technology.”


Pleasure-Way Ltd.

2012 Pleasure-Way Class B motorhome. (Credit:

With a dealership network of over 60 dealers in North America, Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This family-owned and operated company began manufacturing Class B van motorhomes 25 years ago and has grown into the second largest Class B motorhome manufacturer in North America. Pleasure-Way Industries believes in a customer first and foremost approach combined with an old-fashioned work ethic. Pleasure-Way is the recipient of the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association Quality Circle Award in both 2010 and 2011.

Address: 302 Portage Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7J 4C6

Phone: (306) 934-6578 or (800) 364-0189



For RV owners, myRV|ID monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and automatically generates trip journals, which can be enhanced with trip information and shared with friends and family or posted to Facebook. RV|ID is offered by Red Lantern Labs, a privately held company based in Solana Beach, California. Red Lantern Labs develops advanced telematics services that address the specific needs of the value chains in the RV, marine, heavy equipment, power sports, and similar industries. Its patent-pending technology offers a full range of tools and applications that help businesses reduce risk and cost, operate more efficiently, enhance customer service and improve sales.

Address: 261 N. Highway 101, Suite 1154. Solana Beach, California 92075

Phone: (858) 367-5192


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