Marchi Mobile eleMMent: Luxury RV Leaps into the Future

Are you in the market for a futuristic and slightly bizarre luxury recreational vehicle? Aren’t we all?


Taking a rather futuristic leap is the Marchi Mobile eleMMent, which offers luxury and comfort, along with flexibilities of space rarely noticed anywhere. From the conference/dining table to the entire lounge, you have the option of spreading the chassis out to suit your needs and retract when not needed. The tables and extra furniture are perfectly retractable to create the ambience you desire for special events, a small conference, or family reunion.

Their purposely misspelt eleMMent line, playing up the company’s double-M namesake, is the latest high-end luxury coach to include amenities that no one really needs in a recreational vehicle but would probably love to have given an unlimited pocketbook.

Since they’re designed for consumers who probably aren’t that concerned with the price tag, the eleMMent coaches can be configured with everything from mobile internet, a working fireplace recommended for use only when parked, streaming video surveillance, heated flooring, a rainfall shower, and satellite TV.

You’ll be the envy of the RV Park when you pull up in your eleMMent, a 510 horsepower with auto-transmission, 40-foot long monstrosity, which features a pop-up sky lounge with rooftop patio and fog machine, and customized paint job that glows in the dark.


Fans of designer Luigi Colani will recognize the front end of this semi-sized hauler as his work, versions of which Austrian firm Marchi has been using for promotional vehicles in Europe.

The eleMMent Palazzo combines the feel of a luxury home with a dual-sport exhaust system with carbon diffuser, 28-inch alloy wheels, single arm windscreen wiper, and aerodynamic design, all of which are responsible for the supreme riding experience. According to Marchi Mobile, the strange-looking design is aerodynamic enough to give a fuel efficiency boost of about 20 percent along with what I would assume is a fairly tremendous view of the road. When compared to a similarly sized monstrosity of course.

Inside you would find eight LCD screens, six business class lounge chairs with massaging functions, multi-media system, bar, and even adjustable lighting according to your needs. There is even the extendable luggage space with shoe rack to keep your footwear safe. The chauffer doesn’t need to compromise either, as the booth is also thoroughly equipped, and would be rather easy with the on-road assistance system in case you need it.

As for the rest of the eleMMent, it’s packed full of luxury, including about 500 square feet of usable area, sunroom, stairs and upper deck furniture, master bedroom with a 40-inch flat-screen TV and attached marble-lined spa bathroom suite, a living space with a couch and table that turns into a bar and lounge at the push of a button, and an “integrated vehicle wash system,” ’cause you don’t want to have to worry about your strange new ride ever looking dirty.’


A step up from the Palazzo is the eleMMent Viva–V.I.P. shuttle. The Viva starts where the Palazzo leaves off but features a chauffeur booth and 6 high-end lounge and massage chairs that recline for sleeping. Also included in the Viva is an infotainment system with video store, internet, and GPS on eight monitors around the motor coach.

The eleMMent coaches will only be built on a per-order basis.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday (October 18) that Marchi Mobile has put a price tag of a cool £1.9 million on the eleMMent palazzo making it the world’s most expensive motorhome. That’s the equivalent of $2.6 million U.S. dollars.

So, in case you have the cash and the need for one of these, it would be wise to start ordering your luxury motorhome soon.


Marchi Mobile

Address: Euro Plaza, Am Euro Platz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria

Phone: 0043 1 71 72 8 238


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