Aqua-Hot: New Hydronic Heating System

When traveling, creature comforts such as warmth and plentiful hot water feel extra-luxurious. But there’s usually a price to be paid with a clunky, space-hogging heater.

New 400 Series


Aqua-Hot’s new 400 series Hydronic Heating System gets the job done quietly in a very small footprint, according to a recent (August 1) news release.

Unlike noisy, cabin-mounted forced-air systems, the 400 is mounted in the bay while producing quiet, even heat by circulating hot water through up to eight Aqua-Hot Cozy Heat Exchangers. Five separate thermostatic heating zones and two circulation loops ensure consistent warmth throughout the living area.

Providing on-demand 120-degrees, SteadyHot water, the 400 eliminates the need for an external storage tank. With zero recovery time, the dependable unit has a flow rate of 1.25 gallons per minute and can generate 75 gallons of hot water an hour.

The self-contained unit reduces potential leak paths and reduces installation time while saving space. At 5.4 gallons, the 400 features a 32-percent increase of stored heat than previous models in the same footprint.

Environmentally friendly, the Aqua-Hot 400 produces 32-percent lower emissions than competitive models during a 10-minute run-cycle. Energy-efficient, it barely uses 0.1 of a gallon of diesel per hour when driving or parked.

With safety a priority, the 400’s design features internal steel fuel lines for fire safety. Zero-pressure tanks and an interlock switch prevent the unit from operating when the cover is removed.

Measuring just 12 inches high x 18.5 inches wide x 30 inches in length and weighing only 140 pounds empty, the compact Aqua-Hot 400 from Aqua-Hot Heating Systems can be easily installed as an RV is being built or retrofitted into an existing coach.

According to the 2010 NADA Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide, an Aqua-Hot system may add up to $9,400 to the resale value of an RV. Consumers will soon be able to find the Aqua-Hot 400 as standard or optional equipment on new 2012 coach models.

Aqua-Hot Hydronic RV Heating Systems

Designed specifically for diesel-powered motorhomes, Aqua-Hot heating systems are diesel-fired, which use fuel already on-board, removing the hassle of propane. Alternately, the electric heating element can be used to provide heat during moderate, ambient temperatures. The Aqua-Hot’s independent heating zones allow maximum comfort to be felt in all areas of the motorhome with the ability to control the temperature in each zone: for example, the bedroom can maintained at a comfortable 65º, while the living room is set at 75º and the bathroom at 80º. In addition to zone-specific interior heat, Aqua-Hot also provides continuous domestic hot water to ensure ultimate comfort for showering.

Aqua-Hot Hydronic RV Heating Systems provide you with:

  • Endless hot water—you will never run out
  • Quiet, interior heating—no need to turn up the volume on your TV
  • Uniform interior heat distribution—no hot and cold pockets
  • Engine preheating—easier start-ups in cold weather

How do Aqua-Hot Hydronic RV Heating Systems work?

Hot Water: The heaters are designed to provide an unlimited supply of hot water through a tankless, on-demand hot water system. Water is simply heated as it is being used; therefore, there is no storage of any hot water.

Interior Heat: Aqua-Hot systems are similar to a residential “boiler” system. Whenever an interior room thermostat “calls for heat,” the heater’s hot water solution is then circulated through interior heat exchangers (similar to radiators) located throughout the motorhome. Multiple circulation pumps allow for independent interior heating zones, while heat exchangers are designed to gently disperse heat quietly and evenly throughout the motorhome.

Engine Preheat Loop: Aqua-Hot systems are equipped with an engine preheating system which heats the engine’s coolant prior to starting the motorhome in cooler climates. This same system also makes good use of the engine’s heat by transferring it back to the Aqua-Hot while you are driving down the road (motoraide).


Aqua-Hot Heating Systems


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