Tailgating: RV style

Part 1: RV tailgate city

Another college football season is almost here. Get out the grill, stock up the cooler, and let the party begin!

The Ultimate Tailgate Machine—complete with four flat-screen TVs, 2 full-size kitchens, and an exterior grill—to parking lots around the country finding good food and fun people Photo courtesy Gator Tailgating

It is tailgating season and Welcome to Tailgate City, as much a part of college football as the Heisman Trophy and grumbling about the bowl system.

And just in time for the fall football frenzy, Vogel Talks RVing offers up tips for successful RV tailgating.

From Mississippi—where women in formal dresses and men wearing ties congregate at the “Grove”—to Washington—where fans can party on boats docked near the stadium—this has become the country’s giant backyard. Friendships are renewed. Stories are swapped. And gargantuan amounts of food and drink are consumed.

The game, it seems, has almost become a sidelight, nothing more than a reason to get together for some tailgating outside the stadium.

Millions of football-loving Americans are gearing up to support their favorite teams this fall. With the help of well-equipped RV kitchens and a big dash of creativity, it promises to be a great tailgating season.

Whatever your favorite team, it’s time to pack up the RV and head to the stadium parking lot Photo courtesy RVBasics

The annual rite of autumn begins…Oklahoma and Texas, Army and Navy, Vikings and Packers, Florida and Georgia, Alabama and Auburn, Mississippi and Mississippi State, USC and UCLA, Michigan and Penn State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M…

Ask true fans—they can tell you! The best place to be at a football game is not necessarily the 50-yard line.

Tailgating can make an ordinary football game into a special event. It brings together the four F’s—family, friends, fans, and food.

Tailgating is about having fun, eating good food, and armchair quarterbacking.

Tailgating is talking discussing how the game will unfold, and after the game, dissecting every play.

Whatever your favorite team, it’s time to pack up the RV and head to the stadium parking lot.

You’ll be joining thousands of fans who enjoy the festive atmosphere while partying with fellow parking lot participants.

Bring your home to the game. Each weekend, stadium parking lots across the country fill with tailgaters, who often produce elaborate food spreads in their RVs before and after the big game.

Tailgating in an RV means bringing your kitchen along, everything from onboard oven/stove and microwave, refrigerator and ice maker, blender and fry pan, to grill and smoker.

Your ingredients will be fresh and accessible.

Tailgating in an RV means bringing your home to the game Photo courtesy TailgateUS

RVs have plenty of space to store cooking supplies and utensils.

Anything you can prepare at home, you can make in an RV, and serve up fresh.

No lugging tables, chairs, and everything else but the kitchen sink—it’s all on board, including the kitchen sink.

Let the football season begin!

Worth Pondering…

The Red River Shootout—the rivalry between University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma—has been a fixture here, set against the backdrop of the Texas State Fair, since 1929.

—Dave Hollingsworth

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