Tailgating: RV style

Part 6: The Basics

Arrive early

Arrive early to set up your tailgate area

Arrive early to set up your tailgate area Photo: RVchatwithRon

Securing a good spot in the parking lot will depend on your arrival time. Not all parking spaces are created equal! Consider parking adjacent to a grassy area or at the end of the parking row—this gives you more room for serious tailgating!

Decorate your RV

Decorate your RV supporting your favorite team—you don’t want anyone to be confused about which team you’re supporting, or where your loyalties lie.

Bring lots of colorful balloons and banners to run the entire length of your RV.

Fly a flag on a very high pole so friends can find you.

Decorate yourself

Show your team spirit. Dress in team colors. Wear a team jersey or sweatshirt.

Show team spirit by decorating yourself. Photo: Corbis

You are the 12th man on the team and the first player on the Tailgating Team.

Don’t forget the face paint or body paint and team flags.

There’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to decorating your RV—or your body—and the more outrageous, the better.

After all, you want to get some attention, right?

Pack the satellite dish and receiver

Those not going to the game can watch it on TV.

Lots of people come for the party in the parking lot and never even make it inside for the game itself.

Bring your satellite dish and receiver.

After the game

After the game, tailgate some more or sit back and relax in comfort.

While fans fight to exit the crowded parking lot, pop a snack in the RV’s microwave and continue the tailgating fun.

Extinguish grill fires when the cooking is finished. Allow plenty of time for the grills to cool down.

Always make sure you leave your parking area cleaner than it was when you arrived. Leaving a mess gives RVers a bad name.

And Finally…
Go out and support your team. It doesn’t matter if you have a national championship or super bowl contender. The idea is to get out there and have fun.

Worth Pondering…

The universal tailgating food seems to be brats and burgers because they fit in a bun and they’re easy to cook.

—Bob Sloan

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