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Hi old readers of RV Advice! We bought RVadvice.com domain last year from Fredrick Pridmore and the RVadvice website was merged with Vogeltalksrving in August, 2020 when we decided to make our website stronger and better.

The content and link building has been archived on RVadvice.com in order to raise the value of our RVing blog.

About RVadvice.com

After a long day working at his own RV service center, Fredrick spends his “free time” answering email questions at home from around the world that come in from his RV Advice webpage, which is his wife’s “labor of love” she created after listening to him say many times that many RVer’s need a better understanding of their RVs in order to “Have fun”.

Fredrick’s biggest objective in the RV industry is to abolish the little quirks that keep people from enjoying their RV.

Here are few of useful posts about RV/ camper on our website and now they are managed by Vogeltalksrving team:

  1. How to Check the Ammonia Level in RV Fridge?
  2. How to Tell If RV Thermostat is Bad?
  3. How to Rekey RV Locks?
  4. What Gauge Extension Cord do I Need for an RV?
  5. How to Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter?

If you need more information about Vogeltalksrving: Our team has over 25 years mechanical experience in heavy equipment, automotive, RV such as travel trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome, camper and we have a lot of certifications from ASE, RVDA…If you have any question, please contact us. We will try to answer all of your issues and we do hope you have great time in our site!