The Droplet Takes Your Bedroom Camping

Oh, the great outdoors! Is there anywhere better to spend a weekend? No, didn’t think so.

But it’s not always as quick and easy to get packed…get on the road…get going…as we might like.

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

Inspired by teardrop trailers, the Droplet is a modern camping pod.

It features a comfortable queen size bed, fully equipped kitchen within a bright modern insulated shell. And it only weighs 950 pounds.

​Take your bedroom camping.

The Droplet is the brainchild of interior designer and engineer, Diane and Pascal from Vancouver, British Columbia.

After years of shuttling their camping gear from their home to the car and back again, they looked for a ready-to-go camping solution. They thought a teardrop trailer would be the solution, but found that none were the right fit. Not enough space, few capabilities, lacking comfort and style.

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

Instead, they designed and built their own Scandinavian-inspired mini-camper.

The result? The Droplet Trailer.

A fully equipped, high-tech, camping pod, the Droplet sleeps two. The cabin interior is built around a comfortable 6-inch queen size mattress (60 inches x 80 inches).

There are two cabinets and two shelves at the bed’s foot. This is ample storage for your electronic devices and some clothing. Additional large felt pockets are at arm’s reach on each door for the night essentials.

Unlike most tear drop trailers, the Droplet is bright and spacious. It sports an amazing half dome front window that brings the outdoors inside. Stargazing is not an option in the Droplet, it’s mandatory.

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

All front and side windows are tinted (Bronze – 26 percent light transmission) for privacy and heat transfer control. The two doors are designed to allow for easy entrance/exit.

The biggest possible yachting hatch is installed on the Droplet. ​It has a lockable AIRstream position to allow for air movement when you’re away. Along with the swing out side windows and the side vents, air circulation is all natural.

The cabin is insulated with a closed cell Aluminum laminated foam (R=2.81). This makes the Droplet an all season camper.

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The cabin is light with two LED reading lamps. No switch needed. Just tap them.

The countertop and backsplash are made of beautiful Acrylic material for a sleek, easy to clean space. Dishes are hung on the back-splash for easy access.

The Droplet comes with a 12 volt slide out fridge, a two-burner propane cooking stove, and a wide pull out drawer for pots, pans, and food. The recessed sink is adequate to do the dishes. The closed loop water system is hand pump operated.

Construction is a high-tech laminate inspired by boat and aircraft building. It is built light and extremely strong.

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet uses few screws. Like most recent boats and aircrafts, the majority of the assembly is made with high strength structural adhesives. This process spreads loads over a wider surface. It also absorbs vibrations, reduces structure fatigue, and conforms to material expansion (hot and cold cycles).

The Droplet specifications include:

  • Cabin Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 5 feet x 8 feet x 4 feet
  • Trailer Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 6.6 feet x 12.5 feet x 5.5 feet
  • Trailer Weight: 950 pounds
  • Trailer Tongue Weight: 95 pounds
The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet (Source: Droplet)

The Droplet is a fully developed and functional prototype at this stage. It was rented during summer 2017 to collect user feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Production will start during March 2018 with a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will occur sometimes in February/March 2018. The goal will be to raise $150,000, which equates to pre-selling +/- 10 units. Manufacturing 10 trailers will allow for the purchase of materials in bulk and kick start an efficient production line.

Worth Pondering…

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