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Mirrorless: New Kid on the Block

The two most popular types of digital cameras are D-SLRs and compact point-and-shoots. D-SLRs produce excellent image quality and are very quick, and interchangeable lenses make them highly versatile. Their main disadvantages are that they’re relatively bulky, complex, and costly. Overall, D-SLRs give you performance that a point-and-shoot can’t come close to achieving. Compact point-and-shoot […]

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Tampa SuperShow RV Resort Participation & Kidd-Eyster Fuel Survey

Tallahassee, Florida-based Kidd RV Resort Consulting, an integrated marketing firm specializing in the┬áRV industry,┬áreports on RV resort participation at the recent Tampa RV SuperShow and the Kidd-Eyster annual motorcoach resort fuel survey gathered at the show. RV Resort Participation RV resort participation remained flat at the recent Tampa RV SuperShow. Twenty-five resorts were represented this […]

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