Grub Hub Camp Kitchen Promotes Sustainable Camping

For many people base camping is a tradition that makes it possible to enjoy hiking, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, photography, fishing, hunting, surfing, and other outdoor activities, often many miles from home.

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

“Unfortunately ‘car camping’ or ‘base camping’ is often associated with high impacts to the environment,” claims GrubHubUSA company president Joe Baughman in a company news release.

“Just like at home, most activities within camp center around the kitchen. Without an easy and efficient method of organizing, cooking, and preparing food outdoors, excessive waste and negative impacts to the environment are much more likely. When campers negatively impact an area, the result is more regulation, higher costs, and less freedom.”

“The patented new Grub Hub camp kitchen,” says Baughman, “addresses this challenge by making camping much more organized and making camp kitchen tasks much easier.”

“The Grub Hub camp kitchen supports and promotes a very sustainable camping methodology by providing highly portable and organized cooking and working space, as well as support for lighting and water and other features such as air dry bags for cleaning solid dishes,” stated Baughman.

“The product’s features and functionalities assist campers in working much more efficiently outdoors and help reduce convenience packaging and other wasteful methods. Easy outdoor preparation of real meals to fuel real activities is our goal.”

The product is compact and lightweight with an aluminum frame, molded tables, and expedition grade materials that reflect durability needed for serious outdoor use.

As the product’s designer, Baughman adds, “The quality built Grub Hub not only promotes sustainability but is a sustainable product itself. It is made from modular serviceable components that provide a virtually unlimited service life for the unit as a whole. The unit won’t easily break or wear out but when it does we can easily service all of the components.”

For hunters, fishermen, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and others, the Grub Hub may be the perfect solution for organizing camp while helping to reduce impacts on their favorite camping areas.



Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

GrubHubUSA is located in the greater St. George, Utah area where the southwest mountains and canyons provide inspiration for developing functional and reliable gear.

Mailing Address: PO Box 461136, Leeds, UT 84746

Location: 1145 South Red Cliffs Road, Leeds, UT 84746

Phone: (435) 705-1773


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