Columbia Northwest Buys Intellectual Property for Somerset Pop-Ups

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania-based Columbia Northwest Inc./Aliner recently acquired the rights to important intellectual property for their new line of Somerset camping trailers formerly produced by FTCA Inc. as the Coleman line.

The acquisition ensures that Somerset trailers will boast the same features, sizes, and names as familiar Coleman models, according to a company news release.

Columbia Northwest introduced the Somerset line of pop-up camping trailers at the 42nd Annual Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show, November 15-19, 2010.

The Somerset name is in recognition of Somerset, Pennsylvania, where Coleman Camping Trailers were manufactured for more than four decades. Following the sudden closure of the plant in early 2011, Columbia Northwest, located in the adjacent county, took action to keep the products, and their heritage alive, according to Columbia Northwest CEO Ned Collins.

Somerset is currently available in five models—three in the Grand Tour Touring Series (Sun Valley, Utah, and Niagara), and two in the Evolution Off-Road Series (E2 and E3).

Columbia Northwest said it “remains dedicated to offering its customers the same trusted service and high-quality products they have continually provided for over 30 years.”

Negotiations for intellectual property have been nearly a year in the making.

The acquisition pertains to trademarks, copyrighted material, patents, and product documentation as well as historic and current engineering documentation.

These new materials will allow Columbia Northwest to grow the Somerset product line and expand on its role as an innovative leader within the industry.

2013 Somerset Utah (Source:

“Having the historical data and current documents allows us to replicate past models and develop future models in a way that builds on the familiar heritage of a trusted product,” says Collins.

“This significant acquisition will help to ensure that we are moving in the right direction towards innovation and customer satisfaction.”

The names of the product series and models will reflect that of the historically similar models.

For former Coleman enthusiasts, this means that the Utah trailer of 15 years ago is still the same trusted product. In keeping their brand integrity top-of-mind, Columbia Northwest believes that this acquisition will assist them in developing their product lines and series even further.

“We are excited to create the next chapter at Columbia Northwest,” says Allan Reeping, former Coleman sales manager and current Aliner/Somerset director of sales and marketing.

“Our loyal customers can be assured that while the brand is evolving, we will never stray from our commitment to providing them with only the highest-quality products and service.”


Columbia Northwest Inc.

2013 Somerset E2 (Source:

For more than 25 years, Columbia Northwest has manufactured the Aliner from its plant in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. As the original A-frame pop up camper, the Aliner sets up in 30 seconds, is lightweight enough to be towed by almost any vehicle, and can be easily stored and maintained.

Aliner models available include Alite, Scout, Ranger, Sport, Classic, Expedition, and Titanium Edition.

Factory tours are available Monday through Thursday at 2:00 p.m. except major holidays and the occasional plant shut-down. No appointment is necessary, but call ahead to confirm the plant will be open.

Location: Intersection of Kecksburg Road and Route 982 (less than 150 yards from the Kecksburg UFO monument)

Address: 1297 Kecksburg Road, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666

Phone: (724) 423-7440

Website: and

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