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Part 9: Tailgating Heaven

The Top 10 College Football Tailgates of 2010 (No.7-10)

The two go hand in hand, but on college campuses around the country, the fans often take it to another level. The union of football and tailgating is a marriage celebrated every Saturday with a “renewal of vows.”

Tailgating in Texas, Louisiana, at the Rose Bowl, or in Beaver Stadium, while boating on Lake Michigan, tied on the Tennessee River, or in the legendary Grove is an experience quite unlike anything else.

It’s a combination of passionate, lifelong fans, the excitement of young college crowds, and of course, the good ol’ pigskin.

So which tailgating experiences will top the charts in 2010? Check out the top 10 tailgating games to look forward to this season. To keep things fair, each venue is limited to one spot on the list.

10. Georgia at Auburn, November 13

The Auburn faithful will literally pack the road miles from Jordan-Hare Stadium on game day. Crowds often show up on Thursday stay until Sunday.

That’s the type of dedication that can’t be left off the list. If Auburn were playing Alabama at home this year, the venue would be higher up the list, but unfortunately that’s an away game.

9. Michigan at Penn State, October 30

What do you get when you pack 100,000 people into Beaver Stadium on Saturday with another 10 to 15 thousand left in the parking lot?

Well, technically, the third-largest population in the state of Pennsylvania, but what the police saw was a drinking problem. That caused a law to be enacted that prohibits drinking outside the stadium during games, apparently to settle the unruly crowds that come out to support their team.

8. Alabama at Tennessee, October 23

Boats tie up by the hundreds along the Tennessee River and fans whip out the barbecues and beer. College students and fans pack the parking lots surrounding the stadium and party from dawn to dusk.

Tennessee fans can never seem to agree on who their biggest rival is or which game they’re looking forward to the most. Some say Florida, while others insist it’s Alabama.

7. USC at UCLA, December 4

The Rose Bowl has always been considered one of the best atmospheres to watch a football game, so you can only imagine the type of tailgating the Bruins have built up over the years as they head there each weekend.

It’s LA, it’s near perfect weather, a great fan base and tradition, and the Rose Bowl right behind you. What more could you ask for?

Source: Bleacher Report, July 2010

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