Tailgating: RV style

Part 8: RV tailgating extras

Must haves for tailgating

1. Jumper cables

After a great tailgate party, some would love to stay in the parking lot forever but everyone might not share that thought.

2. Toilet paper

The MVP (most valuable product) of the parking lot. Don’t get caught with your

pants down in a Port-A-Potty with no TP.

3. Plastic trash bags for clean up

A dedicated tailgater always respects their surroundings and leaves it clean.

4. Extra ice

There is no excuse to ever run out of ice. Just bring a full extra ice chest and enjoy.

5. Rain gear

When everybody else is in their car or truck, you’ll be cookin’!

6. First aid kit

Just in case that football hits you in the head.

7. Sun block

Even if you burn the food, there is no reason for you to burn.

8. A friend

Change the life of a loved one. Bring them to their first tailgate party.

9. Comfortable shoes

Sometimes we forget how much we visit and with the right shoes you can walk to your stomach’s content.

10. Antacid

With all the foods consumed at the tailgate, we need some help. Remember defense wins championships.

Source: Tailgating Institute of America

Worth Pondering…

Beer and brats are Wisconsin staples, and brats soaked in beer are preferred.

—Dave Hollingsworth

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