National Parks Offer Variety: Something For Everyone

Joshua Tree National Park_468

National parks come in all sizes and shapes, offering nothing if not variety. From scenic to sensational, history to mystery; from the cool forests of Sequoia National Park to the barren heat of Death Valley to the remote Capitol Reef National Park, which is 78 miles away from the nearest traffic light, to South Caroina’s Congaree National Park, largest […]

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2016 Free Entrance Days at National Wildlife Refuges

Burrowing owl at Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge, California © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Head outdoors and enjoy America’s national wildlife refuges, which offer unparalleled opportunities to experience the great outdoors and see a rich diversity of wildlife in beautiful natural settings. If that wasn’t enticement enough, refuges that normally charge entrance fees will offer an additional incentive—nine free admission days in 2016. The entrance fee-free days for National […]

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Okefenokee: Land of Trembling Earth

Haunting. Mysterious. Okefenokee is the largest swamp in North America, a peat-filled wetland in the southeast corner of Georgia. The wildlife paradise boasts an amazing variety of ecological features, from sandy ridges to wet, grassy savannahs and marshes, to narrow water channels and tiny islands floating in the tea-colored water. Imagine a place where unusual […]

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2015 Free Admission Days at National Parks

America’s Best Idea—the national parks—is even better when it’s free! There are nine more reasons to enjoy national parks next year. Circle the dates on the calendar and plan your trip—America’s 401 national parks will offer free admission on nine days in 2015, including several holidays. The 2015 entrance fee-free days are: January 19: Martin […]

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Birding IS Big Business

Birdwatching is among America’s most popular recreational activities…and growing. Why Birding? Ask the 47+ million birdwatchers in America why they love birds, and you’ll likely get a range of replies as diverse as the birds themselves. With colors and songs that can stop you in your tracks (just about anywhere), equally colorful and evocative names, and […]

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