The Phenomenon of Teardrop Trailers

So-Cal off-road teardrop trailer

The teardrop trailer gets its name from its unique streamlined shape. Conceived more than 75 years ago, the teardrop trailer has stood the test of time. A common sight from the late 1930s through the ’50s—many were home-built—and were popular because of their sleek, aerodynamic design, and lightweight materials. A teardrop trailer is generally small, ranging from […]

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Blue Ice Vodka & Little Guy Teardrop Trailers

Blue Ice Vodka has announced their partnership with Little Guy Worldwide. Blue Ice Vodka is tapping into the popularity of retro teardrop trailers in America to enhance brand awareness, attract new consumers, and excite their image, according to a corporate news release. This is far from being an ordinary teardrop trailer. Little Guy Worldwide created the […]

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