Honey, I Shrunk the House into an RV

Forget Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Instead, think, Honey, I Shrunk the House into an RV.

Jim Turley and Brian Scobey of Signa Tour Campers are constructing homes that are 8 x 24 feet, with less than 300 square feet of living space. It’s all getting done by hand inside of a Hillsborough County (Florida) warehouse, reports ABC Action News.

“People are downsizing their houses, their cars,” said Turley.

“It is a trend. It’s a niche.”

The trend is catching on nationwide. These homes, commonly called tiny homes, are springing up not only in Florida but in places like Washington, Texas, and even New York.

Turley builds his tiny homes on wheels. It qualifies them as an RV, so there is no mortgage.

“No increased property taxes. No permits to build. You basically pull it in and park it,” he explained.

Turley and Scobey are currently constructing a beach house for a Florida couple. It has everything from a bathroom and kitchen to sleeping room for up to five people.

Tiny homes are typically 8 x 24 feet with less than 300 square feet of living space. (Courtesy: SignaTour Campers)

The buyers are also adding a few bells and whistles. There will be a built-in spice rack, solar panels on the roof, and a deck that disassembles should a hurricane come through.

Turley says the couple has picked out drapes, paint color for the house, and even French doors that are equipped with blinds that never need to be cleaned.

These homes are made to order. You can either use your own design or Turley and his partner will let you choose from different models.

“I have one called the Rhode Island,” explained Scobey.

“It is about seven by twelve feet. It is all in one room.”

Each house takes about two months to complete.

The average cost is $25,000.


SignaTour Campers

SignaTour Campers, LLC is cutting edge camper manufacturer that prides itself on building a high-quality camper using state-of-the-art materials and processes yet maintain a price point that is untouchable in the industry.

SignaTour Campers was started in 2011 in response to the teardrop camper revival. They strive to maintain the advantages of yesteryear found in the original teardrop campers of the ’40s and ’50s.

Signa Daytona (Courtesy: SignaTour Campers)

They were created to tow behind a smaller car, be affordable, and allow the users great ease of operation.

Fast forward to today and SignaTour have updated the design to give the maximum interior space, utilize today’s superior materials, all while retaining the fun and affordability of the old days.

Their facility in Tampa is open by appointment only.

Phone: (813) 381-6492

Website: signatourcampers.com

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Do You Want More Freedom in Your Life?

Do you want more freedom in your life?

Signa Daytona

Possibly, you’re like Alex Pino. In 2007 he started to simplify because he wanted freedom in his life.

By 2009 he went from working as a computer technician and living in a 1400 square foot home to writing about tiny houses and simple living while building his own publishing business out of a 500-square-foot apartment.

Today Pino lives in a 600-square-foot apartment near the beach writing and learning about tiny houses, micro cabins, house-trucks, and other small dwellings.

Pino also maintains a website, Tiny House Talk, where he muses about small spaces and more freedom.

By now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this story and why, as an RVer, I’d be interested in tiny houses.

Tiny House Talk recently came to my attention when Pino blogged about teardrop trailers and featured SignaTour Campers, a small company based in Tampa, Florida that builds teardrop trailers.

All the micro RVs include a natural birch interior, indoor and outdoor carpeted floors, aluminum wheels and fenders, storage, and a host of available options.

Signa Venice

The SignaTour Campers fleet now includes the 600-pound Daytona, the 800-pound Venice, the 860-pound Biscayne, and the 1,060-pound Rockledge.


The 4-feet x 7-feet Daytona is their smallest trailer at 600 pounds gross weight and 60 pounds tongue weight which makes it easy to tow with any car and some motorcycles. This little teardrop camper features rear entry, two windows, and a full-width front interior shelf.

The sleeping area is 46½-inches wide x 77-inches long x 44-inches tall. Exterior is 62-inches wide x 134-inches long x 58-inches tall.


The next size up is the 5-feet x 8-feet Venice at 800 pounds gross weight and 88 pounds tongue weight. This popular teardrop features a rear entry, two windows, full-width front cabinet with sliding doors, and a front locking cargo area.

The interior features clear-coated birch with aluminum ceiling trim, fully carpeted floor, and folding queen mattress that stores under cabinet to increase floor space. Electric is provided to the camper via RV access door with one double interior outlet and one single exterior outlet.


Signa Biscayne

At 860 pounds gross weight and 90 pounds tongue weigh, the Biscayne also measures 5-feet x 8-feet and boasts double side entry, rear cabinetry, front cargo area, and a full-width front interior shelf. You’ll get lots of natural lighting in this one because of the double entry glass doors and the two windows.

The sleeping area is 58½-inches wide x 77-inches long x 44-inches tall. Exterior is 78-inches wide x 134-inches long x 60-inches tall.


Signa Rocklidge

At 1060 pounds gross weight and 110 pounds tongue weight, the 5-feet x 8-feet Rockledge has a 3500 pound suspension, front storage box, double side entry, two windows, cabinets in the back, full-width front interior shelf, and a 300-pound rated roof rack for bicycles, kayaks, canoes, and roof top storage boxes. This one is geared towards the outdoors man.


SignaTour Campers, LLC

SignaTour Campers, LLC is cutting edge camper manufacturer that prides itself on building a high-quality camper using state-of-the-art materials and processes yet maintain a price point that is untouchable in the industry.

Phone: (813) 381-6492

Website: signatourcampers.com

Tiny House Talk

Website: tinyhousetalk.com

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