New RV Tires Website Launched by Michelin

Michelin North America launched a new RV tires website that includes information on tire selection and maintenance for recreational vehicles including campers and motorhomes.

Michelin-RV-Tires-HomepageMichelin RV tires offer a wide variety of technical and reference materials to help keep you on top of the latest RV tire maintenance tips, technical information, and tire management solutions.

The mobile-friendly site offers RV customers online tools such as a new RV tire selector which assists with size, tread design, and application selection.

“Our goal for the new RV site is to provide a user friendly experience for our RV customers with information and tools to assist in their decision making and maintenance practices,” said Bianca Hogan, U.S. country marketing manager for Michelin Americas truck tires division.

The reference section of the site contains materials including warranty information, bulletins, load and inflation tables, RV tire maintenance tips, technical specifications, and videos.

The dealer and service tab can be searched by address, city, state, and ZIP code. It can also be refined to select the dealers with the specific services needed.

Customers can create a personal account so they can save their tire and dealer searches, as well as reference materials and videos.

RV Tires Recommendations

Proper Tire Inflation Chart
Proper Tire Inflation Chart

Tires are composed of various types of material and rubber compounds, having  performance properties essential to the proper functioning of the tire itself. These component properties evolve over time.

For each tire, this evolution depends upon many factors such as weather, storage conditions, and conditions of use (load, speed, inflation pressure, maintenance, etc.) to which the tire is subjected throughout its life. This service-related evolution varies widely so that accurately predicting the serviceable life of any specific tire in advance is not possible.

That is why, in addition to regular inspections and inflation pressure maintenance by consumers, it is recommended to have RV tires, including spare tires, inspected regularly by a qualified tire specialist, such as a tire dealer, who will assess the tire’s suitability for continued service. Tires that have been in use for 5 years or more should be inspected by a specialist at least annually.

Consumers are strongly encouraged to be aware not only of their tires’ visual conditions and inflation pressures, but also of any changes in dynamic performances such as decreased fuel economy, noise, or vibration, which could be an indication that the tires need to be removed from service to prevent tire failure.

It is impossible to predict when tires should be replaced based on their calendar age alone. However, the older a tire, the greater the chance that it will need to be replaced due to the service-related evolution or other conditions found upon inspection or detected during use.

While most tires will need replacement before they achieve 10 years, it is recommended that any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a simple precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit.

The Importance of Tire Pressure

The most important factor in maintaining the life of RV tires is making sure they are always properly inflated. Incorrect pressure for the weight of the vehicle is dangerous and often leads to like premature wear, tire damage, or a harsher ride.

An underinflated or overloaded tire will build up more heat that could go beyond the endurance limits of the rubber and radial cords. This could cause sudden tire failure. Under inflation will also cause poor handling, faster and/or irregular tire wear, and can decrease fuel economy.

Over inflation, on the other hand, will reduce the tire’s contact area with the road, which reduces traction, braking ability, and handling. A tire that’s overinflated for the weight it’s carrying is more prone to a harsh ride, uneven tire wear, and impact damage.


Michelin North America

michelin-logoPhone: (888) 622-2306 (toll free)

Roadside Assistance: (800) TIRE-911 (toll free)

Michelin RV Tires Website:

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Does Your RV Wander?

Ever wonder why you wander?

Preventative maintenance can be the difference between arriving safely at your destination and a costly roadside problem. Pictured below is the beauty of Valley of Fire at Atatl Rock Campground. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved
Preventative maintenance can be the difference between arriving safely at your destination and a costly roadside problem. Pictured below is the beauty of Valley of Fire at Atatl Rock Campground. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Confused when your RV can’t cruise straight?

Want to know how you can bolster your braking and ratchet up your road handling?

The answer is simple: Correct the tire pressure.

Because of the cost of RV tires and the risk associated with blowouts on a large motorized vehicle or towable, routinely maintaining RV tires is essential.

The most important factor in maximizing the life of your tires is maintaining proper inflation pressure.

An under-inflated tire will build up excessive heat that may stretch the limits of the rubber; conversely, an over-inflated tire reduces the tire’s footprint on the road, reducing traction, braking capacity and vehicle handling. Not to mention harsh ride, uneven tire wear, increased vulnerability to damage…you get the picture.

By keeping your tires at their optimum pressure, your travel costs are also reduced. Since under-inflated tires require a bigger force to make them turn, your vehicle uses more fuel.

Under inflation is the leading cause of tire failure. Your tires can be as much as 50 percent under inflated before it is visibly noticeable.

Tires can lose one psi (pounds per square inch) per month under normal conditions.

Proper Tire Inflation Chart
Proper Tire Inflation Chart

To determine the correct air pressure for your tires, load your coach as you would normally travel, including water and fuel. Find yourself an RV dealer and weigh each wheel of your coach independently, with driver and any passengers in the vehicle.

Using either the Michelin or Goodyear tire care guide (available online), determine the weight on each wheel position for your coach. Then, adjust the pressure in each tire according to the heaviest side of each axle—but ONLY when tires are “cool” (have not been driven for even one mile).

NEVER reduce the air pressure in your coach’s tires on hot tires.

One last very important point to remember—you can have different tire pressure for your front-axle tires vs. your rear-axle tires, but NEVER for one side vs. the other.

Proper tire pressure gives you a coach with maximized braking capabilities, road handling, and perfectly aligned drive.

The next step?

Now get out there and enjoy some summer sun!

Happy trails!

Please Note: The above information is courtesy of Freightliner Custom Chassis


Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC)

ifreightlinerFreightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) manufactures premium chassis for the motorhome, delivery walk-in van, and school bus, and shuttle bus markets.

FCCC also offers the around-the-clock expertise of its FCCC 24/7 Direct customer service line and a network of more than 400 Freightliner service centers, including the motorhome-tailored Freightliner Oasis Network of more than 90 dealers.

FCCC is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler company.

Address: 552 Hyatt Street, Gaffney, SC 29341

Phone: (864) 487-1700

Customer Support Center: (800) FTL-HELP (1-800-385-4357)


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MotorHome Magazine Announces 2012 Readers’ Choice Award Winners

The results of MotorHome magazine’s first-ever Readers’ Choice Awards are in and this year’s winners include many of North America’s most popular motorhomes, campgrounds, RV products, and services.

More than 130,000 MotorHome readers were invited to choose from 100 brands and cast votes online at for their favorites in 24 categories such as Class A Motorhome, RV Cleaner, and Satellite Hardware.

Among the winners are recognizable names such as Winnebago, Camping World, Blue Ox, ADCO, and Cracker Barrel.

As true RV enthusiasts, MotorHome readers are the experts. The Readers’ Choice Awards gave readers an opportunity to share their knowledge and recognize the companies that make their passion possible.

“We’re excited to tap into the wealth of knowledge MotorHome readers have gained during years of experience as RV owners and travelers, “MotorHome Chairman Marcus Lemonis said. “MotorHome readers know what works best, and for the first time—and moving forward on an annual basis—we’ve asked them to rate their favorite RVs, campgrounds, products and ancillary services.”

“The winners are the best of the best in the RV industry and we thank our loyal readers for participating in this valuable asset to the pages of MotorHome magazine,” MotorHome Publisher Bob Livingston said.

“Congratulations to all the winners for being at the top of their game.”

MotorHome 2012 Readers’ Choice Award Gold winners are:

  • ADCO for RV Cover
  • Banks Power for Performance Add-On
  • Blue Ox for Tow Bar
  • Camping World for RV Retailer
  • Carefree of Colorado for Motorhome Awning
  • Cracker Barrel for Sit-Down Restaurant
  • Cummins Onan for Motorhome Generator
  • DirecTV for Satellite Provider
  • Dometic for RV Refrigerator
  • Florida for State to RV In
  • Freightliner for Chassis
  • Michelin for RV Tires
  • Pechanga RV Resort for RV Campground
  • Pilot Flying J for Fuel Station
  • Protect All for RV Cleaner
  • Roadtrek for Class B Motorhome
  • Sea Foam for Fuel Additive
  • Shell Rotella for RV Engine Oil
  • SMI Manufacturing for Brake Actuator
  • Thetford for RV Toilet
  • TireMinder for Tire Monitoring
  • Winegard for Satellite Hardware
  • Winnebago Industries for Class A and C Motorhome

Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels were honored in each category, and the winners were presented with their awards at the 50th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, November 27-29.


MotorHome Magazine

For 45 years, MotorHome has been the trusted source for technical, travel and lifestyle information for savvy coach owners.

Each month, MotorHome delivers the latest news and information about motorhomes, RV product evaluations, objective coach reviews and tests, technical features, new RV accessories, and intriguing travel destinations, campgrounds and RV resorts.

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