National Parks Have Never Been More Popular


As the National Park Service prepares to celebrate its centennial in August, the national parks have never been more popular. Total recreational visits to all NPS sites topped 300 million in 2015, an astounding 14 million increase from 2014. In addition to the 58 national parks, National Park Service sites include national monuments, national recreation areas, national lakeshores and […]

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National Parks Impact Local Economies

National park visitors contributed $26.5 billion to the nation’s economy and supported almost 240,000 jobs in 2013, according to a peer-reviewed report. “National parks are often the primary economic engines of many park gateway communities,” said National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis, in a news release. “While park rangers provide interpretation of the iconic […]

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National Parks Lose $76M Per Day During Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown’s toll on national parks can be measured in lost visitors, lost spending, and lost revenue to the US federal government. Lost revenue to the federal government, in the form of entrance fees and rentals equals $450,000 a day, according to a USA Today special report. As the government shutdown enters its […]

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