My Top 10 List of Birds

Green jay © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Everyone has lists and seldom do any two lists agree. But lists can be interesting fodder for discussion, argument, and sometimes agreement. Some readers will wonder why I omitted some extra-popular beauties like the cedar waxwing, wood duck, blue jay, northern cardinal, meadowlark, bluebird, and painted bunting. Sorry, but sometimes a bunch of bling—I’m looking […]

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Rio Grande Valley: Birds, Birds & More Birds

Located at the southern tip of Texas, the Rio Grande Valley offers the ultimate birder’s paradise. The lower Rio Grande Valley — the ancient delta of the river from Falcon Lake to the Gulf of Mexico — contains resacas or oxbow lakes, Tamaulipan thorn woodlands, marshes, wetlands, and forest. Thanks to these diverse habitats and the Valley’s […]

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Birds, Butterflies & Winter Texans Love Mission

A haven for birders and butterfly enthusiasts, Mission is located about 250 miles south of San Antonio in the Rio Grande Valley. Located on the southernmost tip of Texas, this semi-tropical paradise is not really a valley but a delta or floodplain containing many oxbow lakes or resacas formed from pinched-off meanders in earlier courses of the Rio Grande. This unique region encompasses no fewer […]

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