From Modern-day Ark To Futuristic Helicopter: 5 Cool Trailers To Love

Mobility and living on the move are important themes in today’s fast-moving world.

Fun, creative, and futuristic, here are five revolutionary RV models that are sure to turn heads.

Blue Eye Noah

Blue Eye Noah exterior
Blue Eye Noah exterior

This revolutionary RV model is considered as a modern-day Ark constructed for those “Blue-eyed Noahs” with full protections and best facilities, it’s an ultimate sanctuary more than the pleasure road trips in leisure days.

An innovative design for multiple uses—recreational mobile home for fun, safety, and survival. Optional packages will give this RV multi-function adaptability to serve as a boat house, ice-fishing house, snowmobile house, and even to meet other challenging landscapes.


The efficient and flexible Innovan slide-on truck camper
The efficient and flexible Innovan slide-on truck camper

The efficient and flexible Innovan slide-on truck camper and the Innovan XC off-road trailer caravan are really quite different from anything else on the market.

The Innovan can be fully setup including awning is less than 30 seconds. It opens out like a Swiss Army Knife. When configured for travel, the aerodynamic shape of the camper minimizes wind drag and the cross-wind problems usually associated with campers and vans. Its light weight means that when attached to a four wheel drive, it can go just about anywhere.

This space-efficient caravan is designed to seamlessly slide onto the back of a truck and comes with a whopping 13 storage compartments for all your outdoor gear. It weighs 1,100 pounds and boasts a queen-size bed, pull-out dining area, and air conditioning, among a slew of other sweet features.

SylvanSport GO

Lightweight and easy to manage, the SylvanSport GO can be pulled by even the smallest of cars.
Lightweight and easy to manage, the SylvanSport GO can be pulled by even the smallest of cars.

Billed as “Mobile Adventure Gear” rather than a trailer, the Sylvan Sport Go is an 840-pound pop-up trailer that can carry extra gear and outdoor equipment such as canoes and trailers and can be towed by a small car.

To complement its GO trailer line, SylvanSport has recently introduced the GO-Easy adventure trailer.


Bufalino Camper
Bufalino Camper

German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns has converted the existing Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled delivery vehicle, a cheap, and fuel efficient platform, into a small camper, called the Bufalino.

It is a small camper which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person. The concept behind the project is to offer absolute flexibility during periods of travel.

Bufalino encourages users to explore the surrounding off beaten tracks. Meanwhile the furnished interior consisting of a bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank, and a refrigerator offers the comforts of a home.

Monopod 660

Out of this world: the Monopod 660 is the first ever caravan from IH Leisure
Out of this world: the Monopod 660 is the first ever caravan from IH Leisure

Is it a spaceship on wheels? Is it a futuristic helicopter?

A wildly futuristic space-age vehicle, the Monopod 660 is a high-end luxury caravan with an extraordinary striking look. The name derives from the one piece monocoque body shell, a design technique taken from the automotive industry which allows stresses and strains on the vehicle to be carried by the outer skin.

The front section is reminiscent of a helicopter with its slanted separate windows and curved front, while the design allows for a pure shape with few visible joins.

Inside, the Monopod 660 feels like stepping into a boutique hotel from another age, with warm contrasting tones and rich woods. The Truma blown air heating system is used throughout, while the lounge area is large and well appointed with comfortable foam back rests.

Worth Pondering…

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.

—Frank Lloyd Wright

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4 More Cool Trailers

In a day where many recreational vehicles can easily cost six-figures and measure 40-feet or more, some people are returning to basics resulting in the minimalist RV trend gaining momentum.

Numerous vintage trailers, Airstreams, and other cool campers have been featured in Vogel Talks RVing. From modular trailers to bizarre shaped campers here are four that’ll certainly turn heads.

Teal Feather Camper

The Teal Feather Camper
The Teal Feather Camper

There is no other camper on the market quite like the Teal Feather. A modular camper that fits on a utility trailer or pickup bed, the Teal Camper is 8.5 feet long, 6 feet wide, just over 6 feet tall, and weighs a mere 500 pounds, hence its name.

The camper can be put together by one person in 60 minutes by piecing together panels made of polyethylene plastic filled with insulation. Only a Phillips screwdriver is purportedly needed for the job. When taken apart, the camper’s parts occupy a space of 4 feet by 5 feet.

Inside, the camper features a sink with a drain and a bottle to pump water to the faucet. The cabinets look more like a duffel bag—they open with zippers—though they have shelves and panels to support storage of belongings.

Dub Box

Dub Box is a customizable camper manufactured in Oregon.
Dub Box is a customizable camper manufactured in Oregon.

The Dub Box is a fun and creative retro camper with a new twist. The initial design was born from the American vintage trailer, merged with retro styling, and infused with modern conveniences for style and comfort. While it may appear that the company buys up all the Volkswagen camper vans remaining on the planet, Dub Boxes are manufactured from new fiberglass shells.

The initial design was born from the American vintage trailer, merged with retro styling and modern conveniences for style and comfort. And the rest of the design is up to you.

Dub Boxes are light enough to be towed by most vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is customizable, and the layout can be altered to suit its intended use.


The Eggcamper: Lightweight molded composite travel trailers
The Eggcamper: Lightweight molded composite travel trailers

As the name suggests, the Eggcamper has a distinct eggshell look.

Distinctly different in design and function, Eggcampers are handmade from nine molded lightweight composites — the entire camper weighs less than 2,000 pounds — and thus is easy to tow.

The entire exterior is intentionally painted an eggshell white color, which obviously helps give the product its name, but also makes it simple to clean and easier to keep cool.

The company also offers a smaller Teardropp trailer that’s based on a shape that was popular in the 1930s and is manufactured using a similar process.


Mehrzeller, a multi-cellular caravan
Mehrzeller, a multi-cellular caravan

If you don’t like to follow current trends and prefer to stand out from the crowd then this bizarre shaped caravan trailer with sleek angular lines, the Mehrzeller, may be the recreational vehicle for you.

The multi-cellular caravan  design can be entirely personalized by each customer resulting in an attractive one-of-a-kind trailer. The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer’s inputs, and then the final design is done by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result. The caravans are produced using the principles of “mass customization”: this allows both the individual wishes of the customer to be accommodated while producing the caravan with series methods.

Worth Pondering…

All things are possible until they are proved impossible—and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.

—Pearl S. Buck

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4 Cool Trailers NOT Named Airstream

According to Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, Airstream is one cool camper!

While we can relate to the nostalgia of this classic trailer, there are other adorably cool trailers worthy of consideration.

From caravans that float to cabins on wheels, and minimalist campers to modern-day covered wagons fit for the Oregon Trail, here are four of the coolest trailers on the road.


The Out-Of-This-World Cool Cricket Trailer
The Out-Of-This-World Cool Cricket Trailer

Part tent, part RV, the NASA-inspired Cricket Trailer is the go-to camper for the modern road tripper. Combining small-space expertise and backpacking background, a former space architect with NASA designed the Cricket Trailer, a small, self-contained pop-up camper. It’s his response to bigger-is-better RV cul­ture.

The name Cricket was inspired by an early design sketch, in which the lifts on the pop-up looked like the legs of the insect. The Cricket is a kind of hybrid tent and trailer, made of aluminum, wood and steel, with a pop-up style roof. It takes just 20 seconds to set up once you’ve arrived at camp, which basically involves popping up the roof which is made extra easy with the assistance of automatic gas pistons.


This 840-pound microcaravan comes with an outboard motor. (Credit:
This 840-pound microcaravan comes with an outboard motor. (Credit:

Saving you the trouble of deciding between a boat and a camper, the Sealander is an amphibious vehicle that quickly transforms between the two. It can be customized to include two stainless steel gas cookers, a sink and water pump, toilet, and sound system, among other perks. And with two huge windows and a roll-up tarpaulin roof, you can stare at the stars while falling asleep to the soothing sound of water slapping against the hull.

Its wide, bowl-shaped design not only provides stability while floating, but it can easily navigate shallow waters without running aground. It also means you don’t need a trailer or a boat ramp to launch it in the water—simply back it up to a sufficiently cleared shoreline and the Sealander is successfully launched.

Leaf House

Leaf House is a tiny portable home design that takes up a small amount of space, is big enough to live in comfortably, and accommodates a family of four. (Source:
Leaf House is a tiny portable home design that takes up a small amount of space, is big enough to live in comfortably, and accommodates a family of four. (Source:

Handmade by a Canadian college professor, each 97-square-foot Leaf House is built of spruce pine and is tested to withstand even the harshest Yukon winter. It also weighs less than 5,000 pounds, thanks to lightweight concrete kitchen counters, bamboo flooring, and birch-plywood ceilings. Designed for a family of four, this fully self-contained portable house includes a sleeping loft, Murphy bed, full bathroom with a compact bathtub, a kitchen complete with a small fridge, and an open dining area.

The Leaf House is mounted on wheels, allowing you to pick up and go whenever the urge arises.

The Pod

The Pod

This retro caravan might be small — it’s only 34 square feet — but it won’t leave you wanting. The fiberglass and steel trailer features a four-person table that transforms into a double bed, a birch and aluminum interior, and a tiny-but-functional kitchen. And at only 705 pounds, it’s light enough to be towed by even the smallest car.

A fun and stylish living unit for two, the pod has now been in production for over 13 years and prides itself on being the forerunner of modern-retro teardrop trailers and micro-caravans.

Features of the pod include a dining area to seat four people in comfort with full size dining table and integral fold-away table, large interior sleeping space—equivalent to a double bed, large rear hatch door with gas-spring opening providing convenient access to the kitchen, quality hand-built kitchen, weatherproof foot-well with a fold-up feature, 12 volt power socket, two interior lights, leisure battery and charger, built-in storage areas, two support legs, and roof and floor vents.

Worth Pondering…

All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.

—Phillip Johnson

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Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future?

The arrival of 2015 signals not only a time to look back on the past year, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:
Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:

Given the hectic, stressful lifestyles of millions of Americans and Canadians, it is no wonder that “enjoying life more” and “relaxing in the outdoors” have become popular resolutions in recent years.

As an important step to a happier and healthier living, more and more families are choosing the RV lifestyle as a means of relaxation in the great outdoors.

The arrival of a New Year also signals the introduction of new motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and other recreational vehicles and accessories.

But have you ever thought about what RVs of the not-so-distant future will look like?

Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:
Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:

Sure, we’ve seen the Caraviso, Buffalino, Romotow, Colim, and numerous other concepts, but the ForFreedom may be the one that blows all of the others out of the water.

Designed for ‘urban living’, the ForFreedom is touted as being an ‘expanded living unit’ for the urban couple in need of a short break.

The flowing caravan trailer form is aimed at creating stability and fuel economy. Due to its compact size, this caravan trailer is easy to handle and connect to your car.

The interior has been designed to be easy to personalize. The interior includes a modern style with a very simple finish that can easily be adapted to match the owner’s style and taste. Gone are the standard finishes and stereotypical furniture of existing RVs on the market today. Comfortable as well as functional, it contains a larger seating area and spacious full size double bed.

Although the ForFreedom looks rather small from the outside, you’d be surprised at how spacious it really is. And that is a result of the sliding chassis and pivoted center, which allows for the living unit to open up and expand into a large living space with potential to create a panoramic view, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

For efficient heating, the walls are made of sandwiched fiber glass with closed cell insulation.

Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:
Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:

Internal electric heating with solar panel on the rear section to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard motorhomes and trailers. Discrete storage solutions, including large rear storage can also be accessed from outside for convenience during transport.

At arrival this compact living unit opens up with the aid of a sliding chassis and pivot on the one side to dramatically increase the size of the living space. Through the use of an adjustable canopy a private lounge area is created with a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Additional detail explanation from the designer includes:

Compact size

Modern furnishing

Choice of interior and exterior color scheme

Flush fitting hob with cover

Standard size bathroom

Water tank capacity: 50L (13 gallons)

Total length when connected: 7.2 meters (23.6 feet)

Caravan/trailer height from floor: 2.6 meters (8.5 feet)

Caravan/trailer width at widest point: 2.3 meters (7.5 feet)

Caravan/trailer width at narrowest point: 2 meters (6.5 feet)

Caravan/trailer interior height: 1.9 meters (6.2 feet)

Car length: 2.66 meters (8.7 feet)

Car width: 1.72 meters (6.6 feet)

Is the ForFreedom the recreational vehicle of the future?

Could you see this replacing your current home on wheels?

Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:
Is ForFreedom The RV of The Future? (Source:

Worth Pondering…

To re-create yourself anew in every moment in the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you had about Who You Really Are. That is the purpose in becoming human, and that is the purpose of all of life.

— Neale Donald Walsch, in Conversations with God

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Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards

In an earlier report on Vogel Talks RVing, I detailed the 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive Awards winners.

Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards
Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards

Motor Caravan manufacturer, Bailey of Bristol, won first and second place respectively in the Coachbuilt Motor Caravans class costing between £45,000 and £60,000 ($75,700 and $101,000).

its two entries, the Approach Autograph 740 and 765,

In spite of being a relative newcomer to the motor caravan market only three years ago, Bailey has already established a strong track record in this prestigious competition with three second places, two class winners, and one overall winner—the Approach SE 745 in 2012, according to a company news release.

Currently the best-selling layout in the Autograph range, the 740 motor caravan features an elevated front lounge with twin parallel seats which convert into a double bed, a central kitchen, a fixed double bed, and a rear corner washroom with separate shower. It includes a fully-specified Alde radiator heating system, so owners have everything they need for relaxing and enjoyable holidays.

The judges said it was “hard to find fault” with the winning Approach Autograph 740, and considered it to be “a beautifully presented, well thought-out vehicle” which offered “tremendous value for money.”

Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards

The Approach Autograph’s on-road performance was recognized for its combination of its fully-specified Peugeot Boxer cab (supplied with a 2.2 Hdi 130 bhp engine and 6-speed manual gearbox), ultra-low profile AL-KO AMC chassis, and high performance Alu-Tech bodyshell.

In what turned out to be a ‘Battle of the Baileys’ in this price class, the six-berth Approach Autograph 765 took second place behind its sibling and was praised by the judges as, “a true family motorhome at an affordable price.”

The 765 is a low-profile family motorhome that provides six berths and six belted travel seats. Its unique feature is a ceiling mounted longitudinal drop-down bed located above a side dinette which creates an additional double sleeping space without compromising accessibility to the rest of the living area consisting of a large rear lounge plus a central kitchen and washroom.

Simon Howard, marketing director of Bailey of Bristol, collected the cut-glass trophy at the awards ceremony which took place at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London this week.

“We’d like to thank The Caravan Club for running this annual awards competition, particularly in light of the logistics involved,” Howard commented.

“We really value the feedback we receive from the judges which is useful in helping design better vehicles for our customers in the future.

Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards
Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards

“The Approach Autograph range certainly seems to have ‘hit a chord’ with the buying public as we are currently enjoying our best year to date in terms of motorhome sales. It is great to see this reflected with the receipt of this prestigious award from such a respected source.”


Bailey of Bristol

Founded in 1948 Bailey Caravans is the longest established UK manufacturer with over sixty years experience in caravan design and production.

During this period it has grown to become not only the UK’s number one caravan brand, accounting for approximately one in three new caravan sales, but also now one of the largest in Europe.

The Bailey Owners Caravan Club (BOCC) is dedicated to the hobby of rallying with Bailey caravans and motorhomes on a nationwide basis and is now over 40 years old with more than 530 member units.

Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards
Bailey Approach Wins 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design & Drive Awards

BOCC is founded on friendship, fun, and freedom, in an independent club run by and for the members with the full support and encouragement of the factory.

Postal Address: Bailey of Bristol, South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS

Phone: 0117-9665967


Worth Pondering…

It’s not what you do once in a while; it’s what you do day in and day out that makes the difference.

—Jenny Craig

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Caravan Club Announces 2014 Motor Caravan Design & Drive Award Winners

The 2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive Awards saw the Lunar Landstar RL scoop the overall winner award of this highly regarded motor caravan competition, winning the class for van conversions from £40,000 to £50,000 ($67,300 to $84,150) on the way.

2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive All-Class-Winners
2014 Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive All-Class-Winners

Not only did the manufacturer win this coveted prize, but also won its entry into a new class added for the first time this year—that of micro motor caravans, with its Lunar Vacanza, according to a news release.

As in past years, competition testing took place at Newark Showground at the end of April where a panel of four driving and six design judges put the vehicles through their paces, assessing and evaluating excellence in design, comfort, construction, and handling, including reversing and maneuvering.

The judges praised the Lunar Landstar RL for remarkable attention to detail and, even before the vehicles arrived at the test venue, points were being racked up for the quality of information on the company’s website and in its handbooks, with its warranty terms also scoring favorably.

Micro Motor Caravans winner: Lunar Vacanza
Micro Motor Caravans winner: Lunar Vacanza

Once under the scrutiny of the design judges the Landstar won the following praise, “Long, lean and classy—a great deal of Mercedes motorhome at a realistic price,” and “Over the moon with this one.”

The driving judges referred to it as “Nice to drive, quiet and good performance” while marking it highly in ride quality and stability at high speeds.

Thirty-two vehicles were entered into The Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive Competition this year and were split into eight classes, with the addition of micro motor caravans competing for the very first time and all were thoroughly evaluated. Like last year, a brand new award was added—the Dougal Dog-Friendly Motor Caravan Award.

This award was granted to the Shire Conversion Phoenix 2XL Studio and was the vehicle that, in the judge’s opinion, demonstrated the most dog-friendly facility onboard, including showering facility, room for dog bed and feeding bowls, secure areas for traveling and easy-clean floor, and upholstery.

Other motor caravan classes and award winners include:

Micro Motor Caravans: Lunar Vacanza

Van Conversions costing up to £40,000 ($67,300): East Neuk Fifer Touring S

Van Conversions costing between £40,000 and £50,000 ($67,300 and $84,150) and overall winner: Lunar Landstar RL

Van Conversions costing over £50,000 ($84,150): Auto-Sleeper Kingham

Coachbuilts costing up to £45,000 ($75,700): Marquis Majestic 125

Coachbuilts costing between £45,000 and £60,000 ($75,700 and $101,000): Bailey Approach Autograph 740
Coachbuilts costing between £45,000 and £60,000 ($75,700 and $101,000): Bailey Approach Autograph 740

Coachbuilts costing between £45,000 and £60,000 ($75,700 and $101,000): Bailey Approach Autograph 740

Coachbuilts costing over £60,000 ($101,000): Auto-Sleeper Burford

A Class vehicles: Frankia Exclusiv I640 SD

“It is primarily for club members that all of this work is undertaken, helping them with their buying decisions. Furthermore, the club is also continually endeavoring to support the industry, and by making this information available it hopes to encourage members to make informed choices about today’s new motorhomes as well as tomorrow’s used vehicles,” said Grenville Chamberlain, Caravan Club Chairman, as he commented on the competition.

“We are delighted The Caravan Club Motor Caravan Design and Drive Competition continues to receive such great support from the industry. Our congratulations go to all the winners in this competition.”


The Caravan Club

A Class vehicles: Frankia Exclusiv I640 SD
A Class vehicles: Frankia Exclusiv I640 SD

The Caravan Club was founded in 1907…”to bring together those interested in van life as a pastime…to improve and supply suitable vans and other appliances….to develop the pastime by collecting, publishing and supplying to members, books and periodicals and lists of camp sites etc… to arrange camping grounds”.

Over 100 years later, The Caravan Club provides just over 375,000 member households with access to nearly 3,000 locations, as well as access to its vast storehouse of knowledge and expertise in how to make the most of caravanning as a leisure pastime.

Today it still promotes and connects those interested in caravanning.

Phone: 01342 326 944


Worth Pondering…

Control your destiny or somebody else will.

—Jack Welsh

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The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In

The Next Generation camping trailer will have a modern design, intelligent technology, and better construction materials than ever before—and an Alde heating system.

The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In
The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In

Alde, a Swedish company, is sponsoring this unique project in Qatar where the future of RV camping is being created, according to a company announcement.

“It’s a unique and innovative project that has already drawn considerable attention,” said Håkan Streimer, sales and marketing manager at Alde.

“For us it’s extremely exciting to have the opportunity to participate as a partner.”

The Next Generation project is led by Matt Attenborough. Qatar University is also behind the project.

Attenborough felt that the development of trailers and motorhomes had stagnated, and moving to Qatar he began dreaming of the future’s mobile living.

The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In
The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In

He has now completed drawings for the camping trailer of his dreams and has begun crowdfunding. As soon as $125,000 target is achieved, construction of the prototype will begin, which is scheduled for presentation next winter.

The future’s camping trailer will feature significant advancements and innovations. It will have a one-piece casting in fiberglass, which is longer lasting, stronger, and lighter than conventional solutions; a lavish interior and smart technology throughout. It will also have slide-outs in all directions to provide large and flexible spaces.

Alde will contribute the heating system for the prototype, and will provide onsite support during production in Qatar when the time comes.

What makes the Next Generation different?

The Next Generation camping trailer will have a fully molded fiberglass monocoque body with axleless suspension, lavish fittings, and smart technology.

The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In
The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In

The majority of camping trailers are manufactured using a method called “vacuum laminating”, in which sheet building materials, made up of insulation and supporting materials, are formed using pressure. Four walls, a floor, and roof are attached together from this sheet material to build the camping trailer.

The monocoque body is one single piece of molded fiberglass, designed to improve durability and strength, and to weigh less than traditional models. There are no seams or joints to suffer from water damage, which means we can make the walls thinner, while maintaining insulation and maximizing interior space.


Next Generation RV

Using design and intelligent technology, The Next Generation is a project to develop a camping trailer you want to live in.

They are a company formed by enthusiasts for luxurious, intelligent and sustainable living, with a thirst to experience the amazing world around us. Thus, we are creating the Next Generation of camping trailers. With a fully molded fiberglass monocoque body, axleless suspension, lavish fittings, and smart features set in more space than you could believe, Next Generation is redefining the camping trailer as a real home from home.


Alde International Systems AB

Alde-logo-290x72Alde International Systems AB is a world leading company that develops, manufactures and markets heating systems for mobile living with the focus on quality and innovation.

Alde’s head office and factory is located in Färlöv, Sweden, outside Kristianstad, where it all began. The company has around 100 employees including their subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, and the US.

Alde has been developing hydronic central heating systems up in the frozen north for decades; they provide a high level of reliable, year-round comfort in mobile homes all around the world.

Today the company is represented in markets across the globe.


Worth Pondering…

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

If you can dream it, you can become it.

—William Arthur Ward

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Airstream Gathering Returns

Airstream enthusiasts, fear not!

home-banner_airstreamThe annual European Airstream gathering returns in 2014 and takes place on the weekend of March 21 to 23.

Open to all owners of the popular European range, the complimentary weekend will be hosted by Airstream and Company’s Michael Hold and the award-winning team from Holgates Holiday Park at Silverdale, which was featured in the December issue of Practical Caravan.

The site, which won the magazine’s Best Family Site award for 2013, sits in more than a hundred acres of woodland and countryside on the Lancashire and Cumbria border and has stunning views over Morecambe Bay and the Lake District fells. There are numerous outdoor activities close to hand ranging from golf at the nearby Silverdale Golf Club to birdwatching at RSPB Leighton Moss, which recently featured on the BBC’s Autumnwatch.

If you enjoy walking, Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is crisscrossed with footpaths that take in some stunning coastal scenery and the pretty village of Silverdale is only a 20 minute walk from Holgates. Basing yourself in Silverdale opens up the whole of the Lake District too, with Newby Bridge, at the foot of Windermere, only a short hop away.

Birdwatching at RSPB Leighton Moss

This complimentary weekend includes hardstanding pitch for two nights, hook-ups for 230v, water, and TV points, a Friday evening Meet & Greet party, and supper on the Saturday evening.

Your stay will also include access to the Silverdale site’s swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and steam room. However, there are only 30 pitches available which will be given on a first come, first served basis.

It’s not too late to book your place on Airstream’s special gathering at one of the north’s most beautiful holiday sites in March.

For more information please contact Michael Hold on 015396-24141 or

To book your place on the weekend of March 21-23, please contact Michelle Howe at Holgates directly on 01524-701508, quoting AIRSTREAM & Company.

There are only 30 pitches available and these will be on a first come, first served basis.

Guests can arrive at Holgates Silverdale Holiday Park from 12 noon on the Friday.


Airstream Europe Limited

Airstream & Co logoAddress: Clock Garage Industrial Estate, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 3SS

Phone: 015396 24141


Worth Pondering…

I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band, I saw a needle that winked its eye. But I think I will have seen everything When I see an Airstream fly.

—music and lyrics by Oliver Wallace and Ned Washington, in Dumbo

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Lunar Introduces Compact Trailer with Inflatable Awning

Following the launch of the Lunar Vacanza Camper Car earlier this year, Lunar has unveiled a new compact trailer and unique inflatable awning at The Motorhome & Caravan Show.

Dorma Freetrail with Vacanza
Dorma Freetrail with Lunar Vacanza Camper Car

The clever Freetrail trailer will be presented to market under the new Dorma brand; the Freetrail is the first of many new Vacanza accessories which will feature the Dorma name, the company reported.

The Freetrail is available in two model variations—an open trailer and a luxury trailer. Both models feature a funky contemporary style design which pairs perfectly with the Vacanza Camper Car.

The Freetrail is aerodynamic, lightweight and robust. It is easy to tow and offers an MTPLM of just 750 kg (1650 pounds) which makes it an economical choice, according to a company news release.

The Freetrail offers a large amount of storage for its size with a 500 kg (1100 pound) payload. As with the Vacanza, safety is paramount to Lunar, which is why the Freetrail has also been awarded European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, the company notes.

The open trailer model features steel wheels, includes a small door at the front of the trailer and comes with a waterproof tonneau cover for the large storage compartment.

The Open Trailer model is priced from £2495 ($3981); optional extras include alloy wheels, interior courtesy lights, mudflaps, and a solid lid.

Lunar Vancaza Camper Car view from the rear
Lunar Vancaza Camper Car view from the rear

The Luxury Trailer model comes with alloy wheels, a unique secure hinged lid, door lights and interior courtesy lights, mudflaps, and a full braking system.

The Luxury Trailer model is available from £2995 ($4780).

Lunar has also launched a new and unique poleless, inflatable tail gate awning. The light and easy to inflate awning employs Vango poleless AirBeam technology that uses robust inflatable tubes in place of traditional poles.

The awning can be easily inflated in minutes with the use of the electric onboard air pump resulting in a strong and rigid structure.

The new multi functional tent style awning is self supporting and can be used as a stand-alone tent that needs no support from the vehicle. The innovative awning can be fitted to the tail gate quickly and easily with the use of a newly developed neo-magnetic fitting. The beauty of the new fitting method is that no costly awning rail is needed and the awning can be easily attached to or detached from the vehicle in seconds, according to the news release.

The awning offers

additional living accommodation with a two-person bedroom compartment. It is fully weather and windproof and comes complete with a ground sheet, guy ropes, and pegs. The awning is extremely lightweight and it can be packed away into a small bag and stored with ease.

The Vacanza awning is available in grey and retails at just £599 ($956).


Lunar Caravans Ltd

The Lunar story reflects 43 years of passion and pride for building caravans that are in the words of the company “undoubtedly the best in lightweight luxury touring.”

From humble beginnings, co-founders Brian Talbot and Ken Wilcock, named their caravan manufacturing business Lunar following inspiration from the 1969 mission to land on the moon. They knew their caravans were exceptional but couldn’t have imagined the size that Lunar has become today.

Lunar Vancarza Camper Car Plan
Lunar Vancarza Camper Car Plan

From the flagship Clubman to the legendary little Ariva, through the years the Lunar ethos has remained constant: build lightweight high quality caravans with luxurious interiors.

When the company was sold to a European manufacturer in the 1990’s it was a milestone when a management buyout, led by Chairman and CEO, Brian Mellor, was finalized in 2007.

Address: Sherdley Road, Lostock Hall, Preston, Lancashire PR5 5JF


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“Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space.”

It could be the theme song of every caravaner, though it’s not likely what Steppenwolf had in mind when they recorded Born to be Wild in 1968.

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Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future

Citing declining registration numbers for caravans in Europe, German manufacturer Knaus Tabbert GmbH decided to rethink camper design by initiating the “Caravisio-The Caravan of the Future” project as an approach to the problem and to provoke thought.

Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)
Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)

The Caravisio reflects a collective vision of what may be technologically possible in the future.

Based on both a futuristic and innovative vision of the manufacturer, an expert group of industry-established and external suppliers and designers was established with the objective to develop the caravan of the future. Development work lasted almost two years, from the first sketch to the completely designed and assembled caravan.

More than just a single manufacturer’s idea, the Caravisio represents collaboration between more than 20 different companies and industry experts.

Like the classic Bowlus Road Chief and Airstream Land Yacht, the Caravisio design concept received inspiration from yacht construction as well as the future.

A new type of layout forms the basis of the Caravisio concept. Thanks to the bed positioning, the front is arrow-shaped which has a positive effect on the upstream flow angle.

The C-pillars in the rear strongly face inwards, which clearly reduces the wake turbulence. All the constructive elements on the roof are integrated in the ceiling, which for the first time means an optimal solution both aerodynamically and optically.

Large hand grips at the front and rear also are reminiscent of yacht elements. Side skirts and all other parts close to the floor are in grey plastic, which provides protection when the complete caravan is lowered into its living situation.

Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)
Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)

Carivisio’s shell design with its pointed front-end was put through intense wind tunnel testing to create superior aerodynamic performance.

Single beds in the front are arranged in a V-shape and can be turned into a large double bed by way of a mattress extension, with a massive panoramic window letting light inside.

The bed position allows clearly improved aerodynamics. Attempting to transfer standards and comfort features from full-sized motorhomes to caravans, a fuller, more spacious bathroom is placed next to the front cockpit.

The shower and washroom features an intelligent water control system with a storage function controlled by a touch display.

The actual living room develops into an open rear with adjoining veranda, designed like the salon of a yacht. With little effort the seating group can be converted from a comfortable lounge into a modern workroom. This area is designed in an ultra-modern color combination, and the blue ornamental seam is a further reference to the world of yachts.

Color and trim of the interior are in line with the latest maritime interior trends: Light oak, white lacquer front in matte, contrasting black glass, and dark ship parquet floor. The cushions are air-suspended and can be easily adjusted to ensure best-possible ergonomic sitting positions.

A laptop or tablet can be connected to the caravan’s infrastructure and can be safely charged and stowed away.

The ceiling is covered by dark textile material giving the interior a very special atmosphere. At the same time it improves the air distribution of the air-conditioning system from above. A full-HD beamer is integrated in the ceiling and projects its image onto the glass sliding door in the rear. Essential elements inside and outside the caravan can be comfortably and centrally controlled with an app.

The frosted-glass sliding door closes the living room to the outside world; double glazing insulates and protects the room. If required, the glass panes also can be changed to clear glass with the app.

Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)
Yacht-Inspired Caravisio—The RV of the Future (image courtesy of Knaus Tabbert)

The complete caravan can be lowered to ground level in only a few seconds to allow barrier-free access to the interior.

Though currently not reproducible en masse, Caravisio raises the bar for recreational vehicles both aesthetically and functionally.


Knaus Tabbert GmbH

Knaus Tabbert GmbH is a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles in Europe with headquarters in Jandelsbrunn in Lower Bavaria.

Other manufacturing plants are located in Mottgers (Hesse), Obermeitingen in Upper Bavaria, and Nagyoroszi in Hungary.

In business year 2012 the company with its six brands—Knaus, Tabbert, T@b, BavariaCamp, Weinsberg, and Wilk—reached a turnover of Euro 281 million, and with approximately 1,200 employees produced about 13,000 caravans and motorhomes.

Phone: +49 (0) 8583 21 309


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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

—Albert Einstein

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