8 Reasons To Buy a Class B Motorhome

With an RV you can explore the world and take the comfort of your own home with you.

Airstream Interstate exterior
Airstream Interstate Class B motorhome

The RV industry offers a myriad of choices. From travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers to truck campers and motorhomes, there’s an RV for every budget and every lifestyle. And when it comes to motorized RVs, there are three basic choices—Class A (gas or diesel), Class B (camper van), and Class C .

For freedom and flexibility, motorhomes offer the ultimate experience. Transportation and living quarters are rolled into one comfortable experience. Ranging from the larger Class A motorhomes to the compact Class B camper vans, to the Class C, there is something for everyone.

With motorhomes ranging from compact and space saving models to luxury diesel pusher coaches that can pull a car in tow to zip around town for daytrips, there’s a motorized model for every family.

A small camper built on a van chassis, the Class B is the fastest growing segment of the motorhome market. They are easy to drive and maneuver in tight spots, easy to load, more fuel efficient, and can pack all the amenities of a home in a small, compact floor plan—but best of all they roll down the highways and byways on four wheels.

Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B
Roadtrek Zion Class B motorhome

Easy on fuel, Class B motorhomes fit in most conventional parking spaces, and can be used as a second vehicle. With a class B you can travel anywhere, park anywhere, and sleep anywhere.

All the conveniences of home are packed on board in one compact and convenient package including bathing, sleeping, dining, and cooking facilities.

Without further ado, the top 8 reasons why a Class B motorhome may be the right RV for you and your family are…

  1. Easy to Drive
Imperial Class B motorhome by EverGreen
Imperial Class B motorhome by EverGreen

Class B motorhomes are easy to drive and maneuver pretty much anywhere a car can travel. They will take you wherever you want to go from shopping at Walmart to a remote camping site in a national forest or on BLM land, a scenic byway to an Interstate highway, and from winding mountain roads to crowded city streets. Class B motorhomes are maneuverable and easy to drive yet has all the comforts of home.

  1. Easy on Fuel

Easy on fuel, Class B motorhomes normally get 15-22 miles per gallon compared to 6-10 for a Class A or C.

  1. Easy to Park

Parking is always a hassle with large Class A and C motorhomes. Class B motorhomes can fit into most parking spaces and can be parked most anywhere.

  1. Camping Made Easy

Class B motorhomes requires little set-up and minimal take-down time. They’re easy to park in any camping site. Hooking up to city utilities takes minutes. Same with unhooking and you’re ready for a day of touring or onto the next camping site.

  1. Useful for Towing

Tow a boat, a utility trailer for your toys, a small car, and even a camping trailer for extra sleeping room.

  1. Easy to Store

No need to rent storage space due to lack of adequate parking at home or restrictive community ordinances. Since Class B motorhomes resemble passenger cars they’re not likely to offend community sensitivities.

7. Doubles as Second Vehicle

Triple E RV is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the introduction of the redesigned Leisure Travel Van 25-foot Unity luxury touring coach.
Leisure Travel Van 25-foot Unity luxury touring coach.

Class B motorhomes can be used as a second vehicle for everyday use including shopping at a local store or mall, driving to work, dropping the youngsters off at school.

  1. Touring Made Easy

Class B motorhomes are designed for touring. Unlike the larger Class A and C motorhomes, Class B camper vans accelerate, corner, and change lanes with ease. No concern about bridge or tunnel clearance.

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The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now.

—Bill Cosby

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$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels

At $504,000 the Paradise Independence is the most expensive Class B camper van in Australia.

$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels
$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels

But this motorhome is one befitting only the most elite of RVers.

Designed by Paradise Motor Homes as the ultimate mansion-on-wheels, the Independence Series is a masterpiece of unsurpassed design ingenuity and superior construction.

The Independence based on the Mercedes 519CDI and Independence Deluxe based on the Iveco Daily 70C combines a patented overlapping slide-outs with Paradise’s state-of-the-art superior strength lightweight construction and unique widened cab, according to the company.

Not unlike a five star studio apartment, the living space available is simply decadent and has to be experienced to be believed.

The huge 3-meter (9.84-foot) -wide Ensuite has a large shower, porcelain vanity bowl, separate toilet, and internal laundry with washing machine and dryer.

The massive bathroom features a 1.2-meter (3.93-foot) -wide walkway between the huge 1.9-meter (6.23-foot) -wide full-sized mirrored wardrobe and the foot of the island queen bed.

$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels

The expansive entertaining area has three luxury leather swivel captains’ chairs and lounge, under lounge storage, cocktail unit with bottle rack and glass holder, fold down dinette table, and dines five in total comfort.

In living mode the internal space becomes truly mind-boggling with over 80 percent of the motorhome body sliding by means of Paradise Motor Homes patented slide-outs, at the push of a button.

The walls slide out on either side to extend the living space which contains modern conveniences including three luxury leather swivel captain’s chairs and lounge, 32-inch satellite TV with separate Blu-Ray player, LED 12-volt lighting, two roof top air conditioners, front loader washing machine and clothes dryer, cook-top grill and oven and convection microwave, two-door compressor fridge, filtered drinking water system, queen-sized bed with memory foam mattress, stainless steel slide out BBQ, pure sine Honda generator, fresh water tank, grey water storage, 2500 watt inverter, and three 150 watt solar panels with 40 amp regulator .

It’s about the physical space, to quote a Paradise Motor Homes spokesperson.

“But the big thing is the materials—once you see it and feel it and touch it, it’s up a whole other level.”

The Independence Series is available in two models, the Independence based on the Mercedes 519CDI starting at $442,000 and the Independence Deluxe based on the Iveco Daily 70C with a price tag of $504,000.

$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels
$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels

Paradise Motor Homes are available in seven series:

Castaway Series ($119,000-$125,000)

Oasis Series ($162,000-$204,000)

Free Time ($159,000-$169,000)

Integrity Series ($178,000-$243,000)

Inspiration Series ($198,000-$314,000)

Liberation Series ($379,000-$410,000)

Independence Series ($442,000-$504,000)

$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels
$504,000 Class B Mansion-On-Wheels


Paradise Motor Homes

Over the years, Paradise Motor Homes has gained an enviable reputation as a world leader in motorhome design with its outstanding range of award-winning lightweight motorhomes. Each model sets the highest benchmark for optimum use of space, functionality, and living standards in their class.

From the new Castaway Series starting at approximately $119,000 all the way through our range to the luxuriously decadent Independence Deluxe at 504,000, Paradise has a model for every camper.
Paradise Motor Homes commenced motorhome manufacturing in 2002

Address: 245 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters QLD 4216

Phone: 07 5597 4400

Website: www.paradisemotorhomes.com.au

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But do not ask me where I am heading,

As I travel in this limitless world
Where every step I take is my home.

—Eihei Dogen

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When Less Is More

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.
The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The flexible space allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy camping.

Mogo Freedom said it is looking to challenge everyone’s views on the caravan/trailer. When designing Mogo, Matjaz Korosec and Ross Design from Germany followed the adage of less is more—the luxury lies in its simplicity.

Conceived after a period of downsizing, Korosec started looking for alternative, cost effective solutions that would enable taking holidays regardless of economic constraints. He and his family wanted to enjoy all the benefits of camping, but without the accompanying rigmarole.

They needed to be able to transport bicycles, kayaks, kites, and all manner of equipment easily and safely, but with a smaller vehicle than they had used previously. With a wealth of experience derived from working for caravan industry heavyweights Coachman, Fleetwood, and Adria UK, Korosec created the concept for this transportable unit.

Back in 1949, British designer Samuel Alper’s vision was to produce cheaper, lighter caravans for the masses. His mission came to fruition when the Sprite shape was launched in 1951, enabling families with regular sized vehicles to tow a mobile home and holiday at leisure.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.
The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

Recycling this philosophy, the Mogo Freedom goes back to basics—with an ethically produced unit, designed to enable the user to utilize the space with total flexibility. From an aesthetic perspective there are elements reminiscent of the familiar mobile homes of yesteryear, but with the capability to project any functionality.

With a maximum load weight of 750kg (1,653 pounds), there is no need for a driver’s towing license or a vehicle with an engine size exceeding 1.0 L. With these proportions, the Mogo Freedom can be stored inside the average domestic-sized garage.

The unit core is constructed using modern, super lightweight Banova Balsa wood from renewable eco plantations. The walls of the Mogo are reinforced with newly developed plastics—normally used in the building industry, providing the unit with strength, thermal insulation, and impact resistance.

The Mogo also features specially designed tools and lamination technique by German producer Vöhringer. During the assembly all parts are bonded. All seams and doorframes are toughened with brushed aluminum for added protection and durability.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.
The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

To enhance the camping experience Mogo Freedom added two essential gadgets: a mobile kitchen for outdoor chefs and a prolonged supply of electrical power for modern nomads.

Joe Baughman, a camping enthusiast from Leeds, Utah, invented the mobile kitchen. During a camping trip to the picturesque, yet remote, Lake Powell, he felt the need to consolidate all epicurean gear into one kitchen unit. He patented the Grub Hub, a new compact system that is an outdoor workstation with tables, counter, a place for a stove, a lighting stand, and of course the kitchen sink.

Hubi is crystalline solar panel that transfers light during the day into direct current electricity stored in the Lithium battery. The stored power can then be accessed through a 12 Volt outlet, two USB chargers or enjoyed in the form of LED lights.

A single 10 Amper hour (Ah) Lithium battery with a 20 watt peak (wp) crystalline solar panel powers a laptop for 8 hours, charges a tablet 8 times, or a smart phone 15 times. The battery is fully charged in 7-10 hours using 20 wp capacity solar panel.

Regardless of chosen motivation, the Mogo Freedom allows users the opportunity to indulge themselves in whatever outdoor activity they wish to engage in.

Camping is cool, yet again.

When a tent is too muddy, a teardrop too small, a folding camper too much work, and a caravan too dear, then it is time for a Mogo.

VW Up towing the Mogo Freedom
VW Up towing the Mogo Freedom


Mogo Freedom

Mogo Freedom, revolutionary multifunction trailer, is an equipment transporter, a support vehicle, a campervan—whatever you need it to be.

Mogo Freedom is easy to tow, fits in your garage, and is safe, strong, and comfortable.

Website: www.mogofreedom.com

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Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.

—Thomas Merton

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Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan

Rolling Homes recently introduced the new entry-level campervan.

Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan
Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan

All the practicality of a VW camper conversion but at a fraction of the cost is the promise of the new Shackleton, entry-level VW camper conversion.

The Shackleton provides the ideal starting point for anyone looking for their first new motorhome.

“This entry-level camper is built using the same components as the more expensive models,” according to a company statement.

“This has the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, but with a softer price tag.”

Based on a VW T5 Transporter, the Shackleton features a front elevating, German SCA deluxe roof, color coded to match the vehicle paintwork, plus handmade, lightweight, real wood veneered board with solid oak edges, extensive cupboards and wardrobes, and solid surface kitchen worktops.

Included is a deluxe bed which gives extra sleeping room for two adults.

Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan
Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan

A 110 amp/hr marine battery powers the 12v system that runs the compressor fridge, LED lighting, and water pump and is charged when the engine is running or connected to the mains via a discrete 240v hook up.

The layout is a classic side kitchen with the rear seats forming the double bed.

The kitchen offers 50-litre Waeco compressor fridge/freezer, Smev twin-burner hob with integrated sink, water tank, and pump.

At the front a double-passenger seat swivels round to face into the cabin.

All the internal sides are fully insulated with sheep wool and the carpet features a soft, dark-grey trim.

Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan
Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan

Overall length of the vehicle is 4.89m (16 feet) and the height with the roof extended comes to 3.04m (10 feet).

The basic OTR price is £36,995 ($54,547) but there are a number of extra options that can be specified.

These options include a long wheelbase version, which is £1,200 ($1,770) extra, reversing sensors, awning rails, and awning itself, 75w solar panel, under seat safe, VW bike rack, swiveling driver’s seat and an electric blow heater.

If you want to try out a Rolling Homes campervan before you commit to buying then try hiring one for a short break. If you decide to buy after your rental then Rolling Homes will refund half the hire cost.

Alternatively, just rent one for weekends or an entire week with either the Columbus model with one twin bed and a twin in the roof, or the Livingstone model with a rear kitchen and two single beds and a twin in the roof.


Rolling Homes

Rolling Homes is a small family-run business based in Shropshire.

Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan
Rolling Homes Introduces New Entry-Level Campervan

Rolling Homes is committed to offering exclusive and luxurious handcrafted and lightweight bespoke wood units at a competitive price. The company does not use imitation wood and plastics. They only use the highest quality lightweight wood, materials, fittings, and appliances to ensure that your camper will outlast the most enduring camping adventure. Quality is paramount at Rolling Homes.

Since what each customer wants varies from camper to camper, they offer lots of choice that is tailored to your requirements.

Address: Cartmel Drive, Shrewsbury SY1 3TB

Phone: 01743 443877

Website: www.rolling-homes.co.uk

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May all your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view……where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you.

—Edward Abbey

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Take Control of Your Vacation

Everyone has been there.

Fleetwood Providence Diesel Pusher Class A motorhome  © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved
Fleetwood Providence Diesel Pusher Class A motorhome at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

The thrill and anticipation of a vacation on the horizon, but the dread of security checks, baggage claims, cancelled flights, and adhering to someone else’s schedule. The airline schedule, cruise ship, and bus tours.

But there are alternatives that give you full control of your vacation.

There is a better way. In fact, now is the perfect time to plan unrestricted, adventurous family vacations for the upcoming summer holiday season.

All you need is a recreational vehicle, maps, national campground and RV park directory, and vacation time with your family.

Some benefits to RVing include affordable travel with your family and pets, and the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

It’s fun to plan family trips and make memories along the way.

However, shopping for a recreational vehicle can be overwhelming and choosing the right one is no small decision. Take your time, do your homework, talk to owners of various types and brands of RVs, attend RV shows, and locate a good reputable dealer who stands behind his products and provides quality service.

Class B motorhome at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona/Utah  © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved
Class B motorhome at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona/Utah © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Best of all, there is an RV for just about every budget and every family. It just takes some time to find it. One of the primary aspects involved in selecting a recreational vehicle is making a decision on the type of RV you need. Two primary types should be considered: Towable and motorized.

Towable RVs

Towable RVs must be mounted on or towed by a motorized vehicle to be moved from place to place. Some towables are small and light enough to be towed by the family car, while others require an SUV or pickup truck. Always verify your vehicle’s towing capability and allow for the added weight of personal belongings loaded on board.

Conventional travel trailers offer a wide range of floor plans, sizes, and conveniences.

Fifth wheel trailers have similar amenities as travel trailers, but are constructed with a raised forward section that provides a spacious bi-level floor plan. These models are designed to be towed by a pickup truck equipped with a fifth-wheel hitch.

Also known as pop-ups and tent trailers, folding camping trailers are great for outdoor lovers who enjoy sleeping in a tent without sleeping on the ground. Folding camping trailers stow away for easy, lightweight towing. With canvas sides that extend to reveal queen-sized beds, it’s easy to have a fresh-air experience with all the comforts of an RV.

Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer at Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona  © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved
Keystone Montana fifth wheel trailer at Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Also known as sport utility RVs, toy haulers are for the active family who wants to take motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, or other motorized toys on the road. Available as a fifth wheel or travel trailer, the rear end of the toy hauler drops down, forming a ramp for access into a “garage” area where motorized toys can be safely stored; the living quarters are separated by a wall.

The truck camper is a portable unit designed to be loaded onto, or affixed to, the bed or chassis of a pickup truck. The slide-in units are easily loaded and unloaded from the bed of the truck, freeing the truck’s bumper to tow boats, ATVs, and other trailers.

It is important to match the loaded weight of the towable RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Consult your dealer or owner’s manual for details and have the tow hitch professionally installed.

Motorized RVs

Commonly known as motorhomes, motorized RVs are on a motorized chassis with gas or diesel engines.

Class A or conventional motorhomes are constructed entirely on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. Home-like amenities abound, and generally these motorhomes have kitchens, bathrooms, living areas with entertainment centers and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning.

Scamp travel trailer at Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona  © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved
Scamp travel trailer at Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Commonly called camper vans, Class B motorhomes are built using automotive manufactured van or panel-truck shells. Camping vans drive more like the family car, but offer the comforts and conveniences of home on the road.

Class C motorhomes are built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab section. Many Class C motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab area that is often an optional sleeping area. Amenities are similar to those in conventional motorhomes.

Many owners choose to tow a small vehicle for short side trips once the motorhome is parked.

Additional Tips

Now that you’ve identified the type of RV that best suits your family, it’s time to shop for the best fitting style, floor plan, price range, and options. The following tips can help for an easier RV shopping experience:

  • Set a price range
  • Think about types of floor plans that work best for you and your family
  • For a towable RV, consider your tow vehicle’s towing capacity; for a motorized RV, consider the pros and cons of gas and diesel engines

Please Note: For an additional resource, read The 4 Most Important Tips For Purchasing a New RV

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When your vacation happens on the open road, your trip is only limited by your imagination.

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Horizon Introduces the Multi Concept Vehicle

Horizon has introduced the Multi Concept Vehicle (MCV), the first time a company has adapted a Mercedes-Benz vehicle for the UK luxury campervan market at this high-end level.

Horizon MCV Vito
Horizon MCV Vito

Horizon Multi Concept Vehicles are designed to act as premium, robust vehicles which are ideal for day-to-day transportation such as taking children to school, visiting the supermarket, or commuting to work, whilst also providing the high-end, comprehensive living area needed to complement weekends away and long-distance tours or camping trips.

Starting life as a paneled Mercedes-Benz Dualiner, a Horizon MCV Vito undergoes a stage-by-stage hand build at Horizon MCV’s studios in the city of Hull transforming it into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Added to the exterior is an elevating roof which allows the Horizon MCV Vito range to increase its internal height by 2.20m. The vehicle is furnished with leather and Compac Quartz Granite surfaces, and at the push of a button, it becomes a spacious sleeping quarter for four adults and one child as the back seats flatten electronically and the front seats swivel. Each is equipped with an advanced 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine which produces 136bhp.

Horizon MCV Vito Range combines practicality with lavish interior design. This luxury camper van is available in two versions, the Vitro and Vitro Sport, and is fully customizable to suit your personal requirements.

Horizon MCV Vito
Horizon MCV Vito

Horizon MCV Vito

Horizon MCV Vito standard features include a TUV approved elevating roof, elevating hydraulic roof bed and high quality removable mattress and washable liner, side kitchen, Smev integrated sink and 2 burner hob with folding smoked glass lid, Fiamma bio pot 30 toilet stored under bed, pull tested remote control hydraulic rock and roll bed with great under bed storage with safety switch, Vitrifrigo 87 litre 12V fridge incorporating a freezer compartment,  Fiamma F45S wind out awning, exterior BBQ point, exterior table to BBQ area, Heatsource gas blown air heating system, 16 litre on under slung board water tank and independent 12V pump.

Horizon MCV Vito optional extras include a 3 seat belted electric rock and roll bed, Transcool 12v air cooling system, TV/DVD/Free View flip down, Smev 20 litre oven and grill, , microwave (240 Volt only), tow bar, Thule 3 bike tow bar bike rack, Thule 4 bike tow bar bike rack, chrome side bars, cruise control.

Price: £47,000 (on the road)

Winter Special Price: £45,000 (on the road)

Horizon MCV Vito Sport
Horizon MCV Vito Sport

Horizon MCV Vito Sport

Horizon MCV Vito Sport standard features include air conditioning, cruise control, TUV approved elevating roof, elevating hydraulic roof bed and high quality removable mattress and washable liner, side kitchen, Smev integrated sink and 2 burner hob with folding smoked glass lid, Fiamma bio pot 30 toilet stored under bed, pull tested remote control hydraulic rock and roll bed with great under bed storage with safety switch, 16 litre on under slung board water tank and independent 12V pump, Vitrifrigo 87 litre 12V fridge incorporating a freezer compartment, Fiamma F45S wind out awning, exterior BBQ point, exterior table to BBQ area, and Heatsource gas blown air heating system.

Horizon MCV Vito Sport optional extras include a 3 seat belted electric rock and roll bed, Transcool 12v air cooling system, TV/DVD/Free View flip down, Smev 20 litre oven and grill, microwave (240 Volt only), tow bar, Thule 3 bike tow bar bike rack, Thule 4 bike tow bar bike rack. chrome side bars, and cruise control.

Horizon MCV Vito Sport
Horizon MCV Vito Sport

Price: £47,000 (on the road)

Winter Special Price: £45,000 (on the road)


Horizon MCV Ltd.

Horizon RV logoHorizon MCV Ltd. is a Group Company of City West Commercials Ltd. one of the UK’s leading Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicle Distributors and Kingston Campers Designs the foremost company providing bespoke, hand built conversions in the UK.

With over 40 years combined experience in commercial vehicles and the campervan and motor home industry all Horizon MCV’s are built on brand new Mercedes Vito vans.

Horizon MCV designs are personalized to add value to your lifestyle and your campervan, embracing new ideas in traditional camper design. At our purpose built factory we have the highest standard of luxury materials ranging from high end granite worktops to luxury durable man made materials and everything in between.

Address: Unit 8, The Hub, Havelock Street, Off Witty Street, Hull, UK HU3 4NF

Phone: 03033 001004

Website: www.horizonmcv.com

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.

—Tim Cahill

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Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan

The Bett Mobil carries a sliding pod inside a camper-in-a-box package.

Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan
Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan

Last month’s CMT Stuttgart, an International exhibition for caravaning, motor, and tourism in Stuttgart, Germany featured the Bett Mobil, a versatile Volkswagen camper van based on a VW Multivan facelift Line 2010.

Reminiscent of the DoubleBack camper van, the Bett Mobil has an extendable living module sliding pod.

Extendable living modules are not new in the camper van world with each new sliding pod offering its own set of advantages. In the case of the Bett Mobil, the upper slide-out adds extra interior room while maintaining the classic Volkswagen camper van footprint. It also retains dedicated cargo space for camping provisions and sports gear.

The Bett Mobile consists of several modules.

The key component of the Bett Mobil is the second story bed module that turns the Volkswagon Multivan into a full-fledged camper van. The sliding, folding bed module fits neatly inside the tailgate and sets up in a matter of minutes then removes completely to give the owner a standard van back. According to Bett Mobil it will take the owner about an hour to convert from camper back to regular van.

Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan
Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan

The simple screw-in system allows the interior fixtures to be easily rearranged or removed completely. With this set-up the owner is able to create a campervan with up to four seats and remove the camping modules altogether, giving users a camper van for camping holidays and a regular van to transport passengers the rest of the year.

After sliding the regular van unit out, one folds the side and rear walls out and secures them to the tailgate, which serves as the roof. The lower legs fold out to support the weight. This creates a 53.5-inch x 78.7-inch interior bed that provides clear views outside via a rear windshield skylight and the large rear window that opens. The lockable storage cabinet below the sliding module stores gear and tools.

A natural extension of the Volkswagen Multivan base platform, Bett Mobil’s sliding sleeping module uses floor rails to offer interior flexibility. Bett Mobil capitalizes on this defining Multivan feature to make its camper package fully modular and customizable. The bed and storage modules are secured to the vehicle by way of the floor rails, as are the kitchen and washroom modules.

The washing area module includes a sink hooked up to a 5.3- gallon fresh water tank, a 2.6-gallon waste water tank, a 13.2-gallon compressor fridge, and a storage compartment for a camping toilet.

The cooking and kitchen module includes a canister stove and storage space for knives, utensils, pots, and pans, and other cooking tools.

Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan
Bett Mobil: Versatile Modular Campervan

An outdoor kitchen is available as an option, opening up room for four seats inside.

The van can be equipped with a high Polyroof with integrated storage cabinetry or a pop-up roof with built-in bed. Though Bett Mobil’s hardware is designed around the Multivan, the company can equip it to the Comfortline, Highline, Pan Americana, and California Beach models with a few additional modifications.

Rolf Hänle and his son David originally designed the Bett Mobil camper in 2009 as their own personal home away from home, Gizmag reports. Since their camper generated interest where ever they traveled and camped, they decided to bring the design to market, testing the waters at last year’s Abenteuer Allrad show in Bad Kissingen, Germany, before bringing it to the larger 2015 CMT Stuttgart.

Bett Mobil sells its modules directly, not as complete vans. They perform the original installation, which requires a few professionally installed parts. After that, the package is designed for the owner to remove and reinstall the modules as desired. The bed module costs $9,970, and a total camper package runs between $13,413 and $17,200, depending upon options selected.

Worth Pondering…

Far too late to understand many of the missed goals in life:

Joy, beauty of nature, health, travel and culture,
Therefore, man is, time wise!
High time is it! Travel, travel!

—Wilhelm Busch (1832 – 1908)

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Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B

Kitchener, Ontario-based Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. introduced its newest model, the Zion, built on the Chrysler Ram ProMaster chassis.

Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B
Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B

“This is likely to be our biggest product launch in 10 years,” said Roadtrek President Jim Hammill.

“We are thrilled to able to showcase the Zion to the market. It’s the coach everyone has been waiting for and we are already buried in orders”

The Zion made its official debut at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and was well received by the company’s dealer body.

“We had orders from our dealers almost instantaneously,” said Paul Cassidy, Roadtrek vice president of sales.

“The Zion hit the market with so much intensity that dealers are writing deals with retail customers without having seen one.”

Executives from Chrysler toured the factory before the Zion rolled out and Ken Tuckey, Chrysler Canada’s senior manager of National Fleet and Commercial Vehicles along with Bob Johnson, the regional account executive from Chrysler’s Fleet Sales office in Ingomar, Pennsylvania, took the time to speak directly to the employees.

Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B
Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B

“We at Chrysler couldn’t be more pleased with this new Zion model that Roadtrek has produced. It’s stunning.” stated Tuckey.

The Roadtrek Zion with its open concept floor plan and stunning ivory interior began production in February 2015.

Built on the Ram ProMaster chassis and perfected by Roadtrek, the Zion is a versatile and luxurious coach. The open concept floor plan allows you to pack all your outdoor adventure toys, from bikes to kayaks, there is plenty of room in the spacious center aisle.

Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B
Roadtrek Introduces All New Zion Class B

The beautifully designed interior, permanent bathroom, spacious galley, large refrigerator, comfortable sofa and king size bed, and an abundance of storage makes the Zion the perfect coach for all your travel needs.

The 2015 Roadtrek Zion specifications include:

  • Exterior Length: 20 feet 11 inches
  • Exterior Width w/o Mirrors: 6 feet 11 inches
  • Exterior Height w/Roof A/C: 9 feet 5 inches
  • Interior Standing Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • GVWR: 9,350 pounds
  • Occupant/Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,250 pounds
  • CCWR: 11, 500 pounds
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 35 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity: 20 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity: 19 gallons
  • Starting MSRP: $86,931


Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc.

With sales to the U.S. starting in 1983, Kitchener, Ontario-based Roadtrek expanded rapidly for the rest of the 1980s.

In 1990, Roadtrek became the best selling North American Class B motorhome according to statistics from U.S. Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA).

In 2006, Roadtrek built its 20,000th Class B motorhome, an achievement unequalled in the RV industry.

The first 10,000 took 24 years to build, the second 10,000 only eight years.

Roadtrek currently manufactures 10 models of Class B motorhomes: Ranger RT, 170 Versatile, 190 Popular, 210 Popular, SS Agile, CS Adventurous, RS Adventurous, TS Adventurous, E-Trek, and Zion.

Address: 100 Shirley Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2B 2E1

Phone: (519) 745-1169 OR (888) ROADTREK (762-3873)

Website: www.roadtrek.com

Worth Pondering…

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.

—Frank A. Clark

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Top Stories of 2014

Time glides with undiscover’d haste

The future but a length behind the past.

—John Dryden

Vistabule Introduces ‘Cab Forward’ Teardrop Trailer
Vistabule Introduces ‘Cab Forward’ Teardrop Trailer

Hello, RVing friends! The year is turning over, and another 12 months of RVing, photography, hiking, and birding has flashed by.

The End is almost here!

This is article # 2,393 since my first post on August 18, 2010. Okay, the end isn’t near, but the end of the year is almost here, and it’s time to think about wrap-ups as 2014 draws to a close.

The end of the year is the traditional time for doing a summary and some reflection.

Looking back there were certain events and articles that kindled reader interest and comments.

Thank you for reading, providing feedback, and returning frequently to read my latest articles. Thank you for your continuing support!

Vogel Talks RVing would like to wish its readers a safe and happy New Years. As we reflect on the past year, here’s a look back at some of the most popular articles from Vogel Talks RVing.

Lil’ Snoozy Goes Camping
Lil’ Snoozy Goes Camping

After 183,332 unique visitors, 213,703 visits, and 308,286 page views in 2014, here are the top 10 most read and most popular Vogel Talks RVing articles of the year, listed in the order of their readership numbers.  And the most popular article of 2014 is…

  1. Vistabule Introduces ‘Cab Forward’ Teardrop Trailer  – Streamlined and weighing just 1,220 pounds, Vistabule can be towed behind nearly any small car.

Number Page Views: 15,841

Posted: January 3, 2013

  1. Vogel Talks RVing – Home page

Number Page Views: 10,113

  1. Old is New Again: New Retro RV Manufacturer  – A recent trend in the RV manufacturing industry is the development of an increasing number of retro-style trailers entering the RV marketplace.

Number Page Views: 9,319

Posted: March 14, 2011

  1. Lil’ Snoozy Goes Camping – Customers love the Lil Snoozy, a fiber glass travel trailer, because Lil’ is only 17 feet, 3 inches in length; 7 feet, 11 inches in width; and 7 feet, 5 inches high.

Number Page Views: 7,629

Posted: June 23, 2012

DoubleBack Ultimate Camper Van
DoubleBack Ultimate Camper Van
  1. 5. Vistabule Teardrop Trailer: One Year Later – Report on the Vertabule teardrop trailer one year after the launch.

Number Page Views: 5,616

Posted: February 18, 2014

  1. Vintage Travel Trailers Restored – Visitors are welcome to view the vintage trailers under restoration as well as admire finished trailers available for sale to the public.

Number Page Views: 3,775

Posted: February 18, 2012

  1. DoubleBack Ultimate Camper Van  – What makes the DoubleBack unique is just how much space it actually has, and how easily you can expand or contract its size to fit your recreational needs.

Number Page Views: 3,712

Posted: April 16, 2012

  1. Bag-A-Lot, a Light Bulb Moment  – What started as a homespun way to stash recyclables has developed into the clever invention of Bag-A-Lot, a portable, multi-purpose flexible bag holder.

Number Page Views: 3,511

Posted: September 21, 2012

  1. Prolite Introduces New Ultra Light Model – Weighing less than 1,300 pounds, Prolite introduces two new ultra light travel trailers that complement the eight model currently available.

Number Page Views: 2,756

Posted: September 24, 2011

The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In
The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In
  1. 10. The Next Generation: The Trailer You Want To Go Camping In – The Next Generation camping trailer will have a modern design, intelligent technology, and better construction materials than ever before.

Number Page Views: 2,730

Posted: May 21, 2014

A Happy New Year to all my readers. Best wishes for 2015. Find what brings you joy and go there.

May the months ahead be filled with great RVing experiences!

Remember, the journey, and not the destination, is the joy of RVing. Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in an RV.

Happy Trails. Life is an adventure. Enjoy your journey.

Worth Pondering…

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,

The flying cloud, the frosty light,

The year is dying in the night.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,

Ring, happy bells, across the snow,

The year is going, let him go.

—Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

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Pleasure-Way Introduces Dodge Promaster-Based Lexor

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan-based Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. announced the introduction of its first Dodge Ram Promaster-based Class B motorhome, the Pleasure-Way Promaster Lexor.

Pleasure-Way Introduces Dodge Promaster-Based Lexor
Pleasure-Way Introduces Dodge Promaster-Based Lexor

The Pleasure-Way Promaster Lexor is built on the 159-inch wheelbase extended Dodge chassis that is only 20 feet 10 inches bumper to bumper. The Promaster features a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 gas engine, GPS navigation, and Uconnect 5.0

“The Promaster Lexor expands our current product lineup giving us multiple price points while creating another gas engine B van in the market,” said Dean Rumpel, Pleasure-Way Industries CEO.

The Promaster has a distinct European look and some valuable advantages in interior space.

Standard Key Features include:

Multiplex wiring

Power 13-foot awning

Onan 2.8 Kw generator

11,500 BTU roof top air conditioner

Ultraleather upholstery

Solid maple cabinetry

24-inch interior LED LCD TV and Blu-Ray player

In-dash navigation

Solar panel

73-inch by 76-inch king bed.

Five Year Limited Coach Warranty

Estimated 16 miles per gallon highway driving

Fully Loaded MSRP $98,787


Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd.

logo-pleasure-wayWith a dealership network of over 60 dealers in North America, Pleasure-Way Industries Ltd. is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This family-owned and operated company began manufacturing Class B van motorhomes 25 years ago and has grown into the second largest Class B motorhome manufacturer in North America. Pleasure-Way Industries believes in a customer first and foremost approach combined with an old-fashioned work ethic.

Pleasure-Way is the recipient of the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association Quality Circle Award in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Address: 302 Portage Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7J 4C6

Phone: (306) 934-6578 or (800) 364-0189 (toll free)

Website: www.pleasureway.com

Worth Pondering…

The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”

—Alan Ashley-Pitt

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