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Snowbird Destinations

Snowbirds flock to Ol’ Airy Zonie, Southern Texas, Florida, and other Sunbelt states and Mexico to avoid winter’s bite, snow and blowing snow, and treacherous icy sidewalks and streets. Northern Europeans are also known to migrate to the U.S. Sunbelt, … Continue reading

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Snowbird Basics

Winter is a time for boots, snow shovels, and icy roads… unless you’re a snowbird who RVs to the Sun Belt. As Neil Young once sang, “the summer ends and the winter winds begin to holler all around the bend…” … Continue reading

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San Gabriel Mountains Newest National Monument

A large area of the San Gabriel Mountains is now a national monument. During the final day of a Southern California visit President Obama made the announcement during a signing ceremony in the wilderness northeast of downtown Los Angeles. 346,000 … Continue reading

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Planning an RV Rental Vacation

Recreational vehicles have become one of the most popular ways for Americans and Canadians to travel. There is no time wasted rushing through the airport and dealing with delays or cancellations. Even with today’s fuel prices, RV travel is still … Continue reading

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Summer Time Means RVing Time

Hello summer! School is out, the sun is shining, and the open road beckons. The best part about summer RV road trips is the glorious freedom that comes with them. No beach is too far, no river is too long, … Continue reading

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Another Snowbird Season Ends as the Northern Migration Begins

As refugees from the frozen north, snowbirds escape winter at home by migrating southward each fall. These snowbirds are mostly seniors that live part time in the Sunbelt and spend summers in the Northern states and Canada. They are gilded … Continue reading

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Sunbelt RV Parks Report Record Number of Snowbirds

Resurgence of the Polar vortex and snow in 49 of the 50 states is good news for the Sunbelt. Campgrounds in southern California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona are seeing a boom in occupancy for December–March with travelers seeking a respite … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Snow…Birds, That Is

We have chosen to be reasonably warm year-round, so we are snowbirds. Every year when I hear the honks of the Canada geese overhead at our home in Alberta, something in my genes starts pulling my inner-compass to the South. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for Our RV Lifestyle

Many will be on the road traveling today and throughout this Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is the biggest travel weekend in America, and RVers are out in force, back on the road, crossing the country in their RVs to spend Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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New California Law Clarifies Legal Fifth-Wheel Length

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation backed by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) that “brings clarity to the state vehicle code and will allow longer fifth-wheel travel trailers in the state,” according to a news release. … Continue reading

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