National Wildlife Refuges Preserve Wild Places

Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge_4898

Spread across the country, America’s varied national wildlife refuges encompass more than 150 million acres of land and water. Wherever you are in the U.S., you’re likely near an iconic sign of the flying goose—the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System. President Theodore Roosevelt designated Florida’s tiny Pelican Island on the St. John’s River […]

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Life by the Bay: Goose Island State Park

Goose Island State Park_7497

Lapping water and Gulf breezes: We must be on the coast! Bounded by the waters of the St. Charles, Copano, and Aransas bays, 314-acre Goose Island State Park is a coastal delight. Visitors to the Island engage in a variety of activities, including camping, birding, fishing, boating, water sports, picnicking, hiking, photography, geocaching, and wildlife observation. […]

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Great Birding Destinations

For great birding destinations, you can’t beat national wildlife refuges. Refuges situated along the country’s four main flyways—Atlantic, Mississippi, Central, and Pacific—are natural bird magnets. Some refuges have been designated Globally Important Birding Areas—sites that provide essential habitat for one or more bird species. Which refuges are best for birding? The answer depends on where […]

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50 Things To See or Do See in Your RV Before You Die

You might have read it or flipped through it or seen it on a shelf and thought, “I should pick that up.” It’s the national bestseller, “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” The list, which includes everything from Asian sailing excursions to African horseback riding sites, might be mouthwatering to the wannabe world traveler. […]

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Endangered Whooping Cranes Winding Down Unusual Year

It’s been an unusual year for whooping cranes in Texas and the endangered species’ spring migration is the latest example. Researchers report several whooping crane families initiated their spring migration nearly a month earlier than usual, with some birds having already reached South Dakota, according to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) news release. […]

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Whooping Crane Arrival at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Most of the estimated 300 whooping cranes of the Aransas-Wood Buffalo population have now arrived on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast, the Whooping Crane Conservation Association (WCCA) reports. The whoopers began arriving on the Texas Coastal Bend and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge wintering grounds in late October according to Dan Alonso, […]

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