2018 Newmar New Aire dash

Newmar New Aire: A Breath of Fresh Aire

The 2018 New Aire is a different kind of premium coach, built from the ground up to deliver high end luxury in a smaller package.

At just over 12 feet in height, New Aire provides automatic steps that sit a mere four inches from the ground with the air suspension lowered, and comes equipped with Newmar’s Comfort Drive self-straightening steering wheel technology in addition to a 360-horsepower Cummins diesel engine.

2018 Newmar New Aire exterior in Moonbeam

2018 Newmar New Aire exterior in Moonbeam

The 2018 New Aire also features keyless ignition with push-button start and the RoadWatch safety package, which includes electronic stability control and available adaptive cruise control with collision mitigation technology. Underneath, a custom-engineered version of the Newmar STAR Foundation is seamlessly welded to a specially designed Freightliner XCS chassis that produces a 60-degree wheel cut.

2018 Newmar New Aire interior

2018 Newmar New Aire interior

Over the past several years, demand for smaller Class A diesel motorhomes has grown. Some RVers who own large, tag-axle diesel pushers wish to downsize within the same motorhome category, yet they don’t want an entry-level coach that lacks the features to which they are accustomed. On the other end of the spectrum are Millennials seeking a high-end motorhome that is less than 40 feet.

Most of the manufacturers have been talking about the increased importance of Millennials in the RV market, but Newmar put that data into practice with the introduction of the New Aire, a 34-foot diesel pusher that comes equipped with the amenities found in larger coaches.

2018 Newmar New Aire living room

2018 Newmar New Aire living room

In partnership with market research firm Element 3, Newmar set out to find out what would attract Millennials into the motorhome market. First and foremost, connectivity was the most important topic. Millennials want to quickly and easily connect to the Internet even while away on trips. That ability was far more important to them than price and fuel economy.

Other items on the wish list included:

  • Ability to remotely monitor and control home items
  • Ability to work remotely with the same technology and convenience they use at home
  • Ability to accommodate friends, guests, and extended family
2018 Newmar New Aire kitchen

2018 Newmar New Aire kitchen

Many of these findings dovetailed into what Newmar was already working on. As a result, after 24 months of development, the company released the New Aire in two floor plans.

Freightliner designed a chassis specifically for the New Aire, in coordination with Newmar. This marks the first time Freightliner has built a short, side-radiator chassis with a 360-horsepower Cummins ISB engine and independent front suspension.

Driving the all-new 2018 New Aire 3341 was effortless and comfortable. Comparing the 6.7-liter, 360-horsepower Cummins ISB engine with the 2018 Dutch Star 3736, I found the performance somewhat lacking. In all fairness, performance is personal and depends on your perspective. If this is your first experience driving a Class A diesel motorhome, you will be amazed.

2018 Newmar New Aire bedroom

2018 Newmar New Aire bedroom

For more information about the New Aire and other products in the Newmar lineup, contact your Newmar dealer. In Western Canada that would be Midtown RV located in Penticton in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.


Newmar Corp.

NEWMAR: When You Know The Difference

Established in 1968 Newmar is an innovator and leader in the RV manufacturing industry and recognized for its excellence in quality.

Newmar Corp is privately owned and has a dealer network that spans across the United States and Canada.

Newmar Corp currently manufactures Class A gas motorhomes (Bay Star Sport, Bay Star, and Canyon Star), Class A diesel motorhomes (Ventana LE, Ventana, Dutch Star, and New Aire), and luxury Class A diesel motorhomes (Mountain Aire, London Aire, Essex, and King Aire).

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