Barn Quilt Trail: Folksy Phenomenon

Today, more than 4,000 quilt squares adorn barns and other buildings in 34 states. Photo above along the Buffalo Gals Barn Quilt Trail in Scott County, Kentucky. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Today’s barn decorating revival became popular with a woman named Donna Sue Groves, from Adams County, Ohio. She wanted to honor her mother by hanging a colorful painted quilt square on her barn. From the start, the mother of the quilt-barn movement envisioned mile after mile of quilt trails throughout Appalachia, but the folksy phenomenon has exceeded her expectations. “We’re celebrating quilting as an […]

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So-Cal Teardrops Rides Retro Trailer Trend

Many consider small to be the new big—the small-house movement and a conscious move away from a consumptive lifestyle for many millennials. Conceived more than 80 years ago, the teardrop trailer has stood the test of time. A common sight from the 1930s through the ’50s —many were home-built—and were popular because of their sleek, aerodynamic design, […]

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America’s Top 4 Man-Made Landmarks

Landmarks are points of interest that include tourist attractions, well-known places, unusual landforms, monuments, memorials, and odd and unusual structures. And they can be man-made or natural. In today’s post we detail America’s top four man-made landmarks. Route 66 Route 66. The Will Rogers Highway. Mother Road. Main Street of America. The quintessential American Road Trip. Route 66 served travelers for […]

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