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Fairfield, New Jersey-based My Mini Trailer manufactures the most affordable mini camper trailer manufacturer in the U. S.

My Mini Trailer line is priced at a point that is up to 70 percent less than the major manufacturers.

Carpe Diem Mini

Carpe Diem Mini

“Many of the big name manufacturers charge four times more than My Mini Trailer pricing, making us the most affordable mini trailer camper manufacturer in the United States, according to a company news release.

“The trailer line from My Mini Trailer offers convenience, utility, sleek design, and comfort at an affordable price.”

“I have been to many places and know what I want from my outdoors experience,” stated company founder Umit Demircan.

“Because I didn’t have the budget or the intention to spend $10k for a trailer and buy a bigger car, I decided to build my own trailer, keeping the price under $3k. It also needed to be light and small enough to be towed by most cars. With time and effort, I was able to accomplish my goal of building a trailer for under $3,000 with all the features I wanted.”

Carpe Diem Mini

Carpe Diem Mini

The decision of Umit led to the birth of the company where the goal and passion is to serve people who love nature, camping, and outdoors, but want to have an affordable trailer which will keep them company, according to the release.

Thousands of people now know about the company and show their support every day.

The basic trailers begin with a price of $2,650 and there are multiple accessories and add-ons which can be ordered to customize the unit.

Even the least expensive model, the Carpe Diem Mini includes 12 different color options for the aluminum skin, residential grade carpet, and LED lights.

Carpe Diem Woody

Carpe Diem Woody

Being 4-cylinder friendly, the Carpe Diem Mini allows you to use your compact car. Weighing in at under 1,000 pounds (and under a 100 pound tongue weight) and an overall length of 11 feet 8 inches, this little camper fits in most garages.

This unit features many standards including a window on both sides with protective tinted screens, a foam core aluminum door with protective screen windows that can be locked from the inside or outside, two interior LED lights with adjustable heads, one power outlet, and residential grade carpeted floors.

Additional models are the Carpe Diem Woody and Serenity X.

Carpe Diem Woody has the same functionalities as the Carpe Diem Mini but the difference is the maple wood finish instead of the aluminum. For those who are looking for a more natural and log cabin-like feel, this is the ideal model.

Pricing of the Carpe Diem Woody starts from $2,750.

Carpe Diem Woody

Carpe Diem Woody

Instead of the standard 4 feet x 8 feet of the Carp Diem Mini and Carp Diem Woody models, the Serenity X adds another foot to the width of the trailer making it possible to fit a queen-size mattress. The size of the trailer is 5 feet x 8 feet and is still very light and can be towed by many 4-cylinger cars.

There is also under-floor storage, an extra side door. and extra window.

Pricing of the Serenity X starts from $3,350.

My Mini Trailer essential add-on include a 3-in-1 climate control system, decals, spare tire, kitchenette, roof rack, diamond plate and diamond fenders, underfloor storage, extra side floor, extra window, mattress, interior shelves, and inside door/table.

Instead of having separate systems for heat, A/C, and a dehumidifier, the 3-in-1 climate control system gives you all of that in one unit. And the best part is that it’s is a portable unit that can be carried anywhere and doesn’t require a huge hole in your trailer.

Serenity X

Serenity X

The kitchenette is the most requested add-on. It comes with a rear door that opens up vertically and provides much needed additional room that can be utilized as a prep area or breakfast table, and additional shelves for storage.

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