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Greg and Lisa Patterson of Mattoon, Illinois, started restoring vintage campers four years ago in their back yard.

They enjoyed breathing new life into their first little 10-foot camper and decided to do it on the side as a special hobby.

Together they loved the “thrill-of-the-hunt” in finding these timeless beauties in the back alleys, dirt roads, and pastures. They have both traveled around the U.S. discovering some of the most unique and highly sought after “cuties” to restore and bring back to life.

Classy Chassis Campers restored 1965 Airstream

Classy Chassis Campers restored 1965 Airstream

Greg and Lisa love watching their finds transform from something rotting away in a barn to looking nearly new. Over the last several years they have restored and transformed over 20 different vintage campers including Airstream, Kit Companion, Roadliner, and Scotty.

People are really interested in and love the vintage look and they’re easy to pull and maneuver.

Patterson has sold rebuilt vintage campers to customers as far away as New Jersey and Oklahoma, but his biggest customer base is in Texas.

Country music star Miranda Lambert purchased one of their campers last year after seeing it at Antique Week in Texas.

Patterson started using a workshop for his camper projects two years ago and then purchased a building a year ago. The building is also home to Lisa’s Junkin4Jewels boutique.

In 2015 this hobby and passion turned into a business. Greg quit his full-time job and together with Lisa started Chassis Vintage Camper Sales as a full-time passion. Classy Chassis can install air conditioning, refrigerators, and other modern amenities in vintage campers, but Patterson also tries to reuse as much of the original material and components as possible.

Chassis Vintage Camper restored 1963 Shasta

Chassis Vintage Camper restored 1963 Shasta

Due to the popularity of vintage campers, finding trailers to rebuild can be challenging. This scarcity got Patterson thinking about creating his own vintage-style camper.

Patterson has built a 10-foot prototype camper named Grace.

Grace is a custom built camper with a base price of $7,900 and has a wood frame with an aluminum cladding, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a dining area with seating that can be converted into a bed.

Using an open floor plan, amenities include VCT tile flooring, two electric outlets, and two interior lights. Grace measures 10 feet x 7 feet with an interior height of 6 feet 5 inches and a weight of 1500 pounds.

Grace is available in a variety of external colors including blue seas blue, flamingo pink, precious purple, rosy red, sea foam mint green, seashell coral, sunny yellow, and tranquil turquoise.

Grace, a 10-foot prototype camper

Grace, a 10-foot prototype camper

Options include a kitchenette (laminate countertop, sink, refrigerator-freezer combo, above the counter shelving unit, one drawer and one cabinet measuring 48 inches x 24 inches), cook-top, microwave, toilet, shower, a/c unit, hot water system, and external storage box.

Interior options can be painted or stained.

To kick off their prototype with a BANG, Chassis Vintage Camper is offering $500 off to the first five people who order Grace.

The next step in their growing business will be the addition of two additional campers to their list. In the fall of 2016 their 14-foot prototype Glory will be released and in the spring of 2017 the 20-foot prototype Faith will be available.


Classy Chassis Campers

Classy Chassis Campers is a family owned business based out of Mattoon, Illinois. They buy, sell, and refurbish vintage campers and have recently completed our first prototype, Grace.

Phone: (217) 273-8140


Grace, a 10-foot prototype camper

Grace, a 10-foot prototype camper

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