Dometic Introduces Ice-Free Mobile Cooling Units

Elkhart, Indiana-based Dometic Group recently introduced its new line of portable refrigerator/freezers units.

Dometic will showcase the CX-28US and CFX-95DZUS, as well as the CC-40US and a range of other mobile cooling products and accessories at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, August 3-6, according to a company news release.

“The CFX looks like a standard cooler, but is actually a powerful refrigerator/freezer that runs on 12 volt or 24 volt DC power from a car, truck, or RV,” said Derek Laninga, Dometic’s director of sales for retail products.

“Or, plug it into a 120 volt AC power source.”

Dometic CFX-95DZUS Portable Refrigerator

Dometic CFX-95DZUS Portable Refrigerator

The CFX is true mobile cooling for food and drinks—with no messy ice required. It keeps food and drinks colder than a fridge at home, even in scorching hot weather; the units can even keep ice cream frozen.
The two newly available models on display are:

CFX-28US: The CFX-28 is a single-zone unit that can be used either as a portable refrigerator or as a freezer—depending on where you set the thermostat—with 27 quarts of storage capacity.

CFX-95DZUS (pictured above): This top-of-the-line model is a dual-zone unit that has 86 quarts of space in two different compartments, which function independently. The CFX-95DZ can even be controlled from an app.

The CFX comes in a wide range of sizes that offer between 27 and 86 quarts of storage space. The CFX-28, CFX-35, CFX-40, and CFX-50 can operate either as a refrigerator or freezer, depending on where you set the thermostat. The larger, “dual-zone” units, the CFX-65DZ and CFX-95DZ, each have separate compartments for storing fresh refrigerated food and frozen food simultaneously.

All CFX models come with a soft-touch digital thermostat. A quick-chill turbo function runs compressors at maximum performance until desired temperatures are reached, from -8 degrees up to 50 degrees. CFX units can run on 120 volt AC, 12 volt DC, or 24 volt DC power. Once the temperature is reached, the CFX draws minimal power to maintain the temperature.

The thermostat memory retains preset temperatures even after being turned off. The Dometic CFX units also have Battery Circuitry Protection built in, so you can’t discharge your car, RV, boat, ATV, or other battery-power source.

Dometic mobile cooling technology was originally designed for the Australian outback, where advanced cooling and rugged construction are top priorities. Each CFX unit has heavy-duty stainless-steel hinges and strong latches, drop-down spring-loaded handles, removable baskets, detachable and reversible lids on some units, a USB port for charging small electronic devices and a separate dairy compartment. Both AC and DC power cords are also included.

An optional freestanding or wall-mounted CFX Wireless Display allows owners to monitor and control their CFX unit from up to 49 feet away—providing peace of mind if the owner wants to spend time away from the CFX unit or leave it outdoors. Easy-touch buttons allow users to set cooling temperature. The display is equipped with an alarm that can sound an alert when the CFX’s internal temperature increases above the desired level. The Wireless Display works on all models except for the NEW CFX-95DZUS, which can be remotely monitored and controlled by a new mobile app (available for Android and iOS).

Dometic will also display custom-fit durable padded covers for the CFX. The insulated covers help improve efficiency and are designed with openings to allow owners to easily reach controls to adjust temperature, turn the unit on/off or access the refrigerated compartments.


Dometic Corporation

DometicWith over 80 years in the RV industry, Dometic Corporation has become a leader in manufacturing innovative, high-quality RV products that enhance the living space in your recreational vehicle.

Whether you are looking for an RV refrigerator, air conditioner, awning, or toilet, Dometic is a brand you can trust.

Address: 2320 Industrial Parkway, Elkhart, Indiana 46516

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