ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

A small, ultralight pop-up camping trailer with an unique twist, the ScarabRV is a convenient option whether you’re traveling by compact car or motorcycle.

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

In contrast to the typical cranking pop-up, this trailer’s tent inflates into shape within a minute of arrival. Easy to tow and easy to deploy, the Scarab is designed to take the headaches out of travel and camping.

The story behind the ScarabRV is one that we’ve heard numerous times before but with a slightly different twist.

Mike and Mary Setzer were looking for something they couldn’t quite find in the RV marketplace. Namely, a camper combining light weight, ease of set-up, and style.

Considering all existing options too large, too heavy, and/or too difficult to set up for their needs, they set about designing a new trailer looking to the inflatable tent to create their perfect design.

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

Since blowing into a valve or hand-pumping a tent wouldn’t be all that much easier than using a traditional crank, the Setzers equipped their camper with an auto-inflation system.

Upon arrival at camp, you simply push a button and the electric air inflator automatically pitches the tent, providing a queen-sized sleeping area for two.

Unlike other pop-up camping designs, which require manual actions like unlatching, cranking, pulling, and folding at camp, the inflatable ScarabRV automatically opens with a remote control. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of the car while the tent sets itself up, a nice advantage anytime it’s cold or rainy. The top wings of the hard trailer automatically open and the tent inflates into shape, all in about a minute.

The inflation system is powered by the onboard 12 V 20 Ah battery and can also be used to pump up accessories like air mattresses and inflatable kayaks.

The trailer comes standard with a 12 V outlet with the option of adding additional 12 V and USB outlets.

The ScarabRV has a large door at the rear and a window up front. While the design appear to be a bit shaky in high winds, and certainly not as stable as a hard-sided trailer, but that’s part of the give and take in having such a lightweight, easy-to-deploy design.

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

A colorful gelcoat composite body helps to keep the weight down and give the ScarabRV a look all its own. It is mounted to a fully welded tubular steel chassis secured to the 12-inch wheels with independent suspension and has LED brake lights and tail lights.

The ScarabRV weighs 300 pounds dry and has a 550 pound maximum gross weight. Featuring a low center of gravity and attractive aerodynamic contours, the ScarabRV is light enough and safe enough to be towed by a cruising motorcycle or small car.

It’s the perfect companion for the traveler who hits the road without a destination in mind. The ScarabRV provides immediate shelter, enclosed storage, and the freedom of being unencumbered by a boxy, heavy, and unstable travel trailer.

Essentially an inflatable tent on wheels, the ScarabRV lacks the integrated kitchen equipment, wash area, and other amenities of more complete camping trailers, but it looks like it should excel as a light, easy-to-use pop-up trailer.

The Setzers began their ScarabRV journey in 2007 and have since developed two prototypes. They also developed tooling and construction processes, dumping more than $100,000 and hundreds of hours of time into the project. They’ve testing the prototypes out in the wild, pulling them with a Harley bike and a Toyota Prius.

The ScarabRV allows the spontaneous camper the freedom to adventure anytime and anywhere.

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

ScarabRV: Self-Inflating Camping Trailer

With a simple set-up and equally simple take-down, the traveler is left with more time to do what is truly most important…outdoor adventure.



The ScarabRV ultra-light pop-up camping trailer is self-inflating, queen-sized, water repellent, and features a full access rear door as well as a large front window. It also features a sealed fabric floor with storage compartments safe from the elements.

The ScarabRV opens and inflates in less than a minute and deflates and closes in about a minute.


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