Dicor Introduces Polar White TPO Roofing Color

Elkhart, Indiana-based Dicor Products has added a new “whiter than white” color choice to its DiFlex II TPO roofing materials for RV manufacturers.

epdm-tpoTPO is basically a plastic and comes in several colors and has a textured surface. TPO doesn’t weather the same way EPDM does, so you won’t have the white powder that gets on you when you work on the roof. Because TPO is a plastic, the roof is the same color all the way through. TPO roofing is glued down to the roof decking in the same way that EPDM is, but using a different adhesive.

The new polar white roofing material provides a greater cooling factor through a high reflectivity rating for RVs, according to a company news release.

Polar white joins the line of extra flexible, non-fleeced backed DiFlex II TPO roof coverings also offered in dove, grey, ivory, and tan.

“The superior reflectivity of the polar white finish really helps keep the heat off the RV,” said Tom Grubaugh, Dicor Products national OEM sales manager.

“Today, some of our OEM customers are taking heating and cooling efficiency into account in their product design and our new Polar White DiFlex II helps them achieve their goals.”

dicor-products-roofDicor Products has been a supplier of EPDM and TPO roofing for the RV industry for more than 20 years. Quick to adapt to changing OEM needs, Dicor Products currently offers the largest selection of roofing membranes and roof colors available for RVs, including its recent innovative offering of DiFlex II TPO membranes, according to the release.

Manufacturers find DiFlex II TPO to be a very flexible TPO membrane that is easy to install for snug, watertight fit on virtually any roofing surface. It is also compatible with all Dicor aftermarket cleaners, protectants, sealants, and bonding adhesives, and can be installed with Dicor’s matching lap sealants for a fully coordinated appearance.

Much like EPDM, DiFlex II remains flexible in cold weather and, unlike PVC and some TPO, resists hail damage and cracking even in cold weather. It is not affected by ponding water or environmental contaminants and is easily repairable throughout its lifetime.

DiFlex II comes with a 12-year limited warranty.


Dicor Products

Dicor Products has been a leading supplier of component products to RV manufacturers since 1984, most notably as a supplier of premium roofing products.

We are also well established in the RV aftermarket, where they’re well known for roofing repair and care products and wheel covers. Thier Versa-Liner wheel cover brand, in fact, has more than one million sets in service.

In a brand restructuring, Dicor Products has recently been recast as one of four affiliated company brands of Dicor Corporation, which also include Seal Design, United Shade, and Vixen Composites.

Dicor Corporation is the overall corporate umbrella for the different companies, including Dicor Products, each of which operates independently with its own customers, while sharing a common ethic of service and innovative product development.

Address: 2965 LaVanture Place, Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: (800) 837-2059 (toll free)

Website:  www.dicorproducts.com

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