When Less Is More

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The flexible space allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy camping.

Mogo Freedom said it is looking to challenge everyone’s views on the caravan/trailer. When designing Mogo, Matjaz Korosec and Ross Design from Germany followed the adage of less is more—the luxury lies in its simplicity.

Conceived after a period of downsizing, Korosec started looking for alternative, cost effective solutions that would enable taking holidays regardless of economic constraints. He and his family wanted to enjoy all the benefits of camping, but without the accompanying rigmarole.

They needed to be able to transport bicycles, kayaks, kites, and all manner of equipment easily and safely, but with a smaller vehicle than they had used previously. With a wealth of experience derived from working for caravan industry heavyweights Coachman, Fleetwood, and Adria UK, Korosec created the concept for this transportable unit.

Back in 1949, British designer Samuel Alper’s vision was to produce cheaper, lighter caravans for the masses. His mission came to fruition when the Sprite shape was launched in 1951, enabling families with regular sized vehicles to tow a mobile home and holiday at leisure.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

Recycling this philosophy, the Mogo Freedom goes back to basics—with an ethically produced unit, designed to enable the user to utilize the space with total flexibility. From an aesthetic perspective there are elements reminiscent of the familiar mobile homes of yesteryear, but with the capability to project any functionality.

With a maximum load weight of 750kg (1,653 pounds), there is no need for a driver’s towing license or a vehicle with an engine size exceeding 1.0 L. With these proportions, the Mogo Freedom can be stored inside the average domestic-sized garage.

The unit core is constructed using modern, super lightweight Banova Balsa wood from renewable eco plantations. The walls of the Mogo are reinforced with newly developed plastics—normally used in the building industry, providing the unit with strength, thermal insulation, and impact resistance.

The Mogo also features specially designed tools and lamination technique by German producer Vöhringer. During the assembly all parts are bonded. All seams and doorframes are toughened with brushed aluminum for added protection and durability.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

The Mogo Freedom proves less is more with the design of its Mogo.

To enhance the camping experience Mogo Freedom added two essential gadgets: a mobile kitchen for outdoor chefs and a prolonged supply of electrical power for modern nomads.

Joe Baughman, a camping enthusiast from Leeds, Utah, invented the mobile kitchen. During a camping trip to the picturesque, yet remote, Lake Powell, he felt the need to consolidate all epicurean gear into one kitchen unit. He patented the Grub Hub, a new compact system that is an outdoor workstation with tables, counter, a place for a stove, a lighting stand, and of course the kitchen sink.

Hubi is crystalline solar panel that transfers light during the day into direct current electricity stored in the Lithium battery. The stored power can then be accessed through a 12 Volt outlet, two USB chargers or enjoyed in the form of LED lights.

A single 10 Amper hour (Ah) Lithium battery with a 20 watt peak (wp) crystalline solar panel powers a laptop for 8 hours, charges a tablet 8 times, or a smart phone 15 times. The battery is fully charged in 7-10 hours using 20 wp capacity solar panel.

Regardless of chosen motivation, the Mogo Freedom allows users the opportunity to indulge themselves in whatever outdoor activity they wish to engage in.

Camping is cool, yet again.

When a tent is too muddy, a teardrop too small, a folding camper too much work, and a caravan too dear, then it is time for a Mogo.

VW Up towing the Mogo Freedom

VW Up towing the Mogo Freedom


Mogo Freedom

Mogo Freedom, revolutionary multifunction trailer, is an equipment transporter, a support vehicle, a campervan—whatever you need it to be.

Mogo Freedom is easy to tow, fits in your garage, and is safe, strong, and comfortable.

Website: www.mogofreedom.com

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