GeistWerks: Custom Made Teardrop Trailer

Conceived more than 80 years ago, the teardrop trailer has stood the test of time. A common sight from the 1930s through the ’50s, their popularity faded as vehicles became larger, fuel was cheap, and recreational vehicles increased in size.

basic 13-foot-by-6.5-foot Plasma series

The basic 13-foot-by-6.5-foot Plasma series sleeps two adults and costs about $5,500.

Teardrops today are gaining a resurgence in popularity. New fuel efficient cars, combined with today’s modern teardrop trailers now allow you to once again enjoy the open road in modern comfort and retro style.

A teardrop trailer is generally small, ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet in width and 8 feet to 10 feet in length. They are usually 4 feet to 5 feet in height. Wheels and tires are usually outside the body and are covered by fenders.

In earlier articles on Vogel Talks RVing, I’ve reported on a variety of unique tear drop trailers including the VistabuleLil’ SnoozySafari Condo, Eggcamper, and Moby 1.

Minnesota couple, Mike and Deb Geister have been attracting attention and more than a few envious eyes at campgrounds with their custom-made teardrop trailer.

With its shiny, aluminum exterior and sleek hump-back design, maple cupboards, and a stainless-steel counter under the back-hatch hood, the half-pint trailer looks like it popped out of the ’50s.

 the Two Plus Two series

A little larger, the Two Plus Two series is like the Phasma teardrop, but stretched in length, height, and width.

Geister hand-made his first teardrop trailer in the summer of 2012, using recyclable materials and low-energy LED lights.

Calling it a blend of camping with a tent and a pop-up trailer that includes a bed on wheels with a little kitchen, Geister’s compact teardrop is geared toward efficiency—a simple camping experience. Simple—but with luxury.

For the camping enthusiast who wants to enjoy the benefits of camping or even road tripping, teardrops are a great fit.

“We live in a society where life is hectic, stressful, and demanding. So then we go on vacation…and take everything but the kitchen sink,” said Geister.

“So it occurred to us, if we want to get away from it all, why do we take it all with us? Our philosophy is simplicity with style. All the creature comforts of your own bed, a great kitchen, and even a TV if you choose, without having to have a tractor trailer to pull it all.”

Geister’s designs include high-end touches like a memory-foam mattress, air conditioning, a TV, and hand-made cabinetry that’s backlit with colored lights.

Following numerous requests from people who also wanted a teardrop camper, Geister turned his craftsmanship hobby into a new business—Geistwerks LLC.

GeistWerks is a custom camper manufacturer, specializing in "Teardrop" style trailers.

GeistWerks is a custom camper manufacturer, specializing in “Teardrop” style trailers.

Working out of his home in New London, Minnesota, and marketing primarily through his website (SEE link below), Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist, Geister has made and sold about a dozen teardrop trailers.

The basic 13-foot-by-6.5-foot Phasma series sleeps two adults and costs about $5,500. The base price can increase to $13,500 as customers request specific enhancements.

Geister also builds a custom adventure teardrop trailer that sleeps a family of four. A little larger, the Two Plus Two series is like the Phasma teardrop, but stretched in length, height, and width. It is designed specifically for a couple needing two extra sleeping areas for two young children.

Starting with a sturdy trailer base and a steel framework, Geister builds the camper cabin from wood that’s covered with aluminum sheets. It takes about six weeks of intense work to build each one.

Geister hand-cuts everything; it’s all hand-crafted.

Due to increasing interest, Geister is searching for a site to move his thriving business and expects to hire staff to construct the campers so he can concentrate on designing and marketing them.

Phasma Series

Sleeps: 2 adults, queen size bed

Floor Plan: 5 feet x 8 feet

Overall Length: 13 feet

Overall Height: 5 feet 9 inches


Phasma Classic

Overall Width: 6 feet 6 inches

Weight: 800-1,200 pounds

Cost: $5,500-$13,500


GeistWerks LLC

GeistWerks is a custom camper manufacturer, specializing in teardrop style trailers. These trailers are light, easy to tow, and custom tailored for each customer.

Address: 215 3rd Avenue SE, New London, MN  56273

Phone: (320) 894-6753


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