Wind Gust Tips Over RVs

Wind gusts can and do blow over recreational vehicles when parked in extremely windy locations.

Campers are tipped over after an apparent tornado moved through Northampton County, Virginia

Campers are tipped over after an apparent tornado moved through Northampton County, Virginia (Photo: Holly Taylor image)

In an earlier post on Vogel Talks RVing I offered suggestions on dealing with high winds when driving on the highway or parked in an RV park or campground.

At what wind speed should you be concerned? RVs have been known to weather 75 mph wind gusts without tipping over, but the “rock-a-bye-baby” effects proved intensely worrisome to RV occupants.

If you are concerned about the potential effects of the wind, consider parking the nose of your RV into the wind. The less surface area the wind blows against, the better.

The pressure of the wind on your vehicle is called “wind load” and you can decrease it immensely by pointing the front of your RV into the wind as opposed to having the wind blow across the length of your RV.

For the average size RV in a 60 mph wind, the wind load is 2967 pounds when the side of the RV is to the wind. However, when the RV’s nose is to the wind, the wind load decreases to 1032 pounds. You face less than half the wind load simply by pointing your nose into the wind.

While changing campsites may not always be practical, retracting the slideouts that face the wind is a simpler alternative that will at least lessen the wind’s effect on slide toppers.

Some people had to cut from their trailers after a microburst overturned several of them at an RV park in Buckeye, Arizona.

Some people had to cut from their trailers after a microburst overturned several of them at an RV park in Buckeye, Arizona. (Photo: CBS 5 News)

Ohio: High Winds Flip RVs

American Press reports that one man was injured when strong storms overturned recreational vehicles at an Ohio campground. The line of storms ripped through the Walnut Lake campground in Jeffersonville between Columbus and Cincinnati on July 14. Media reports say the injured man was in an RV that flipped several times in the high straight-line winds. Interstate 71 was also closed because of downed power lines and trees in that area. Traffic backed up for miles as crews cleared the highway.

Ohio: RVs Damaged As Storm Downs Tree

WKBN-TV reports that residents of an RV park near Lake Milton are cleaning up after a storm blew through the area. The localized storm hit about 8:30 p.m. on July 14. Trees landed on top of an RV and a trailer and another toppled over onto a tractor at the Lake Milton RV Resort in Berlin Center, which sits south of the lake on the river. Mahoning County EMA Director Dennis O’Hara said the damage resembles that of a localized microburst.

Idaho: RV Damaged AS Storm Downs Trees, Knocks Out Power

Coeur d’Alene Press reports that strong thunderstorms which moved through North Idaho produced numerous downed trees and power outages. The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office reported a high volume of calls for downed trees, blocked roadways, and compromised power lines on July 23. As of 8 p.m., only one injury was reported, the result of a tree falling onto an RV at the Silverwood RV Park.

Virginia: Two Campers Dead & 20 Injured At Campground

Delmara Now reports that Virginia State Police has confirmed two deaths and at least 20 injured in the severe storm that swept through the Cherrystone Campground in Cheriton on the morning of July 24. Those injured were transported to nearby hospitals.

Emergency personnel units from Accomack and Northampton counties responded to multiple traumatic injuries at the campground, police said. Injuries reported included a priority one head injury. An injured child was transported to a Hampton Roads hospital.

Just before 9 a.m., there was a report seeking help at Cherrystone Campground, where there reports of overturned campers and a fallen tree on a tent. Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital is treating 26 patients from the Cherrystone Campground tornado disaster.

High Winds Can Damage Your RV

High Winds Can Damage Your RV (Credit: RGJ)

Arizona: Microburst Topples trailers

WSMV-TV reports that at least 15 trailers at the Leaf Verde RV Park in Buckeye were toppled during a furious microburst on the evening of July 31. Three people suffered minor injuries, and some park residents said some trailers had to be cut open to get people out.

Most of the trailers were vacant because it’s a seasonal park and many residents left for the hot summer. Some trees were also uprooted by the storm. The return of the monsoon will also bring a cooling trend over the weekend with highs reaching only the upper 90s.

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