Moby 1: All Terrain Teardrop Trailer

Teardrops were a common sight from the ’30s through the ’50s, but popularity faded as vehicles became larger, fuel was cheap, and recreational vehicles became supersized.

Moby1 C2 Compact/Cycle

Moby1 C2 Compact/Cycle

During recent years teardrop trailers have experienced a resurgence in popularity. In earlier articles I’ve reported on a variety of unique tear drop trailers including the Vistabule, Lil’ Snoozy, Safari Condo, and Eggcamper.

I further reported that off-road RVs—also known as all-terrain vehicles, expedition RVs, and overland vehicles—were increasing in popularity.

Built to traverse a rugged terrain in the backcountry, Xpedition RVs include Unicat TerraCross Expedition Vehicle, KiraVan, and EarthCruiser.

But teardrop trailers were not designed for rugged off-roading. That was until now. Enter Moby 1 Expedition Trailers. You can now explore the great outdoors on smooth paved roads or rocky off-road terrain in the foothills and beyond.

Moby1 was originally begun as a personal project in an effort to create a camping trailer small and light enough to be towed behind a motorcycle. After learning about teardrop trailers, seeing their practicality, and studying the construction, Ashley Grimes, the founder of Moby1, started collecting the materials to build his own.

Moby 1 trailers fill a number of roles with extra cargo space, a flexible load carrying platform, a meal preparation, and cooking station that will enable you to have more comfort, stay out longer, and be a more memorable experience. Whether you are coasting down the highway for a leisurely getaway or seeking adventure and exploring places far removed from civilization, a Moby1 Teardrop trailer can be fit to your lifestyle.

Moby1 RT Road Tour

Moby1 RT Road Tour

The Moby 1 is available in specific models for motorcycles, (mostly) on road use, off-road use, and use anywhere your vehicle can go.

Moby1 C2 Compact/Cycle

The C2 is a compact/cycle trailer, perfect behind a bike or small car. This model has a half galley with cabinets and a countertop workspace for cooking and cleanup, and interior cabinets in the cabin for storage of clothing and gear.

Base curb weight dry: 280-320 pounds

Width: 40 or 48 inches

Base prices start at $6,500

Moby1 RT Road Tour

The RT is a road touring teardrop trailer with standard size road tires. It is perfect for touring your favorite roads, getting to your traditional campgrounds, or even the occasional dirt road.

Moby1 XC Cross Country

Moby1 XC Cross Country

Standard features include one door, two 21×15 sliding tinted screen windows, full interior cabinetry, full galley with cooler tray and stove tray.

Base curb weight dry: 750 pounds

Width: 48 inches

Base prices start at $10,500

Moby1 XC Cross Country

The XC model is capable of touring your favorite paved roads or traveling cross country and off the beaten path to explore remote locations. XC Series offers rubber torsion suspension system, locking cabin doors with deadbolts, receiver tongue for multi axis couplers for unlimited off-road movement, and heavy duty frame.

Base curb weight dry: 1,200 pounds

Width: 48 inches

Base prices start at $14,500

Moby1 XTR

Moby1 XTR

Moby1 XTR

The XTR is built around the principle that one should be able to hook up their vehicle to a compact but fully self-contained trailer and head out into the wilderness and not look back.

XTR series features include a trailing A-arm coil spring suspension, 3,500-pound axles, adjustable shocks, expedition series cabinetry, and two locking cabin doors with deadbolt.

Base curb weight dry: 1,600 pounds

Width: 54 inches

Base prices start at $18,500


Moby1 Expedition Trailers LLC

Address: 221 W 900 N, Springville, UT 84663

Phone: (801) 872-4054

Website: www.

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